Great UI/UX and Business Success

Are you certain that your business does not undervalue UI and UX design?

It’s important to get your websites, apps, and tools’ looks right to attract customers, but you can’t afford to put form before function. When judging a company’s legitimacy, design is important to 48% of consumers, and this goes beyond just the obvious.

For your product to have the most market impact, it must be practical, appealing, and user-friendly at the same time.

This entails investing time, money, and resources into a successful UI/UX design process. But it’s not that easy.

What Constitutes ‘Effective’ UI/UX

User-centricity is the foundation of effective UI/UX. Giving the user, his emotions, tendencies, and preferences prime importance results in increased engagement and retention levels.

Good UI/UX is about understanding the user’s thought process, learning how they act, and then building a visual and experiential system around this data. The result is a refined system that looks great, is easy to use, and most importantly, meets your users’ needs and expectations.

  • Good UI/UX aims at getting the user where he wants to go in the least amount of clicks possible.
  • Design should be focused both in terms of aesthetics as well as intent. The user should be able to immediately grasp what the page is about and why he should see it.
  • Reduce cognitive load, so that the user is not overwhelmed by unnecessary navigation or bombarded with content that does not fulfill his purpose.
  • Build in a ‘narrative act’ for the user where the user journey is broken into 3 acts- landing on your page, browsing through your products, and making a purchase. Each of these ‘acts’ must offer the user closure and information (through notifications) on the progress of his engagement with your system.
  • Always have a clear next step. The user has what he wants and now it’s the job of UI/UX designers to build a clear path that focuses on retention and further purchases.

What UI/UX Design can do for Your Business?

This is a challenging field that raises important queries. Let’s examine how good UI/UX design can boost your business ROIs.

UI/UX design is an all-encompassing level of an enterprise’s digital presence. Here are a few of the direct benefits a company can acquire by investing in stellar UI/UX design:

1. UI/UX design Assists in Lowering Development Expenses

According to research conducted by IBM’s Systems Sciences Institute, rectifying a mistake uncovered after a product has been released into the market is four to five times more expensive than doing it before.

This cost difference can rise to $100 for an error found during the maintenance phase. When attempting to meet launch dates, it’s simple to overlook quality in favor of effectiveness. Cutting corners and preparing to fix problems quickly after release, however, will only result in more expense.

Make UI/UX design a central part of the ideation and creation processes from the beginning. Assign or employ UI/UX designers to pay close attention to how customers use the product.

Research is essential. Talk to the people that make up your target market to acquire insightful comments on how they’ve used related products in the past. As many potential barriers as you can identify should be incorporated into the UI/UX design framework. Usability testing is one of the most effective techniques to find out what people think of your product.

2. Successful UI/UX design can Boost Sales

Stronger UX design can help your business generate a higher return on investment. Serving the plethora of mobile users in today’s society, particularly in e-commerce, is a crucial component.

In the United States, 50% of smartphone owners make at least one purchase on their devices each month, whereas tablet shoppers spend 50% more per transaction than smartphone shoppers.

A startling 62% of businesses increased their revenue by adopting responsive mobile websites, which work well on a variety of smartphones and tablets.

Unbelievably, if their first pick isn’t a responsive and quick-loading website, almost half of users will actually click back to another site on the SERP (search engine results page).

Consider how your offering will keep users interested once they click through.

  • How long does it take for your photographs to load?
  • How straightforward is it to move between pages?
  • Do videos play rapidly on mobile devices?
  • Has your website’s backdrop been selected appropriately?
  • Do conflicting colors make it difficult to comprehend text?

These are a few issues to consider that show how thorough you need to be to get the most out of UI/UX design.

3. UI/UX Design helps in Turning Leads into Paying Customers

Valuable leads have been attracted to your website, app, or platform thanks to paid advertisements, a regular stream of YouTube videos, and gated content.

However, you’re having trouble getting conversions. In fact, it appears like your bounce rate is increasing. It’s time to examine UI/UX design’s potential to expand your business.

The landing page that welcomes your leads, for instance, can be the issue. Perhaps you bombard visitors with huge blocks of content that are poorly formatted and explain why your business is so great. This may be awkward and unattractive enough to turn away prospects before they become customers. You may enhance your user experience by switching out all that text for a video.

According to research, more than 70% of marketers believe that videos generate the highest conversion rates of any kind of content. Compared to words, videos are far less passive and more immediate.

However, effective UI/UX design must properly utilize videos. Ensure that they play smoothly, load quickly, and don’t affect the product’s overall performance. If not, it might create more issues than it fixes.

Regardless of conversions, UI/UX is essential for encouraging users to use your product repeatedly, a concept known as “stickiness.” Stickiness is quite similar to adoption and retention in terms of business.

Making videos requires more spending, especially if you engage a professional production company, but keep in mind that resolving problems after a product launch is more expensive than doing it beforehand.

4. Good UI/UX Design helps Companies Foster Brand Loyalty

Companies are investing in UX at an increasing rate. Just a few of the major companies adopting UX agencies to provide a better customer experience were mentioned in an Adobe blog article.

What about the financial value of this improved customer experience? According to Forrester, each dollar spent on UI/UX generates $100 (on average), yielding a staggering return on investment of 9,900%.

By 2023, it’s anticipated that user experience will have surpassed both products and price as the primary brand differentiator. Businesses that provide the finest user experience through strong UX design have a long-term chance of winning over customers’ trust and loyalty.

This is significant since it costs 5X to 25X more to get new clients than it does to keep the ones you already have.

5. Word-of-mouth Advertising and the Value of UI/UX

People who have a good experience with a business are more likely to recommend it to 9 other people, while those who have a bad experience are more likely to recommend it to 16.

Social media and online reviews give individuals a platform, giving the typical customer the ability to influence the purchasing decisions of other consumers. 80% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 have written their own internet reviews, and 91% of them put more stock in them than recommendations from friends, family, or coworkers. More than half of customers won’t utilize a business unless it has at least four positive reviews.

By making a quality UX design investment, you can make customers happy enough to recommend your business or product to others. Their recommendation could enhance conversion rates, establish your site’s trustworthiness, and attract new visitors.

6. UI/UX Data is Unambiguous

When done correctly, UI/UX design has enormous business value. The level of UX design that’s appropriate for your product may need time and money, but it will be worthwhile once you attract a devoted following of brand enthusiasts.

Don’t rely on luck while creating UX. Instead, make continual improvements. Even the best user experiences will require changes based on feedback, so never see them as a safety net. From the beginning, concentrate on providing the best possible user experience.

7. UX and UI Boosts Business Growth

Services for UI and UX design are crucial for firms in the rapidly evolving industry. User satisfaction is a key emphasis for UI/UX professionals since it helps create brand loyalty and a positive reputation for brands.

Companies need to focus more than ever on user experience because customer conversion rates for a company’s products are directly related to how effectively they delight their users.

You only have a brief window of time to engage a consumer who interacts with your product or visits your website, or at the absolute least, stimulate their curiosity about the products you’re selling. The role of UI/UX designers is crucial in convincing viewers to stay engaged. It is correlated with the expansion of your business in the following ways:

  • lowers costs and boosts SEO
  • Can increase conversion rates by up to 200% using a well-designed user brand and up to 400% utilizing a superior user experience design.

In Summation: Good UI/UX Matters

The importance of good UI/UX cannot be overstated. In the technology-driven era of today, an appealing digital presence is a prerequisite. Good UI/UX is the cornerstone of a brand’s digital presence.

The ultimate aim of UI/UX is to offer a rewarding and efficient experience to the customer and given the competition, enterprises cannot afford to slip up when it comes to acquiring vetted UI/UX design services.

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By Asha Rajput

Asha Rajput is the Founder of 300Mind - a UI/UX design agency. She has spent more than 10 years working in the UI/UX design and game development industry, with a specialized focus on design and development.

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