The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruptions in travel and has resulted in restrictions like mandatory quarantines for American travelers. However, some countries have relaxed their requirements to attract visitors and help their tourism industry. In this article, we will explore where Americans can travel without quarantine and what they can expect from their visit.

Traveling During COVID-19: Top Destinations for Americans with No Quarantine Restrictions

Many countries are opening up for tourists with no quarantine requirements to encourage safe tourism and help their economy. Popular destinations for American travelers which have relaxed their quarantine requirements include Mexico, Costa Rica, The Maldives, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. To enter these countries, travelers must show negative COVID-19 test results and follow health protocols. To ensure travelers’ safety, hotels and restaurants are required to follow social distancing guidelines, wear masks and regularly sanitize. Besides, American travelers can visit ancient ruins, enjoy various outdoor activities like jungle tours and whale watching, and relish beaches’ serenity and calmness.

10 Countries that Americans Can Visit Without Quarantine

Besides the popular places mentioned above, ten countries are open for American visitors with no quarantine restrictions, including Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Kosovo, Mexico, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Zambia. Although the entry requirements and health protocols may differ based on countries, visitors must show proof of a negative COVID-19 test result upon arrival. These countries offer diverse experiences, such as South American dances, Eastern European history, beautiful beaches, and breathtaking natural sceneries.

Skip the Quarantine: These Countries Are Open to Americans Right Now

Countries like the Czech Republic, Greece, Egypt, Rwanda, and Turkey lifted the quarantine rules for tourists, including Americans. Visitors must follow the standard health protocols, including negative COVID-19 test results upon arrival and social distancing guidelines. Egypt offers its visitors to enjoy historical places like The Great Pyramids of Giza and a Nile river cruise, while Turkey offers visitors the scenic beauty of Istanbul and Cappadocia. The Czech Republic is perfect for visitors looking to relish the Gothic architecture and impressive history, whereas visitors can enjoy the beaches in Greece and Rwanda’s savannahs and mountain gorillas.

Traveling Without Quarantine: Locations Around the World Open to Americans

Some countries that are open without any quarantine requirements include Cambodia, Croatia, Mexico, Tanzania, and Turkey. Visitors must carry negative COVID-19 test results and follow standard health protocols. These countries offer different cultures, experiences, historic sites, and nature excursions, including coral reefs, sightseeing tours, hiking, and island hopping.

Safe Traveling During COVID-19: Countries You Can Visit as an American with No Quarantine Requirements

During COVID-19, it’s essential to follow health protocols and safety measures for tourists and locals. Countries that offer strong health protocols and safety measures include Costa Rica, Cyprus, Maldives, Mexico, and Turkey. These countries take specific steps to ensure the safety and well-being of visitors, including temperature checks at public spaces entrances, enhanced sanitation, social distancing, and wearing masks. Visitors can enjoy various activities and places while ensuring their health safety.


Although travel restrictions such as quarantine requirements may create challenges for American travelers during the pandemic, there are still many countries open for safe tourism. From beautiful beaches of Costa Rica to the historic sites of the Czech Republic and the cultural and natural experiences of Cambodia, travelers can still enjoy travel with appropriate safety measures amidst the pandemic. We encourage travelers to take all necessary measures and precautions to ensure their safety and the ones around them.

For anyone looking to travel, the above listed countries can offer exciting journeys and fond experiences during the pandemic. Lastly, we’d encourage our readers to share their travel experience amidst the pandemic.

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