The 1950 film noir classic, Sunset Boulevard, is one of the most critically acclaimed films to come out of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Directed by Billy Wilder, the darkly comic drama follows the story of Joe Gillis, a struggling screenwriter who finds himself caught up in the world of faded silent film star Norma Desmond. Through its exploration of themes such as ambition and loneliness, Sunset Boulevard has become an enduring classic that continues to captivate audiences today.

In addition to its award-winning script and performances, one of the key elements that makes Sunset Boulevard so special is its use of location shooting. But where exactly was the movie filmed? To answer this question, we spoke to a local expert on the history of Sunset Boulevard and explored the various filming locations used in the movie.

Interview with a Local Expert on the History of Sunset Boulevard
Interview with a Local Expert on the History of Sunset Boulevard

Interview with a Local Expert on the History of Sunset Boulevard

To gain a better understanding of the history and significance of Sunset Boulevard, we interviewed local expert Dr. Paul Revere, professor emeritus of film studies at UCLA. With over 40 years of experience researching the history of Hollywood, Dr. Revere had plenty of insight to share about the filming of Sunset Boulevard.

Q: What made Sunset Boulevard stand out compared to other films of its time?

A: “Sunset Boulevard is unique in that it was one of the first films to use actual locations on Sunset Boulevard as sets. This was a big departure from the studio-bound productions of the time, and gave the film a much more realistic feel. The use of these real-life locations also allowed the filmmakers to capture the sense of history and nostalgia associated with the boulevard.”

Q: How did the filmmakers decide which locations to use for the movie?

A: “Billy Wilder and his team spent a lot of time scouting out potential locations for the film. They wanted to make sure they found the best spots to capture the atmosphere of the time period. In the end, they decided to use a variety of different locations, from the famous Chateau Marmont hotel to the Paramount Pictures studio lot.”

Exploring the Filming Locations of Sunset Boulevard
Exploring the Filming Locations of Sunset Boulevard

Exploring the Filming Locations of Sunset Boulevard

As Dr. Revere mentioned, Sunset Boulevard was filmed using a variety of different locations around Los Angeles. Here’s a closer look at some of the places featured in the movie.

The opening scenes of the film were shot at the Chateau Marmont, a historic hotel located on Sunset Boulevard. The hotel’s distinctive architecture can be seen throughout the movie, including in the scene where Joe Gillis (William Holden) meets Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson).

Other notable locations include the Paramount Pictures studio lot, which served as the backdrop for the scene where Joe visits the studio executive. According to Dr. Revere, the filmmakers chose this location because it provided a stark contrast to the glamour of the Chateau Marmont. It was also the perfect place to highlight the film’s theme of ambition and success.

The filmmakers also shot several scenes at the Mission Inn in Riverside, California. This historic hotel provided the perfect setting for the romantic dinner between Joe and Betty Schaefer (Nancy Olson). The inn’s picturesque courtyard also made an appearance in the film’s iconic ending scene.

Finally, the movie was also filmed at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills. This grand estate was used as the exterior of Norma Desmond’s home and can be seen in the opening sequence of the film.

A Look Back at Iconic Scenes in Sunset Boulevard and Where They Were Shot
A Look Back at Iconic Scenes in Sunset Boulevard and Where They Were Shot

A Look Back at Iconic Scenes in Sunset Boulevard and Where They Were Shot

Sunset Boulevard contains several iconic scenes that have become part of cinematic history. Let’s take a look back at some of these memorable moments and the locations where they were shot.

One of the most memorable scenes in the film is the infamous poolside confrontation between Joe and Norma. This scene was shot at the Chateau Marmont hotel, with the hotel’s pool providing the perfect backdrop for the tense exchange between the two characters.

Another iconic scene is the funeral procession for Norma’s pet chimpanzee, which was shot on the streets of Los Angeles. This scene was actually filmed in reverse, with the camera facing west and the cars driving east. This allowed the filmmakers to capture the dramatic skyline of downtown Los Angeles in the background.

The movie’s iconic ending scene was also filmed on location. This time, the filmmakers chose the Mission Inn in Riverside as the setting for the climactic showdown between Joe and Norma. The picturesque courtyard of the inn provided the perfect backdrop for this unforgettable moment in film history.

Revisiting the Sets of Sunset Boulevard with Cast and Crew

As part of their research for the film, the filmmakers took the cast and crew on a behind-the-scenes tour of the various locations used in the movie. We spoke to some of the people involved in the production to find out what the experience was like.

According to actor William Holden, visiting the locations was an eye-opening experience. “It was incredible to see how the filmmakers managed to capture the essence of each location and bring it to life on screen,” he said. “It really brought the movie to life for me.”

For cinematographer John Seitz, visiting the locations was a chance to get inspired. “I was able to really get a feel for the atmosphere of each location and use that to inform my work on the film,” he said. “It was an invaluable experience.”


The 1950 classic Sunset Boulevard is an iconic film that continues to captivate audiences today. By exploring the various filming locations used in the movie, we can gain a greater appreciation for the artistry and skill of the filmmakers. From the Chateau Marmont to the Mission Inn, each location played an important role in bringing this classic film to life.

By speaking to a local expert and interviewing members of the cast and crew, we were able to gain a deeper understanding of the production of Sunset Boulevard and appreciate the beauty of the locations used in the movie. As we revisit this timeless classic, let us take a moment to remember the iconic sets and locations that helped make Sunset Boulevard a masterpiece of cinema.

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