Simone Biles is an American artistic gymnast who has achieved incredible success in her sport. She is a four-time Olympic gold medalist and a fourteen-time world champion. In 2020, she made her debut on the popular television show, Dancing with the Stars. This article explores Simone Biles’ experience on the show, her performance, choreography, and technique compared to other professional dancers.

Interview with Simone Biles on Her Experience on Dancing with the Stars
Interview with Simone Biles on Her Experience on Dancing with the Stars

Interview with Simone Biles on Her Experience on Dancing with the Stars

In an interview with Good Morning America, Simone Biles shared her thoughts on her experience on Dancing with the Stars. When asked what she enjoyed most, Biles responded that it was the “opportunity to learn something new and be able to perform it on stage.” She also mentioned that she enjoyed working with her partner, Sasha Farber. Biles admitted that the biggest challenge she faced was “getting used to the rhythm of the music” and learning how to move her body to the beat. When asked if she had any advice for aspiring dancers, Biles said, “Just go out there and have fun. Don’t take it too seriously and just enjoy the journey.”

An Overview of Simone Biles’ Performance on Dancing with the Stars

Throughout her time on the show, Simone Biles impressed the judges and viewers alike with her technical elements. She performed lifts and jumps with ease, displaying her athleticism and strength. She also showcased her flexibility during her routines, often incorporating difficult contortion moves. Overall, Biles’ performance was graceful and powerful, earning her high scores from the judges.

An Analysis of Simone Biles’ Choreography on Dancing with the Stars

Simone Biles’ choreography stood out due to her unique transitions and movements. She often surprised viewers with her innovative steps, adding a modern twist to traditional dances. She also incorporated elements of her gymnastics training into her routines, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

A Discussion of How Simone Biles Inspires Young Dancers on Dancing with the Stars

Simone Biles’ presence on the show was inspirational for many young dancers. On social media, she posted behind-the-scenes looks at her rehearsals, offering encouragement and positivity. She also shared clips of her performances, demonstrating her hard work and dedication. These posts encouraged viewers to pursue their dreams and never give up.

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Simone Biles’ Rehearsals for Dancing with the Stars

In order to prepare for her performances, Simone Biles underwent intense training. She worked with professional coaches to develop her technique and perfect her routines. She also practiced regularly, pushing herself to become a better dancer. Through this process, Biles was able to deliver stunning performances on the show.

A Comparison of Simone Biles’ Technique and Execution on Dancing with the Stars to Other Professional Dancers

When comparing Simone Biles’ technique and execution to other professional dancers on the show, it is clear that she has strengths and weaknesses. Her jumps and lifts were executed flawlessly, showcasing her athletic ability. However, her technique could use some improvement, as certain steps were not as precise as those of experienced dancers. Despite this, she still managed to impress the judges with her creativity and enthusiasm.


Simone Biles made a splash on Dancing with the Stars, impressing viewers with her technical elements and creative choreography. She also inspired young dancers with her positive attitude and social media presence. Although her technique and execution could use some improvement, she still managed to wow the judges and viewers with her performances. It will be exciting to see what the future holds for Simone Biles on the show.

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