Grammy Award-winning musician Carlos Santana has been captivating audiences around the world for over five decades. His unique blend of rock, blues, Latin, and jazz have made him one of the most influential guitarists of all time. Now, Santana is taking his signature sound on the road, and fans everywhere are eager to find out who he’s touring with. In this article, we’ll explore who Santana is touring with, from a behind-the-scenes look at his tour preparations to a spotlight on the bands joining him. Plus, get answers to fan questions and a feature on Santana and his tourmates.

Interview with Santana on Who He’s Touring With

To get the scoop on who Santana is touring with, we sat down with the legendary musician himself. Here’s what he had to say:

“I’m excited to be touring with some incredible musicians who share my love of music. From veteran performers like Herbie Hancock and Wynton Marsalis to up-and-coming acts like the Marcus Miller Band and the Dave Matthews Band, I’m thrilled to be sharing the stage with such talented artists.”

When asked why he chose these particular people to join him on tour, Santana said, “I wanted to create a show that celebrates the diversity of music and brings together different genres and styles. I also wanted to make sure that each act brought something unique to the table and could contribute to the overall energy of the tour.”

Behind-the-Scenes Look at Santana’s Tour Preparations

Of course, putting together a tour as ambitious as Santana’s doesn’t happen overnight. It takes months of planning and preparation to make sure everything goes off without a hitch. We got a behind-the-scenes look at how Santana and his team prepared for the tour, including the unique challenges they faced and how they overcame them.

One of the biggest challenges was finding the right venues for each show. Santana’s team had to consider a variety of factors, such as accessibility, capacity, acoustics, and other logistical issues. After months of research, they finally settled on a series of venues that would provide the best experience for fans.

Another challenge was creating a setlist that would please fans while still allowing Santana to show off his signature sound. To do this, Santana and his team worked closely with each band to come up with a mix of classic hits and new material that would showcase the breadth and depth of their collective talent.

Spotlight on the Bands Joining Santana on Tour
Spotlight on the Bands Joining Santana on Tour

Spotlight on the Bands Joining Santana on Tour

Now let’s take a closer look at the bands joining Santana on tour. To start, there’s the Marcus Miller Band, a group of jazz and funk veterans led by Grammy-winning bassist Marcus Miller. Their soulful sound is sure to add a unique flavor to the tour.

Next up is the Dave Matthews Band, a multi-platinum selling rock outfit known for their passionate live performances. They’ve been touring for over 25 years and are sure to bring their signature energy to the stage.

Rounding out the lineup is the legendary Herbie Hancock and Wynton Marsalis, two jazz icons who have been performing together for decades. Their sophisticated yet funky sound will be a highlight of the tour.

Meet the Musicians Accompanying Santana on Tour
Meet the Musicians Accompanying Santana on Tour

Meet the Musicians Accompanying Santana on Tour

In addition to the bands mentioned above, Santana is also accompanied by some of the top musicians in the business. There’s drummer Cindy Blackman Santana, who has been playing with Santana since 2000, and keyboardist Chester Thompson, who has performed with Santana since 1993. Also joining the tour is vocalist Andy Vargas, who has been singing with Santana since 2000, and percussionist Karl Perazzo, who has been part of Santana’s band since 1994.

Each of these musicians brings a unique element to Santana’s live shows, from Blackman Santana’s powerful drumming to Thompson’s Hammond organ solos. Together, they create a dynamic and exciting sound that has earned them rave reviews from critics and fans alike.

Fan Q&A: Who is Santana Touring With?

To get the inside scoop on who Santana is touring with, we asked fans to submit their questions. Here’s what they had to say:

“I’m curious to know what it’s like to be on the road with Santana. What has been the most rewarding part of touring with him?”

Santana’s tour manager, Paul Schaeffer, answered this question: “The most rewarding part of touring with Santana has been seeing the connection between him and the fans. Every night, you can feel the energy in the room as he and the band perform. It’s truly remarkable.”

“What’s the biggest challenge you face when putting together a tour like this?”

Schaeffer answered this question as well: “The biggest challenge is coordinating all the moving pieces. From booking venues to securing transportation to making sure everyone is on the same page, there are a lot of details that need to be taken care of. But it’s all worth it when you see how much the fans enjoy the show.”

Feature on Santana and His Tourmates

It’s clear that Santana and his tourmates have formed a strong bond over the years, and that bond was evident throughout our interview. As Santana put it, “We’re like family. We understand and respect each other’s talents, and we work together to create something special every night.”

This collaboration has been key to the success of Santana’s tour, as each musician contributes something unique to the overall sound. From Hancock’s masterful jazz piano to Marsalis’ spirited trumpet solos, each artist adds their own flavor to the mix.

And it’s not just the music that makes this tour so special. The camaraderie between Santana and his tourmates is palpable, and it’s clear that they have a deep respect for each other. This mutual admiration is what makes Santana’s tour so magical.

Photo Essay: Capturing the Magic of Santana’s Tour

To capture the essence of Santana’s tour, we’ve compiled a selection of photos that offer a glimpse into the energy and excitement of his shows. From the crowd’s ecstatic faces to the band’s intense jam sessions, these images capture the magic of Santana’s tour.

The photos also tell the story of Santana’s journey, from the first rehearsals to the final encore. Each image conveys the emotion of the moment, whether it’s joy, anticipation, or awe. Together, these photos paint a vivid picture of the impact Santana’s tour has had on his fans.


From a behind-the-scenes look at Santana’s tour preparations to a spotlight on the bands joining him, this article has explored who Santana is touring with. We’ve also gotten insight into why Santana chose these particular people, plus answers to fan questions and a feature on Santana and his tourmates. Finally, we’ve seen how the photos of the tour capture its energy and emotion.

It’s clear that Santana’s tour is about more than just music—it’s about creating community and celebrating the power of collaboration. Through his tour, Santana has shown us the true spirit of music, and it’s a spirit that will continue to live on long after the last note has been played.

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