I. Introduction

Heading out to a fantastic Broadway show is one of the most quintessential experiences of New York City. However, finding a great spot to eat before the show can be a daunting task, whether you are looking for a quick bite or a luxurious dinner. Fortunately, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to the best restaurants near Broadway in 2022, making pre-theater dining a decadent and delicious endeavor.

II. Top 5 Must-Try Restaurants Near Broadway in 2022

New York City is known for its incredible restaurants, and these five places are leading the pack in 2022:

1. L’atelier de Joël Robuchon

Located steps away from Times Square, L’atelier de Joël Robuchon is a sophisticated French restaurant offering a pre-theater menu with three courses for $78. You’ll want to save room for their signature foie gras dish, and their extensive wine list is sure to impress.

2. Blue Fin

Situated in the W Times Square, Blue Fin features seafood and sushi dishes in a modern setting. Their pre-theater menu offers two courses for $42, and their flatbread options are worth trying.

3. Joe Allen

A classic New York City spot, Joe Allen has been around for over fifty years. The restaurant has a comfortable, charming ambiance and offers American fare like steak, burgers, and pasta. Their pre-theater menu gives you two courses for $34.

4. Sardi’s

Another iconic New York City establishment, Sardi’s is famous for its caricatures of Broadway stars lining its walls. The restaurant serves American cuisine, including steaks and seafood, and offers a pre-theater menu with two courses for $47.

5. Nizza

If Italian food is your thing, Nizza is a must-visit spot. This cozy Italian trattoria is located in Hell’s Kitchen and offers pre-theater dining options, including their signature Socca, a chickpea flour pancake. Their three-course menu costs $45.

III. How to Score a Pre-Show Dinner Reservation Near Your Favorite Broadway Theaters

Booking a reservation at a restaurant near your theater is crucial, especially when you have a show to catch. Here are some tips on how to secure that coveted pre-show dinner booking:

1. Plan Ahead

Make your reservations as soon as you buy your show tickets to ensure you have plenty of options. Most restaurants open their reservation books thirty days in advance, so set a reminder to make your booking on that date.

2. Be Flexible

If your preferred restaurant doesn’t have reservations available on your preferred date and time, consider being flexible with either time or day.

3. Check Out Websites Like OpenTable and Resy

Websites like OpenTable and Resy make it easy to book restaurants, and you might even find exclusive deals and discounts.

4. Call the Restaurant Directly

If all else fails, call the restaurant directly to see if they have a table available, or if they can accommodate walk-ins.

IV. 7 Restaurants to Try Before Your Next Broadway Show

Here are seven of the best restaurants near Broadway to grab a pre-show dinner:

1. Bond 45

Bond 45 is a classic American steakhouse located just two blocks from the theater district. They offer a pre-theater menu with two courses for $36, including an 8 oz. filet.

2. Basso56

Basso56 is an Italian trattoria located in Hell’s Kitchen, perfect for those who love rustic, hearty Italian food. They offer a two-course pre-theater menu for $31.

3. Glass House Tavern

The Glass House Tavern is a reliable and welcoming pre-theater spot. Located just a block from Times Square, this restaurant offers a three-course pre-theater menu for $49.

4. The Redeye Grill

The Redeye Grill has a beautiful Art Deco interior and serves seafood and American cuisine. Their pre-theater menu features two courses, including their signature crab cake, for $38.

5. Etcetera Etcetera

For those looking for contemporary Italian cuisine, Etcetera Etcetera has a creative menu with interesting dishes like spicy squid ink spaghetti and salmon ceviche. Their pre-theater menu is $39 for three courses.

6. Le Rivage

Le Rivage is a cozy French restaurant located in the Theater District and serves classic French dishes like coq au vin. Their pre-theater menu offers two courses for $36.

7. Cara Mia

Cara Mia is a casual Italian spot located in Midtown. Their pre-theater menu offers four courses for $42, including a soup and salad course, an entree course, and a dessert course.

V. A Culinary Adventure: Where to Dine Near Broadway Theaters in 2022

Don’t just stick to the classics when choosing your pre-theater dining spot. Consider trying something new and exploring the incredible restaurants that New York City has to offer. Here are some off-the-beaten-path options:

1. Taboon

Taboon is a Middle Eastern restaurant located in Hell’s Kitchen, serving excellent grilled meats, houmous, and salads. Their pre-theater course is $36.

2. Asuka Sushi

Asuka Sushi offers excellent sushi and Japanese cuisine. It’s located on West 51st Street near the theater district, and their pre-theater menu offers three courses, including sushi and salad, for $39.

3. Obao Noodles and BBQ

If you’re craving Asian cuisine, Obao Noodles and BBQ serve delicious Vietnamese and Thai dishes located in Hell’s Kitchen. Their pre-theater menu is $38 and offers three courses.

4. PizzArte

For those who love pizza, PizzArte is a must-visit spot located in the Theater District. They serve delicious wood-fired pizza and their pre-theater course for $33, including salad and dessert.

5. Esca

Esca is a seafood-focused Italian restaurant near Times Square and serves excellent crudo, pasta, and seafood dishes. Their pre-theater menu offers two courses for $41.

VI. Broadway Bound? Here are the Best Places to Eat Before the Show in 2022

If you’re looking for even more pre-theater dining options, here are seven more restaurants to check out:

1. DB Bistro Moderne

DB Bistro Moderne is a modern French-American restaurant run by acclaimed Chef Daniel Boulud. Their pre-theater menu offers two courses for $70.

2. Quality Italian

Quality Italian has a retro ambiance and offers excellent steak and Italian dishes like chicken parmesan. Their pre-theater menu is $42 for three courses.

3. E&E Grill House

The E&E Grill house serves classic American dishes like burgers and steaks. Their pre-theater menu offers three courses for $48.

4. Osteria al Doge

Located on West 44th Street, Osteria al Doge serves classic Venetian cuisine and offers a pre-theater menu with two courses for $45.

5. Añejo

For Mexican cuisine lovers, Añejo is a must-visit spot. Located in Hell’s Kitchen, this restaurant offers a pre-theater menu with two courses for $23.

6. R Lounge

R Lounge is located on the third floor of the Renaissance Hotel in Times Square and offers spectacular views of the city. Their pre-theater menu offers two courses for $27.

7. Sushizen

Sushizen offers incredible sushi and traditional Japanese cuisine. Their pre-theater menu offers two courses for $35.

VII. Pre-Theater Dining Guide: Where to Eat Before the Curtain Goes Up

Deciding where to eat before your Broadway show depends on your preferred cuisine, price point, and location. Here are a few things to consider when choosing your spot:

1. Location

Choose a restaurant that’s close to your theater, so you’re not running late for the show.

2. Price

Consider your budget and find a restaurant that’s within your price range. Many restaurants offer pre-theater menus, which are often a great value.

3. Cuisine

Do you want sushi or steak? Italian or French? Consider your desired cuisine when choosing your restaurant.

VIII. Elevate Your Broadway Experience: Best Restaurants for Pre-Show Dinner in 2022

To truly take your Broadway experience to the next level, consider these five restaurants for your pre-show dinner:

1. The Lambs Club

Located in the heart of the Theater District, The Lambs Club is an elegant landmark restaurant featuring art-deco decor and a menu of delicious American fare. Their pre-theater menu offers two courses for $45.

2. Patroon

Patroon is the perfect place for celebrations, with a prime location near the theaters. They have a pre-theater menu with three courses for $72, featuring steak and seafood dishes.

3. Cafe Un Deux Trois

Cafe Un Deux Trois offers a classic French menu, excellent wine list, and a charming atmosphere. Their pre-theater menu offers two courses for $32, including traditional French onion soup.

4. Strip House

Strip House offers an intimate, moody ambiance and is known for its fantastic steak. Their pre-theater menu includes two courses for $52, including their signature filet.

5. Gallaghers Steakhouse

Gallaghers Steakhouse is a New York institution and features classic steakhouse decor and menu items. Their pre-theater menu offers two courses for $49, including their famous dry-aged steak.

IX. Conclusion

Finding the perfect place to eat before a Broadway show may seem overwhelming, but with our guide to the best restaurants in 2022, you can easily elevate your pre-theater dining experience. Remember to plan ahead and consider location, cuisine, and budget when choosing your spot. Enjoy your pre-show dinner and have an unforgettable Broadway experience.

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