The movie Sommersby, released in 1993, tells the story of a man who returns from the Civil War and is accused of being an imposter. Many viewers have been left wondering where this movie was actually filmed. In this article, we will explore the various locations in Tennessee and beyond where Sommersby was filmed, as well as why these locations played such an important role in telling the story.

On the Trail of Sommersby: Discovering the Filming Locations

Movies are typically filmed in a number of locations, and pinpointing each one can be difficult, especially for a movie that was released over two decades ago. Some useful methods for identifying filming locations include examining the credits, analyzing where the cast and crew stayed, studying behind-the-scenes photos, and poring over local news stories from the time of the movie’s production.

From Hollywood to Tennessee: Exploring the Locations of Sommersby

Many of the sets in Sommersby were built specifically for the movie, and the primary filming locations were in Tennessee. Tennessee offers a diverse array of landscapes and backdrops, including small towns, rural landscapes, and stunning natural scenery. It’s no surprise that it was chosen as the primary location for the movie.

A Journey Through Sommersby’s Filming Locations

Some of the filming locations for Sommersby include Jonesborough, Knoxville, Cherokee Lake, and other sites within Tennessee. Jonesborough served as the fictional town of Vine Hill, and many of the town’s historic buildings were used as set pieces. Knoxville served as the backdrop for several key scenes, including the train station where Sommersby first reunites with his wife. Cherokee Lake played a role in the movie as well, with scenes filmed on the water and on its shores.

Sommersby: Tracing the Footsteps of Richard Gere and Jodie Foster

Richard Gere and Jodie Foster both brought their own unique interpretations to the characters they played in the movie. The filming locations helped to set the tone for their performances, and they both flourished in the rural Tennessee landscape. Richard Gere has commented that the landscape played a crucial role in helping him understand his character, while Jodie Foster has remarked on how the location helped her to form a deeper connection with her character.

Uncovering the Secrets of Sommersby’s Filming Destinations

Many of the filming locations for Sommersby were hidden gems in Tennessee, and it’s possible that these locations were chosen for their unique properties. For example, a 200-year-old farmhouse in Jonesborough was chosen as the location for Sommersby’s home, offering a rustic and authentic backdrop for the movie. These carefully selected locations played a vital role in creating the movie’s atmosphere.

Revisiting the Rural Landscapes Where Sommersby Was Filmed

The rural landscapes captured in Sommersby are quintessential images of small-town America. The film showcases the beauty of the landscape, from rolling hills to verdant fields to towering mountains. These locations helped to define the movie’s themes of community, responsibility, and family. The landscapes provided a continuity that helped to fashion the movie’s key messages.

From Small-Town America to the Big Screen: The Filming Locations of Sommersby

Movies like Sommersby have had a significant impact on small-town America, both in the way they are perceived and in their economic impact. The creation of a movie set offers economic benefits to local businesses and residents, and the exposure that these movies bring to their locations can increase tourism. The perception and portrayal of communities in movies like Sommersby can also have a lasting impact on audience perceptions and social issues.


The filming locations for Sommersby were a key component of the movie’s success. They created an authentic backdrop that helped to tell the story, and they provided a continuity that helped to express the movie’s messages. If you’re planning a trip to Tennessee, be sure to visit some of the places where Sommersby was filmed – you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the story, and you’ll discover some of the hidden gems of small-town America.

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