Are you tired of searching for the latest movies playing in Park Ridge, Illinois? Look no further than the iconic Pickwick Theater. In this article, we aim to provide you with a guide to the latest and greatest movies playing at this beloved establishment. Whether you’re planning a date night or a family outing, Pickwick Theater has something for everyone.

Movie Lovers Unite – A Guide to the Latest Lineup at Pickwick Theater

Pickwick Theater offers a wide selection of movies on a daily basis. Currently, some of the most popular movies include: “A Quiet Place: Part II”, “Cruella”, and “In the Heights”. These films have received great reviews from both critics and audiences alike. Looking for something a bit more niche? Pickwick Theater also screens independent and art-house films.
Don’t forget to check out their upcoming events, such as special screenings of classic films or live commentary during select movie showings.

Escape Reality with the Pickwick Theater’s Summer Movie Season

The summer season is here, and the Pickwick Theater is embracing it with open arms. From June to August, they will be screening a variety of exciting movies, including “The Suicide Squad”, “Jungle Cruise”, and “The Green Knight”. In addition to traditional screenings, there will also be events such as a Harry Potter themed showing of “The Order of Phoenix”, and “The Lion King” sing-alongs. Be sure to get your tickets early for these highly anticipated summer movies.

Relive the Classics – Pickwick Theater’s Throwback Movie Series

Are you a fan of classic films? The Pickwick Theater has got you covered. They offer a weekly “Throwback Thursdays” series, which brings back beloved classics such as “Gone with the Wind”, “The Maltese Falcon”, and “The Wizard of Oz”. This series is perfect for introducing younger generations to classic films or reminiscing with loved ones over past favorites.

Critic’s Corner – Our Top Picks for Upcoming Movies at Pickwick Theater

Looking for some recommendations on movies to see at the Pickwick Theater? Here are some of our top picks for upcoming features: “The French Dispatch”, directed by Wes Anderson and starring an all-star cast, “Dune”, the highly anticipated sci-fi epic directed by Denis Villeneuve, and “Last Night in Soho”, a psychological thriller from the talented director, Edgar Wright. Each of these films is sure to impress with their excellent casts, riveting stories, and beautiful cinematography.

The Pickwick Theater – The Perfect Spot for Date Night or Family Outings

The Pickwick Theater boasts a charming ambiance that is perfect for a date night or family outing. This historic establishment has been around for over 90 years and has become a staple in the Park Ridge community. With its cozy seating and classic design, it provides a unique movie-going experience that is hard to find in modern theater chains. Family tickets and special promotions are available as well, so everyone can enjoy the magic of the Pickwick Theater.


To sum it up, Pickwick Theater is a must-visit destination for movie lovers in the Park Ridge area. It offers a wide selection of movies, special events, and promotions that cater to a variety of interests and ages. So, whether you’re looking to escape reality with the latest blockbuster, relive the classics, or enjoy a date night with your significant other, the Pickwick Theater has got you covered. Head over to their website to check out their latest movie lineup and book your tickets today.

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