The Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887 is a PR or permanent residence visa for people who hold a skilled provisional visa, have lived for a minimum of 2 years, and have earned at least one year of work experience in the specified Australian regional area. If you apply for this visa, you should be present in Australia at the time of decision.

887 Visa Work Requirements

 For the work requirements for the 887 Visa, you must show relevant work experience documents of at least 1 year. These documents include payslips covering the employment period, contractual documents, tax returns, superannuation documents, and group certificates. In addition, you have to show employment references and any other paperwork related to your working history that you have provided for the Skills Assessment.

  • The employer who is giving the reference should write it on official letterhead. The official letterhead should have the complete address, e-mail id, telephone number, website address, and fax numbers of the employer.
  • The person who signs the reference number should provide their name, employment position, and contact number.
  • The information that should be included in the reference letter is your accurate employment period, whether you have been permanently or temporarily employed or have worked full-time and part-time.
  • It should also mention your employment position in line with the nature of your undertaking duties (e.g., accounts clerk, chemist, general manager, etc.) and your salary.

For self-employment, you have to provide the evidence, too. This evidence will include appropriately audited financial statements of the specified period, taxation papers, and registration documents for your company. Documents of major contracts, company prospectus, marketing documents, and memberships of any professional organizations are also necessary.

Subclass 887 Visa Benefits

As a holder of a Subclass 887 Visa, you will get several benefits.

  1. With a permanent residency visa, you can live in Australia indefinitely and study and work alongside.
  2. You can enjoy the privilege of the Australian national health care scheme, Medicare that will cover all the health and medical expenses.
  3. You can even include your family members in the visa application. Your spouse or de facto partner and the dependent child of yours or your partner can come with you and live permanently.
  4. After a certain period, you can become an Australian citizen.
  5. If your family members or relatives want to migrate to Australia and become permanent residents, you can sponsor them. However, they have to fulfill specific eligibility requirements.
  6. You can travel within and outside Australia as many times as you wish for the following years from the visa grant.

887 Visa Eligibility Criteria

There are various 887 Visa requirements that you need to know. Check these eligibility criteria:

  1. Previously held visa: You should have held one of these visas previously: Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 489), Skilled Designated Area Sponsored (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 496), Skilled Independent Regional (Provisional) Visa (Subclass 495), Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa (Subclass 475 or 487), or BVA (Bridging Visa A) or BVB (Bridging Visa B) after you apply for the Visa 487, 489, or 495.
  2. Living period: You should have stayed for a minimum of 2 years in a specified Australian regional area. If it is a designated area of Australia, you should have lived there for at least 2 years. To stay in a designated area, you should get a sponsor from an eligible relative.
  3. Working period: You should have worked for at least 1 year and full time (a minimum of 35 hours per week).
  4. Complying with all the conditions: There are some conditions associated with the visa, and you should abide by them.
  5. Health & Character Requirements: Meeting health and character requirements is a must for any visa application. You should have no serious disease that can pose a threat to Australian public health. In addition, you should go through the necessary health examinations, if required.

You should make prior appointments with the doctors who have the proper approval of the government to conduct these tests. Both you and your family members (aged 16 or more) have to provide the health requirements. Similarly, all of you should provide relevant police certificates from every country where you have lived for at least 1 year in the past 10 years.

FAQs For Skilled Regional Visa Subclass 887

Over these years of our service, we have frequently faced these standard questions from aspiring people.

  1. What Are The Application Requirements For This Visa?

Answer: You should be physically in Australia at the Visa Subclass 487 decision and hold a suitable visa before you apply. And as the holder of this visa, you should have lived for a minimum of 2 years in an eligible regional area. The qualified visa options are Visa Subclasses 475, 487, 489, 495, 496, or BVA or BVB after applying for Visa 487, 489, or 495. In addition to the visa requirements, you should meet the work requirements, English language proficiency skills, health, and character criteria. 

  1. What Are The Work Requirements?

Answer: As a holder of any of the eligible visas mentioned above, you should have worked full-time (35 hours per week) for at least 1 year. You should have worked in a specified regional or less populated metropolitan area if your visa nomination had come from a state or territorial government. While, if an eligible relative had sponsored you, you should have worked in a designated Australian area.

  1. What Are The English Language Proficiency Criteria?

Answer: When the Department of Home Affairs will finally decide, they will want to see whether you have the competent ability in Functional English. IELTS scores will be accepted. An average band score of 4.5 will be necessary on all 4 skills.

  1. Can I Include My Family Members In The Visa Application?

Answer: Yes, you can happily bring your family members like your partner or spouse and your or your partner’s dependent or stepchild (if any). Not only that, as a permanent resident, you can also sponsor a relative to come and stay permanently in Australia. But, they must meet all the visa conditions.

  1. Where Can I Make My Visa Applications?

Answer: If you have lodged your online application before 19 September 2020, you must be physically present in Australia at the time of the visa decision. But, if you have lodged the visa application on or after this date, you can either be outside or inside Australia when the authority makes its decision on the visa grant. 

  1. How Long Does The Visa Application Takes To Be Processed?

Answer: In general, the processing time for an 887 Visa is 24 to 28 months.

  1. How Long Can I Stay In Australia With An 887 Visa?

Answer: You can stay permanently in Australia and travel within Australia or abroad for 5 years from when the visa is granted.

  1. How Much Does The Visa Application Cost?

Answer: If you are the principal applicant, the application cost will be around AUD 415. Suppose one of your family members, included in the application and aged 18 or more, does not satisfy the English language proficiency criteria. In that case, you must bear an additional charge or the second installment of AUD 4890.

Migrating to any foreign country involves a lengthy application. You have to be very careful in every application step and all the documents you have to submit. And as the Immigration Department is extremely strict about the application, one mistake can ruin your plan. Thus, we recommend consulting an immigration consultant from Perth. If you want to get in touch with a Registered Migration Agent Perth you can contact Immigration Agent Perth anytime.

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