The 1983 film “The Outsiders” directed by Francis Ford Coppola is an iconic coming-of-age classic that has stood the test of time. Based on the 1967 novel by S.E. Hinton, the story follows a group of teenage boys who are divided into two rival gangs, the Greasers and the Socs. As the movie progresses, viewers watch as the characters struggle with the challenges of growing up in poverty-stricken Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In this article, we will explore where the movie “The Outsiders” was filmed. We will look at the real-life sites used for the movie, the process of bringing the movie to life, and how Oklahoma became the setting for “The Outsiders”.

Exploring the Iconic Filming Locations of “The Outsiders”

The movie “The Outsiders” was primarily filmed in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. While the movie was not actually filmed in Tulsa, the city is featured prominently in the movie’s opening sequence. In fact, the opening shots of the movie were filmed on location in the Tulsa suburb of Owasso.

The iconic opening scene of “The Outsiders” was shot in Tulsa’s historic Greenwood District, which is now known as the Brady Arts District. This district was once the heart of the African American community in Tulsa, and it is where the Greasers gang lived. In the movie, viewers can see the old brick buildings that were located in the area at the time.

Other locations used in the filming of “The Outsiders” include the Tulsa Union Depot, which served as the backdrop for the fight between the Greasers and the Socs. The actual fight scene was filmed in an abandoned building in downtown Tulsa. The exterior of the Curtis brothers’ home was also filmed in Tulsa, but the interior scenes were shot in a studio in Los Angeles.

The movie also features several locations in Oklahoma City, including the State Capitol Building, which serves as the backdrop for the Socs’ party. The final confrontation between the Greasers and the Socs was also filmed in Oklahoma City, at the Civic Center Music Hall.

One of the most memorable scenes from “The Outsiders” was the car chase between the Greasers and the Socs. This scene was filmed on location in Oklahoma City, using an actual police chase involving a stolen car.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Filming of “The Outsiders”

The production of “The Outsiders” was a massive undertaking that required months of preparation. Francis Ford Coppola was determined to make the movie as authentic as possible, so he scouted locations across Oklahoma to find the perfect sites for the movie. The production team worked closely with local authorities and businesses to ensure that filming could proceed without disruption.

Coppola also wanted to ensure that the movie accurately reflected the culture of the state. He cast local actors, many of whom had never acted before, to portray the characters in the movie. Coppola also hired local crew members to help with the production.

The filming of “The Outsiders” was a grueling process that lasted for nearly three months. The cast and crew worked long hours, often shooting into the early morning hours. Despite the difficult conditions, the cast and crew managed to capture the spirit of the book and create a timeless classic.

How Oklahoma Became the Setting for
How Oklahoma Became the Setting for “The Outsiders”

How Oklahoma Became the Setting for “The Outsiders”

When Francis Ford Coppola began working on “The Outsiders”, he knew that he wanted to use the state of Oklahoma as the setting for the movie. The book takes place in Tulsa, and Coppola wanted to stay true to the source material. He felt that Oklahoma was the perfect place to film the movie, as it provided the perfect combination of urban and rural settings.

In addition to the physical locations, Coppola wanted to capture the spirit of the people of Oklahoma. He wanted to make sure that the movie was an accurate portrayal of the state’s culture. To do this, he cast local actors, many of whom had never acted before, to play the roles of the Greasers and the Socs.

The result was a movie that captured the essence of Oklahoma and its people. It showcased the beauty of the state and highlighted its unique culture. “The Outsiders” has become a classic, and it stands as a testament to the power of cinema.


The movie “The Outsiders” is a timeless classic that has stood the test of time. Filmed primarily in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, the movie captures the essence of the state and its people. Through the casting of local actors and the use of iconic locations, Francis Ford Coppola was able to bring the story of “The Outsiders” to life.

From the Greenwood District to the State Capitol Building, the movie showcases the beauty of Oklahoma and highlights its unique culture. The movie remains a beloved classic and is a testament to the power of cinema.

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