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Entryways and hallways experience the most traffic as compared to any other parts of your house. It is also the first thing that your guests will notice, which is why it is necessary to make it appealing, so that their first impression will be good. Having a good-looking entryway tile will help you create an inviting, alluring, and exciting hallway space. There are numerous entryway decor ideas that can make your space look premium.

The flooring of any space in your house is the one that experiences the most footfall which is why it is also the area that undergoes the most wear and tear. This becomes more prominent in areas that are busy. This is why it is necessary to invest into high quality, durable, and good-looking floor tile designs so that this area stays functional and looks pretty. There are various floor design ideas to choose from. Let us have a look at several ideas to see what options make the best fit for your entrance.

 Classic Checkerboard

You can’t go wrong with a classic checkerboard. This is one of the many classic floor tile designs that look classy. It sets the tone of your house and is stylish as well as dramatic. It can add that much-needed oomph factor to even narrow and tiny hallways. Classic checkerboard tiles will add a retro sensibility to your house.

Larger the Better: Using Large Tiles

A contemporary indoor décor style that is in vogue now is using large tiles. Large foyer tiles not only serve aesthetic purposes, but they can also make your limited and narrow entryway look grand and spacious. Oversized tiles can make your house look more welcoming and inviting. Modern entryway tile ideas such as large tiles can add a distinct contrast to the house. The tiles need to be at least 15 inches on one side to be counted as a large tile. Large tiles bring down the visual obstructions and allow the visitors to focus on the seemingly large space instead.  Do incorporate large tiles in your foyer floor ideas.

Zigzag Designs

Human eyes love patterns, and back and forth lines have always been a classic especially in the case of tiles. Using zigzag patterned tiles is one many great ways to use patterned tiles in your house. You can use either the chevron pattern tiles, or the herringbone pattern tiles in your entryway to direct the eyes of the visitors.

Colorful, Chic, and Vintage Ideas

If you want to add a pop of colour to your foyer, you can try using vibrant and colorful vintage design tiles. Don’t be afraid of making bold choices, they will surely look good. These tiles could transform an otherwise drab foyer into a peppy corner of your house.

Modern Art Inspired Tiles

Modern entryway tile ideas such as straight lines, bold patterns, and abstract/fractal patterns can make your entryway look unique. You can try out your own designs to make the patterns more personal and customizable.

Exquisite, Eye-catching Mediterranean Flooring

Mediterranean or Moroccan floor tiles with stunning geometric patterns can surely set the tone for your entryway. But these tiles are not just decorative, they are also highly functional and can mask surface debris and dust with ease. There are different ways to use pattern tiles in your foyer, for instance decorative and bold patterns can make a small foyer look spacious and exciting. A small decorative piece of tile surrounded by plain tiles will pull all the focus.

Chic Subway Style Tiles

Subway tiles are versatile and popular. They can be used for backsplashes, bathrooms, kitchen floors, and of course foyers. But this does not mean that they look unappealing. With the right accessories and proper placement, subway tiles can make your entryway chic and classy.

Custom Mosaic Tiles

Sometimes no tiles or wallpaper will match your personal taste or match what you want. If you have a specific idea in mind, then don’t sacrifice it, instead try custom mosaic or penny round tile.

Penny round tiles can have personal messages, ASCII patterns and drawings, and various other designs that can be customized according to your preferences. You can also choose a digitally printed custom style tile for a more outrageous yet stunning look for your entryway. These tiles will look striking and will allow your wildest dreams to flow freely.

Wooden Style Tiles Ideas

Tiles that mimic the look of wood can add a classic and natural look to your foyer. Wood adds a charming look to your foyer, but it is not suitable for areas with a lot of traffic. This is why tiles designed to look like wood can be a great help in such cases. With these tiles you won’t have to worry about exposure to moisture, fungus, etc.

You can find wood like tiles in porcelain, marble, and other tile options. This style can also be used in other areas of your house.

Milky-white Marble

Nothing says decadence and richness more than white marble in the shades of the Taj Mahal or porcelain clay. White marble tiles are simple and elegant but not at all boring. They allow a crisp, clear, classic, and clean look to your foyer besides adding elegance to other areas of your home. They can also be used in other parts of the house. You can truly never go wrong with a classic white marble.

Getting the Marble Look with Limited Budget

If your house is new or if you are on a tight budget and still want the marble look then don’t worry, you can replace marble with porcelain tiles that mimic the look of marble. This is a great option for people who desire to have a classic look without having to rip a hole in their pocket. Porcelain tiles can turn a simple foyer into a sophisticated and bold area of your house.

Playing with Patterns

Having an eye-catching design is the best way to stand out from the crowd. Tiles can have stunning geometric, natural, abstract, and fractal patterns that, when combined with colour options, create endless possibilities. You can find a pattern and a colour that will match your personal style for sure. A repeated pattern will make your entryway seem grander and better. You can try some fashion design software to make patterns more personal and customizable.

Creating Contrast with Dark Tiles

Choosing a tile shade that’s completely different from the rest of your décor can create a stunning and eye-catching contrast. For instance, you can pair a dark grey set of tiles with whitewashed walls to make the room look charismatic.

You can choose tiles that mimic the look of stone, black marble, and other similar materials for this contrast. Porcelain tiles are highly suitable for this purpose as they can withstand lots of traffic and exposure to water.These are just some of the many ways in which you can decorate your entryway using tiles. Let your creativity flow free and experiment more to create your own, personalized look for your foyer.

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