Fashion Nova is a household name in the world of fast fashion. Known for its trendy clothing styles, affordable prices, and unique marketing approach, it has quickly become a favorite among young adults across the globe. But how did it all start? Who are the masterminds behind this fashion empire? In this article, we will explore the story of the founding of Fashion Nova and the journey that led it to become a household name.

A Brief History of Fashion Nova

The story of Fashion Nova starts not too long ago in 2006 when two business partners, Richard Saghian and his wife, started the brand out of their home in Los Angeles, California. The initial focus of the brand was on providing high-quality denim clothing, but it did not take long before it evolved into a full-blown fast fashion retailer catering to the trendy fashion styles that were popular among young adults. Within a few short years of its creation, Fashion Nova had become so successful that it quickly expanded globally with stores across the United States, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

At the heart of Fashion Nova’s success was its commitment to catering to a specific demographic. Instead of attempting to appeal to everyone, Fashion Nova focused on producing fashion styles for young adults who desired to look fashion-forward and trendy without breaking the bank. Additionally, Fashion Nova continuously adjusted its style offerings by keeping an eye on social media and incorporating real-time trends into the fashion styles they produce. By using this approach, Fashion Nova managed to create customer loyalty that still gets better with time.

Meet The Founders Of Fashion Nova

The masterminds behind Fashion Nova are Richard Saghian and his wife. Saghian grew up in Tehran before immigrating to the United States in his teen years. Saghian studied computer science at California State University and later earned a degree in Law. After years of working in the legal field, he began a career in fashion retailing with a focus on e-commerce. He was driven by the idea of affordable fashion styles, and his journey into the fashion industry dates back to his early teenage years when he sold clothing items to his peers.

Although Saghian takes the lion’s share of the company’s success, he insists that he could not have done it alone. He credits the success of the brand also to his wife, who was one of the first Fashion Nova models and now serves as the company’s Creative Director. The duo’s different perspectives and combined experience played a vital role in the creation of Fashion Nova’s business model and approach to fashion.

The Business of Fashion: How Fashion Nova Reached Success

Fashion Nova’s success story is one that every fashion entrepreneur would love to emulate. Fashion Nova utilized the power of social media and influencer marketing to its advantage, putting its products in front of millions of people worldwide for relatively low costs. The company also targeted a specific demographic, as we had previously noted before, creating a loyal clientele base that ensured the company’s success in the highly competitive market. Additionally, the company turned orders around very quickly and with a high level of accuracy, ensuring returning customers were more likely to return again.

Furthermore, Fashion Nova has worked hard to keep its prices extremely competitive, making it possible for people with different income brackets to maintain a fashionable wardrobe without spending a lot of money. By the end of 2018, the company had experienced over a 600% growth rate, which is a testament to the business model adopted by Fashion Nova giving successful results.

Inside Fashion Nova: Behind the Scenes of a Fast Fashion Empire

Fashion Nova’s success is not just based on their trendy clothing styles but also on the company’s approach to its operations and customer service. Fashion Nova has built a strong brand around efficiency, adaptability, and agility. The company has also worked hard to provide excellent customer service by consistently responding promptly to inquiries and rapidly checking returns, all while maintaining a high level of accuracy.

The company is also very committed to the production and delivery of its items. Fashion Nova owns its factories, reducing the cost production, which, in turn, translates into lower prices for the customers. The company also takes pride in fast shipping and swift product fulfillment, making it possible for customers to receive their products ahead of the promised delivery date.

The Rise of Fashion Nova: How Social Media Changed The Fashion Industry

Fashion Nova’s success is closely entwined with social media’s power, and especially Instagram, which has emerging to becoming one of the biggest marketing platforms in the digital world. Fashion Nova recognized the importance of this platform early on and leveraged its power to great effect, using it to build a massive following of millions of users worldwide. Fashion Nova has celebrity endorsements from some of the most popular figures globally, and their images reflecting a fashionable lifestyle while wearing Fashion Nova’s trendy styles encouraged brand loyalty with new customers.

Today, it is widely acknowledged that social media has changed the fashion industry. With a vast following, fashion influencers have become essential tools used by marketers to promote their products and drive sales.


Fashion Nova is a success story and is now a household name. Their secret to success is in their specificity, uniqueness, and versatility, making their brand relatable and effortless and their trendy clothing styles has allowed consumers to stay on top of latest fashion trends without feeling out of reach or paying a fortune. Fashion Nova simply knew its primary target customers and catered to them excellently. Aspiring fashion entrepreneurs should certainly use Fashion Nova’s business models and approaches as inspiration for creating a successful fashion brand. They have shown that by emphasizing customer experience and user-generated content, particularly through social media, businesses can experience excellent opportunities for growth and success in today’s digital age.

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