The Royal Family Dance Crew has long been a popular fixture in the UK dance scene. With their dynamic and boundary-pushing dance moves, the crew has quickly become a household name. However, one mystery has remained unsolved for many of their fans–where are they from? In this article, we aim to provide you with the answer as we explore the hometowns of each of the Royal Family Dance Crew members.

Discovering the Roots of the Royal Family Dance Crew: A Journey through their Hometowns

The Royal Family Dance Crew is comprised of members from various backgrounds and hometowns, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, and New Zealand. Each member brings a unique cultural perspective to the crew, influencing their style and technique. By understanding where these members come from, we can gain insight into the crew’s dance style and appreciate their backgrounds.

From London to Manchester: Tracing the Origins of the Royal Family Dance Crew

London and Manchester are the cities that are home to most of the Royal Family Dance Crew members. The London dancing scene is known for its variety of styles, including breakdancing, popping, locking, and more. Many members of the crew from London developed their dance moves in the city’s vibrant underground dance scene. Similarly, Manchester has a unique dance style that blends elements of street dance and hip-hop. In both cities, dance crews play a significant role, with members often honing their craft in underground dance battles.

Did you know that member Michael “Mikey J” Asante is from Hackney in East London? Hackney is known for its diverse population, which has contributed to its vibrant arts and culture scene. Another crew member, Brooke Milliner, grew up in Stockport, Greater Manchester. Stockport is home to a flourishing contemporary dance scene, which has helped shape Brooke’s unique style.

The Royal Family Dance Crew: How Their Diverse City Backgrounds Influence Their Dance Style

The Royal Family Dance Crew has members from a range of different cities and backgrounds. As such, each member brings their own unique experiences to the group, resulting in a style that is distinctly theirs. For example, some members have a background in traditional Pacific Island dance, which they bring into the crew’s routines. This includes member Soraya Luhano, who is of Samoan descent. Her cultural background has influenced the way she approaches dance, helping her bring a distinct element to the group’s performances.

The crew’s London members bring an edgy street style to their performances, while members like Milliner from Manchester are more influenced by hip-hop dance culture. Members like Ashley Menzies, from Birmingham, are known for their smooth and fluid style, which blends jazz and contemporary dance. This diversity of styles is what gives the Royal Family Dance Crew its unique edge, allowing them to push boundaries and experiment with new moves and techniques.

Unraveling the Mystery: Where the Members of the Royal Family Dance Crew Hail From

To truly understand the Royal Family Dance Crew, we must look at each member’s background in detail. Starting with leader and founder Parris Goebel, who was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. Goebel is of Samoan descent and is known for her explosive choreography. Similarly, crew member Kaea Pearce was also born and raised in New Zealand, where he honed his dance skills with the Identity Dance Crew before joining the Royal Family.

Bree Wasylenko is from Okotoks, Alberta, Canada. She trained as a ballet dancer before finding her true passion in hip-hop. Joe Brown, born and raised in Sydney, Australia, is of Irish and Indigenous Australian descent. His background in Irish dancing has helped shape his unique style, influencing the crew’s performances.

Breaking Down Geographical Barriers: The Royal Family Dance Crew’s Impact on the UK Dance Scene

The Royal Family Dance Crew has played a significant role in shaping the UK dance scene, breaking down geographical barriers and inspiring a new generation of dancers. Their unique style and blend of diverse backgrounds and cultural influences have made them one of the most popular dance crews not just in the UK, but around the world. Their grassroots beginnings have helped them maintain a connection to their fans, even as they’ve become international stars.

The crew’s influence extends beyond dance, inspiring a new wave of fashion and music trends. The popularity of their style has renewed interest in streetwear fashion and contributed to the rise of urban music genres such as grime and UK hip-hop. They have also been praised for their commitment to diversity and their efforts to break down barriers in the dance world.


Understanding the Royal Family Dance Crew’s diverse backgrounds is essential to truly appreciate their unique style. They have become one of the UK’s most popular dance crews, inspiring a new generation of dancers and pushing the boundaries of dance. By recognizing the crew members’ individual backgrounds, we can better understand their journey and appreciate their contributions to the UK dance scene.

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