Exploring Will Forte Dancing: An Analysis of His Awkward yet Hilarious Moves

Will Forte is a comedic genius known for his unconventional and quirky performances. His unique dance moves have played a significant role in his television shows and movies, making him an unforgettable actor in the entertainment industry. In this article, we will examine Will Forte’s dancing style, from its evolution from SNL to Last Man on Earth, its hilarious skits, and its signature shoulder shrug move. We will also delve into what makes his awkward and uncoordinated dance moves so funny.

The Evolution of Will Forte’s Dance Moves: From SNL to Last Man on Earth

Will Forte first appeared on Saturday Night Live in 2002, where he established himself as a fantastic performer. While he didn’t dance often on SNL, he did produce some iconic characters, such as Turlington, who would dance with his partner, Seth Meyers. Forte’s style gradually evolved through his appearances in different shows such as 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, and The Last Man on Earth.

From his early days on SNL to his most recent work on The Last Man on Earth, Forte’s dancing has taken on different styles and characters. For instance, he played MacGruber, a parody of action heroes who would shake his hips and perform an over-the-top fusion of classic moves.

In Last Man on Earth, Forte took advantage of his creative freedom by developing a unique style of dance that would help facilitate his character, Phil’s, struggles with being alone.

Laughing with Will Forte: The Best of His Dancing Skits

Will Forte has created some of the most unforgettable moments in television history through his hilarious dance skits. From MacGruber to The Last Man on Earth, Forte has displayed his natural ability to make people laugh while dancing. Here are some of his most memorable dancing moments:

The Turlington Dance: Will Forte frequently danced side-by-side with Seth Meyers in sketches like “Update: Really?!” “Jarret’s Room,” and “The A-Holes.” However, their most iconic dance was the “Turlington Dance.” The dance was performed with precision; yet, the Turlington brothers did everything in their power to break their partners’ concentration.

MacGruber: Will Forte’s series of sketches following a hapless MacGyver-type hero are considered cult classics. In each episode, MacGruber would devise an elaborate plan to disarm a bomb. Despite his best efforts, he would always forget one crucial step that would result in some gruesome explosion. After acting out each step of his process in an exaggerated fashion, MacGruber would always celebrate a small success with his signature dance move.

The Last Man on Earth: Phil Miller, Will Forte’s character on “The Last Man on Earth,” is an awkward, lonely man who struggles to find companionship in a post-apocalyptic world. One of the ways in which he tries to pass the time is by dancing by himself. Some of the most iconic moments of Miller’s dancing occurred early in the show, where he would dance to “Funkytown” off-key, all while wearing a cowboy hat and twirling a lasso.

Breaking Down Will Forte’s Awkwardly Hilarious Dance Style

Will Forte is not a professional dancer, but his stage presence, coupled with his lack of rhythm and precision, has made him a comedic icon. Forte embodies the concept of awkwardness and makes it his own. His dancing style is a perfect example of “dancing like nobody is watching.”

His characterization and lack of coordination provide space for improvisation, which is a vital part of creating comedy. Instead of planning every step of a dance routine, Forte often uses his unique character and in-the-moment attitude to produce a dance that is awkward but still entertaining.

Why Will Forte’s Dancing is the Perfect Example of ‘Dancing Like No One is Watching’

The concept of “dancing like nobody is watching” is often misunderstood. It is not meant to be a display of talent or precision, but rather a celebration of movement and self-expression. Will Forte’s dancing embodies this idea. His moves might seem uncoordinated and spontaneous, but they capture the joy and freedom that dancing can bring.

Many of us are afraid to express ourselves through movement for fear of being judged or ridiculed. Will Forte’s unselfconscious style shows us that dancing can be a source of joy and humor, even if we do not look like professionals. His lack of inhibition allows us to let loose and be ourselves.

An Ode to Will Forte’s Signature Shoulder Shrug Dance Move

Will Forte’s signature shoulder shrug dance move is a perfect representation of his unique style. The move is a quick and effortless shrug followed by a big smile. It is a perfect showcase of Forte’s improvisational skills.

The shoulder shrug is often used as a punctuation mark on the end of a dance routine. It’s simple, effective, and always gets a laugh. It is a fantastic example of how dancing doesn’t have to be technical or choreographed to be enjoyable.


In conclusion, Will Forte’s dancing style is a perfect representation of his unique comedic perspective. His awkward and uncoordinated movements are self-deprecating and joyful. He embodies the core concepts of improvisation and “dancing like nobody is watching.” His signature moves and iconic dance skits have put a smile on the faces of viewers for years. Will Forte is a master of his craft, and his dancing is a testament to his comedic genius.

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