Discovering the Wild West: Filming Locations of “The Violent Men”

“The Violent Men” is a classic Western movie that was released in 1955. Starring Glenn Ford, Barbara Stanwyck, and Edward G. Robinson, the movie tells the story of a cattle baron who dominates a small town and the challenges faced by a group of outsiders who try to bring him down.

One of the questions many fans of the movie have is where it was filmed. While the movie’s setting is a fictional town in New Mexico, the filming locations cover several states and provide a glimpse into the diverse landscapes of the American West.

This article aims to solve the mystery of where “The Violent Men” was filmed and to provide readers with insights into the different locations used in the movie.

From Studio Lot to Open Range: Behind the Scenes of “The Violent Men”

“The Violent Men” was made during the heyday of the Hollywood studio system. This meant that most of the filming was done on sound stages and backlots rather than on location.

The primary studio lot used for “The Violent Men” was Columbia Pictures’ studios in Burbank, California. The studio was transformed into various settings for the movie, including the cattle ranch, the town square, and the saloon. By using sets and a controlled environment, filmmakers were able to create a consistent look and atmosphere for the movie.

One of the challenges faced by the filmmakers during the studio filming was recreating the outdoor scenes realistically. This meant using props and special effects to simulate the rugged terrain, cattle grazing, and other natural elements that were central to the movie’s Wild West setting.

Uncovering the Secrets of “The Violent Men”: Where Was It Filmed?

While most of the movie was filmed on the Columbia Pictures lot, “The Violent Men” also features several real outdoor locations. These include:

– Red Rock Canyon State Park, California
– Conejo Valley, California
– Gallup, New Mexico
– Sedona, Arizona

Each of the outdoor locations used in the movie served a specific purpose in the story. For example, Red Rock Canyon State Park was used to represent the ranch where Glenn Ford’s character lives, while Conejo Valley was used to depict the open range scenes.

The decision to use these locations was based on several factors, such as their proximity to the studio, their similarity to the New Mexico setting, and their natural beauty. In some cases, the filmmakers also chose locations that had historical or cultural significance to the Wild West era.

Riding the Trail with “The Violent Men”: Exploring Filming Locations

For fans of “The Violent Men,” visiting the filming locations can be a unique and rewarding experience. Here are some tips for exploring these locations:

– Red Rock Canyon State Park: This park is located about 120 miles north of Los Angeles. Visitors can hike or drive through the park and experience the same awe-inspiring cliffs and rock formations seen in the movie.
– Conejo Valley: The valley is located just outside of Los Angeles and offers miles of open spaces, rolling hills, and wildflowers. Visitors can hike, bike, or horseback ride through the same areas featured in the movie.
– Gallup, New Mexico: This town was used to represent the main setting of “The Violent Men.” Visitors can explore the historic downtown area, which still retains its Wild West charm, or visit nearby landmarks like the El Rancho hotel, which was used as a base for the movie’s crew.
– Sedona, Arizona: This town is famous for its red rock formations and stunning desert scenery. Visitors can hike or drive through the area and see the same vistas used in the movie.

Revisiting the Wild West: A Guide to “The Violent Men’s” Shooting Sites

For fans who want to visit all or some of the filming locations, here is a recommended itinerary:

– Day 1: Arrive in Los Angeles and explore the Red Rock Canyon State Park. Stay overnight in the nearby city of Palmdale.
– Day 2: Visit Conejo Valley and hike or bike through the open range scenes. Stay overnight in nearby Thousand Oaks.
– Day 3: Drive to Gallup, New Mexico and explore the town square and nearby landmarks. Stay overnight in Gallup.
– Day 4: Visit nearby locations like El Morro National Monument or Acoma Pueblo, which were also featured in the movie. Stay overnight in nearby Grants, New Mexico.
– Day 5: Drive to Sedona, Arizona and hike or drive through the stunning red rock formations. Stay overnight in Sedona.
– Day 6: Return to Los Angeles and explore any remaining filming locations or other Wild West landmarks in the area.

The Making of “The Violent Men”: Tracking Down Filming Locations

Finding the filming locations of a movie made over 60 years ago can be challenging, but it is still possible. Researching online and consulting with experts or book authors can help. In the case of “The Violent Men,” a combination of online research and information from local tourist boards and movie location experts led to the identification of the filming locations.


Knowing where “The Violent Men” was filmed adds an extra layer of appreciation for this classic Western movie. By exploring the different filming locations, fans can gain insights into the diverse landscapes and cultural heritage of the Wild West era. With a little research and a sense of adventure, anyone can ride the trail with “The Violent Men” and experience the magic of the Wild West.

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