Challenge fans, get excited! The highly anticipated Challenge All Stars 2 is finally here, and one of the highlights of the show is its filming locations. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into all the places where the show was filmed. From scenic locations to unique set designs, we’ll examine all the details behind the show’s glamorous filming sites. Join us for an exclusive look behind the scenes of this beloved television series.

Exploring the locations of Challenge All Stars 2:

Before we explore the filming locations themselves, it’s important to have a general overview of the show’s overall filming locations. The show is generally filmed in outdoor, scenic locations. The spectacular settings add visual appeal to the show and give viewers adrenaline rush.

There’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to the locations. Behind the production of the show is a comprehensive process of selecting locations that meet the show’s needs. The locations selected for the filming of Challenge All Stars 2 are not only beautiful, but they must also meet specific production requirements. In the next section, we will delve deeper into the decision-making process of choosing locations for the show.

Uncovering the secrets of Challenge All Stars 2:

Now that we have a general understanding of the show’s filming locations let’s take an even closer look at what goes on behind the camera. You might wonder, how does the Challenge production team decide on its filming locations?

The truth is, the show’s producers spend months researching possible locations for filming. This process includes scouting potential sites all over the globe. Location selection is based on factors like the variety of challenges the location can offer, the scenic beauty of each site, and the specific needs of the production team to make the show as dynamic as possible.

Nowadays, shows can easily find glamorous locations, but it’s a more complicated endeavour to secure the right permits, gain access to the right filming sites and address logistical challenges. The show’s producers work closely with location managers and local officials to obtain any necessary permits and approval for the film production team.

You might be surprised to know that often despite starting their search earlier, the Challenge production team can’t finalise the decision regarding a location until the last month before the shoot start date. Once all the logistics are confirmed, and all the permits granted, and the team heads to the location to begin filming, their discovery of any exciting and unexpected challenges can typically determine how a location is covered by the show.

Welcome to the Challenge All Stars 2 set:

Now that we know how the filming location selection process works, it’s time to take a closer look at the jaw-dropping locations that were featured in the show. From dramatic cliffs to sandy beaches, Challenge All Stars 2 had it all. In this section, we’ll take a detailed look at each location featured on the show.

1. Ixtapa, Mexico: When it comes to stunning beaches, it’s challenging to beat Ixtapa.
Located in the Mexican state of Guerrero, Ixtapa is famous for its picturesque seascape, with breathtaking views from mountains to beaches. The beautiful scenery became an integral part of the challenges faced by the Challenge All Stars 2 contestants. Many episodes were filmed in Ixtapa, and each location used added a new dimension to the show. From sandy beaches to moss-covered ancient temples, Ixtapa proved to be a top-notch filming location.

2. Auckland, New Zealand: New Zealand is famous for its rolling hills, jagged mountains, and adventure sports. Auckland, the country’s largest city, is famous for its museums and urban setting, but it also has its share of natural beauty. The woods, peaks, and valleys in Auckland serve as the ideal location for outdoor challenges that were part of Challenge All Stars 2.

3. Bavaro Beach, Dominican Republic: Famous for its pristine waters and white sand beaches, Bavaro is an excellent location for earth, water, and scaling challenges. The vast coastline offers contestants a chance to have fun and enact extraordinary feats on the sandy beaches. Bavaro’s crystal-clear waters also provide an excellent setting for snorkeling, jet skiing, and other water activities.

4. Gold Coast, Australia: Australia is well-known for its sunny beaches and beautiful oceanscapes. With man-made water parks, treacherous mountains, and scenic coastlines, the Gold Coast served as the perfect location for the Challenge All Stars 2. The programming team made smart utilization of many of the Gold Coast sites, such as the Dreamworld Theme Park, where some of the challenges took place. The location assisted the team in creating a wide range of physical and mental challenges for the contestants.

Take a tour of Challenge All Stars 2:

If you can’t book a plane ticket to Ixtapa, Auckland, the Dominican Republic, or Australia, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. In this section, we will provide a virtual tour of the Challenge All Stars 2’s fantastic filming locations. We will take a closer look at some of the memorable challenges that took place in each location, too.

Behind the curtains of Challenge All Stars 2:
Behind the curtains of Challenge All Stars 2:

Behind the curtains of Challenge All Stars 2:

We’ve already discussed what goes into location selection and what makes each setting unique. In this section, we will provide a closer look at the logistics of what it takes to film at each location and what issues the production team faced. Challenges and obstacles like unexpected weather changes, getting access to specific areas, and handling permits are all part of the job when it comes to filming at remote filming locations.

How Challenge All Stars 2 chose their locations:

In this section, we will provide a guide to the decision-making process used by the show to select its filming locations. From deciding on the right location fit to obtaining the permits they need, we will share a comprehensive overview of the steps the show takes to ensure the locations were a good fit for the show’s needs. We will also offer an insight into how the show scouts and secures filming locations.

From coast to coast: A journey through the filming locations of Challenge All Stars 2

From the bustling streets of Auckland to the pristine coastline of Bavaro, the locations chosen for filming Challenge All Stars 2 covered a diverse range of settings. In this section, we will offer a comprehensive overview of all the locations used in the show, the factors behind selecting each site, and the highlights of each location.


Challenge All Stars 2’s filming locations were the perfect complement to an action-packed show. From the scenic beauty of Ixtapa to the jagged mountains of Auckland, the settings allowed the contestants to showcase their physical abilities while making the show even more entertaining for viewers. While the primary focus of the show is the battle between contestants, their determination and strength, it was the spectacular locations around the world that gave the show an extra boost. Now fans have a better understanding of what goes on behind the scenes when choosing locations and during the filming process.

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