Bright Health is a relatively new insurance provider, founded in 2016, that offers individual and family health insurance plans as well as Medicare Advantage plans. Their mission is to provide affordable, high-quality healthcare to all customers. Knowing their affiliations can help you understand how they’re achieving this mission.

Partnership with Healthcare Providers or Systems

Bright Health has partnerships with Centura Health in Colorado and Piedmont Healthcare in Georgia, which allows them to offer personalized care to their customers with these systems. Expansion to new markets through partnerships increases their customer base and presence in more geographical locations. Bright Health’s close relationships with doctors and hospitals can potentially lower costs for the customer while still maintaining quality care.

Connections to Venture Capital and Investment Firms

Bright Health has a considerable amount of backing from venture capital and investment firms like New Enterprise Associates and Bessemer Venture Partners, which provides them with funding to expand and improve their services. These partners can influence continual growth through maintaining and supporting a strong marketing network, giving Bright Health access to new resources, professional expertise, and support that will help their business decision-making process.

Relationships with Brokers and Agents

Bright Health exclusively works with brokers and agents to distribute their insurance plans, such as GoHealth. While this partnership’s primary focus is to enable Bright Health to expand their customer base in various new markets conveniently, these brokers also provide a resource for consumers to find, understand, and purchase health insurance plans. Brokers and agents do take a commission from the customer’s payment, but most Bright Health customers feel that their services are worth that extra step, providing the necessary information, tips, and expert advice.

Ties to Regulatory Bodies

Bright Health operates in many states across the United States which means they must navigate diverse sets of regulations. Their Medicare Advantage plans are offered in 14 states, and their individual and family plans are available in 22 states. The company can ensure compliance with the government regulations by keeping up a healthy relationship with regulating bodies like CMS and state insurance departments. These relationships help them stay updated and monitor changes in regulations to avoid lawsuits and compliance issues.

Comparison to Other Health Insurance Providers

In a crowded market where there are hundreds of health insurance providers, Bright Health stands out for their unique partnerships and affiliates. Compared to other providers such as Oscar Health or Cigna, Bright Health partners with specific healthcare providers and systems to offer high-quality, personalized care while still being cost-effective. Their company also relies on exclusive brokers and agents to expand their customer base, as opposed to direct purchasing. This allows more personal interaction and customer service experience, which sets them apart from other providers.


Ultimately, understanding Bright Health’s affiliations can inform your decision when choosing a health insurance provider. Affiliations with healthcare systems, investment firms, brokers and agents, and regulatory bodies all help to make Bright Health an affordable, high-quality option. Their reputation and dedication to their goals make their services worth considering when searching for new health coverage.

As healthcare and insurance continue to rapidly evolve, it’s important to stay informed and knowledgeable about who your provider is affiliated with and how it impacts your experience. Utilizing the information provided on Bright Health’s affiliations can set you up for success when selecting the right health insurance coverage.

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