Are you a Coldplay fan excited to see them play live on their tour? Do you want to know what songs Chris Martin and Co. will be playing on stage? Look no further, as we provide a comprehensive guide to Coldplay’s tour setlist, along with fan feedback, insider perspectives, and top must-see songs to look out for.

Coldplay Tour Setlist Overview

Coldplay’s tour setlist varies from night to night, but they usually play around 20-25 songs per show. Their current setlist includes hits from their newest album, ‘Music of the Spheres’, as well as fan-favorites from their extensive discography.

Some of the most popular songs Coldplay has played on their tour include ‘Fix You,’ ‘Yellow,’ ‘The Scientist,’ and ‘Viva La Vida.’ These timeless tracks are crowd-pleasers and always get the audience singing and swaying along.

The band’s tour setlist also includes newer songs, such as ‘Higher Power’ and ‘My Universe,’ which showcase Coldplay’s evolution and creativity as artists.

Comparing their current tour setlist to previous tours, Coldplay always tries to keep things fresh and exciting for their fans. However, some songs, such as ‘Clocks’ and ‘Paradise,’ remain staples on their setlist.

Top 5 Must-See Coldplay Songs

If you’re attending a Coldplay concert, there are certain songs you absolutely cannot miss. These are the top 5 must-see Coldplay songs:

  1. ‘Fix You’ – This emotional ballad is a Coldplay classic and always elicits a massive sing-along from the crowd.
  2. ‘Viva La Vida’ – The upbeat melody and catchy chorus make this one of Coldplay’s most popular songs. Plus, the band often uses pyrotechnics during this performance, making for a memorable visual spectacle.
  3. ‘Clocks’ – The iconic piano riff at the beginning of this song is instantly recognizable. This track is a Coldplay staple and always leaves the crowd wanting more.
  4. ‘Paradise’ – The driving beat and uplifting lyrics make this song an anthemic moment at any Coldplay concert.
  5. ‘Higher Power’ – One of Coldplay’s newest hits, this song is a perfect representation of the band’s current sound and energy. Don’t miss out on seeing this live.

Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Song Selection Process

Curious about how Coldplay chooses which songs to play on tour? We’ve got an insider’s perspective on their song selection process.

The band spends weeks in rehearsal, experimenting with different arrangements and setlist orders. They often take fan feedback into account and try to play a mix of both old and new songs.

However, some song choices are based on practical factors, such as which songs the band feels most confident performing live, or which songs have the best audience response.

Fan Feedback on Setlist Choices

What do Coldplay fans think of their tour setlist? We’ve scourged social media and conducted surveys to gather fan feedback on their song choices.

Overall, fans are pleased with the setlist and appreciate the band’s efforts to include both old and new songs. However, some fans wish they had heard more deep cuts from the band’s discography, or more acoustic versions of their favorite songs.


In conclusion, Coldplay’s tour setlist is a carefully curated selection of fan-favorite hits and new tracks. If you’re attending a concert, make sure to look out for the top 5 must-see Coldplay songs we listed and enjoy the band’s incredible live energy.

We hope this guide has been informative and insightful, and that you’re now even more excited to see Coldplay play live.

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