If you have noticed some movie action around Savannah lately, you are not alone. There is a new movie being filmed in the city, attracting lots of attention and excitement from residents and visitors alike. In this article, we will explore the latest movie production in Savannah, its filming location, cast and crew, and its potential impact on the city.

Hollywood Comes to Savannah: Behind the Scenes of the Latest Film Production

Savannah, Georgia, has attracted many movie makers over the years due to its historic architecture and coastal scenery. Several blockbuster TV shows, such as “The Walking Dead” and “Stranger Things,” were filmed in Savannah, bringing about a boom in the local film industry. As a result, local businesses have enjoyed a significant increase in tourism and revenues.

Savannah’s Big Screen Debut: A Sneak Peek into the Filming Location

The latest movie being filmed in Savannah is being shot downtown and around Forsyth Park. According to some reports, during filming, several blocks around the area are closed to traffic, causing some inconvenience to local businesses. Despite this, many businesses have shared their enthusiasm for being a part of the movie production, and owner of Brighter Day Natural Foods, Davis Oil, and a few other businesses have been having lots of fun!

Some local residents have reportedly even had the opportunity to interact with the movie’s cast and crew. They describe the crew as friendly and professional, and many are excited to see Savannah’s beauty captured on the big screen once again.

Lights, Camera, Savannah: Discovering the Secrets of the Set

Setting up a movie set is a complex process that requires a considerable amount of time, effort, and planning. From selecting the right location to scouting for the best camera angles, every detail matters. During filming, the team responsible for the set work tirelessly, ensuring that everything is in place.

The production team includes a range of professionals, from directors and cameramen to production assistants. They all play distinct roles in ensuring the success of the movie. Savannah’s beautiful locations offer a fantastic backdrop to the film crew’s work, and the equipment used on site is impressive.

Breaking News: A Look at the Highly-Anticipated Movie Being Filmed in Savannah

The latest movie being filmed in downtown Savannah is an American romantic comedy film titled “The Baxters.” It follows an Atlanta-based socialite, who, after experiencing a heartbreak, resolves to re-evaluate her life. She eventually heads to Savannah and reconnects with her former lover, resulting in a series of hilarious and romantic escapades.

“The Baxters” features a cast of well-known actors, including Lucy Hale (from “Pretty Little Liars” and “Katy Keene”) and Courtney Cox (from “Friends” and “Cougar Town”). The movie is directed by Kelly Oxford and produced by LD Entertainment.

This movie is creating a lot of buzz in Savannah and the rest of the film industry. Fans eagerly anticipate its release, and many speculate it could signal Savannah’s rise as the new destination for film production.

Savannah: The New Destination for Film Production – A Review of the Latest Shoot

Savannah has a rich history in film production, which dates back to the early 1900s when the first movie was filmed in the city. Since then, several movies and TV shows have been shot in Savannah, including the 2019 romantic movie “Peanut Butter Falcon.”

“The Baxters” promises to be an excellent addition to Savannah’s portfolio of movies. It captures Savannah’s essence, highlighting its beautiful scenery and captivating history. The cast and crew have complemented Savannah’s beauty, describing it as the perfect backdrop for their story.

With the success of past productions and the ease of filming in Savannah, movie makers will continue flocking to the city. Savannah is fast becoming a hotspot for many production companies, and with the latest movie, “The Baxters,” providing proof of its seamless production experience, the trend will likely continue.


“The Baxters” is a testament to Savannah’s growing stature in the movie industry. It showcases Savannah’s captivating beauty, from its historic architecture to its scenic coastal views. As the movie continues filming, it contributes to the growth of Savannah’s film industry and the local economy.

To learn more about Savannah’s film industry or to visit the filming locations of “The Baxters,” consider reaching out to the Visit Savannah office for more information. They will be sure to provide you with a list of great recommendations to help make your trip unforgettable.

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