Blockchain Platform Development Companies In Middle East

The concept of digital money has grown in popularity throughout the world as a consequence of digitalization. The significant rise of the cryptocurrency sector has boosted the requirement for a Blockchain platform Development Company. These companies provide a variety of cutting-edge blockchain technologies. The need for such firms has increased internationally, and Dubai is one such country where the blockchain sector is thriving.

Several Middle Eastern start-ups are experimenting with blockchain technology, and several big organizations are considering incorporating it into their long-term business strategies. Unfortunately, not all Middle Eastern blockchain development organizations are capable of providing high-quality blockchain solutions. If you are in need of  a blockchain software solution in Dubai for your business, initially explore the company’s blockchain development services before moving on.

Are you seeking competent Blockchain developers in the Middle East? If so, you’ve come to the correct spot. There are several blockchain development businesses in the Middle East. Yet, not all Middle Eastern blockchain development businesses are excellent at developing high-quality customized blockchain technology-based applications. After extensive analysis, and separating the wheat from the chaff a list of the best developers in the Middle East blockchain busines has been compiled.

According to statistics-

  • In 2021, global expenditure on blockchain solutions was expected to reach $6.6 billion.
  • Companies are expected to invest over $19 billion in blockchain technology by 2024.
  • Blockchain cryptocurrency is used by about 300 million individuals or 3.9% of the world population.
  • From 2022 to 2030, the worldwide blockchain technology industry is predicted to grow at an 85.9% CAGR.

If you are looking for a comprehensive range of exceptional blockchain development services, the list below will not disappoint you at any cost. So, let’s explore the list…………..

1 Suffescom Solutions Inc.

Suffescom Solutions Inc, the very first renowned blockchain development business, creates a plethora of the most attractive blockchain solutions for a wide variety of sectors. It is one of the world’s leading blockchain development firms that has been serving the industry with tremendous passion and effort for the last 11 years. It also serves the industry with their other incredible services namely AR/VR, dApp, crypto, web3 gaming, NFT marketplace, etc.

Being a pioneer in decentralized solutions, it has received several honors for providing outstanding initiatives and social purpose events. This firm was also named an “Emerging Blockchain Development Company” by India’s leading news outlet, Hindustan Times.

2 RisingMax Inc.

RisingMax Inc., which has been in business since 2011, focuses on developing a wide variety of innovative technologies to build blockchain-based devices that will undoubtedly adhere to your company’s slogan. It is an elevated blockchain consulting and platform development firm that has earned the confidence of over 500 customers from various business verticals by providing 360-degree blockchain solutions. It has a team of experts who offer reliable services to customers, including- RPA, AI chatbot solutions, Enterprise software development, and web/mobile app development, along with technologies like big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, etc.

3 Best Web3 Development

Best Web3 Development is a trustworthy blockchain development firm in Dubai that should be acknowledged when it comes to blockchain-based solutions. Without a shadow of doubt, it is an ideal consultancy firm for startups, SMEs, and large organizations, since it has the competence and has produced 400+ projects on the decentralized platform and 1000+ in total. It is a one-stop shop as well as a trustworthy company with over ten years of expertise leading customers through all phases of blockchain technology implementation. It also has a staff of full-stack engineers with extensive experience in sharing knowledge on several blockchain-related development tools. Apart from the blockchain platform development services, it also provides- web3 based platforms, metaverse platforms, NFT game development, NFT exchange platform, crypto exchange platform, crypto wallet development, smart contract development, audit services, etc.

4 Bluecast Technologies

Bluecast Technologies, one of the fastest-growing blockchain development businesses, takes a unique approach to provide consultation and services to huge corporations and approved agencies in Dubai. The firm has 20+ years of expertise in leadership and 45+ years of experience in engineering, and it serves multinational corporations such as United Airlines, American Express, and others. Bluecast Technologies, which has a worldwide presence and has been in business since 2012, supplies several enterprises with creative, moral, and next-generation Technology Solutions and services.

5 Crypto PR

Crypto PR, known for providing a wide range of blockchain solutions, has been named one of the most requested blockchain development partners and a digital transformation agency. It is unquestionably a viable solution for any company seeking to implement a powerful and adaptable blockchain infrastructure. With approximately 100 customers already serviced, the firm is the first to establish a presence not only in the Middle East but also in the United Arab Emirates, New York, and Hong Kong. Additionally, the organization has a great global reputation for coordinating and coordinating campaigns for cryptocurrency initiatives and financial institutions.

6 Peiko

Peiko, an Israel-based firm that has been offering blockchain services since 2016, comes in sixth on the list of reputable blockchain development companies. It provides a wide range of innovative and cutting-edge solutions, including Software-as-a-Service, Exchanges, crypto wallets, NFTs, DeFi, Smart contracts, Marketplaces, Cross-platform solutions, MVP creation, and CRM/ERP, and it is used in industries such as Fintech, Retail, E-commerce, Healthcare, Blockchain, and Traveling platforms. The execution of about 189 projects for enterprises and startups all around the globe distinguishes Peiko from other firms: OrionProtocol, LocalAway, Riabu, ContactsBook, Investros Exchange, GS Diamonds, StarkMotors, Dnipro-M, TopUp Balance.

7 Enozom Software

Enozom Software professionals with hands-on experience in blockchain technology help in providing solutions to customers globally, including Add Energy – UK, Agile Consent – USA, INSPIRE Global LLC – USA, and Smart Cell – USA. The organization has a 4.9/5 rating on the clutch, indicating its effectiveness in providing decentralized services to meet the needs of several industries, like education, health, construction, and finance. On the account, if you’re looking for high-quality, innovative blockchain development services for your company, go no further than Enozom Software. In addition, Hazem Torab is the company’s founder and CEO.

8 Blink22

Blink22 is Dubai’s best-ever rising blockchain development firm, using blockchain technology to aid in harnessing the most recent breakthroughs. The organization has a reputable name among blockchain development firms, and its objective is to provide high-quality services that surpass customers’ expectations. Since 2015, it has been transforming fantastic ideas into revolutionary software for smart businesses all around the world. With a staff of over 100 highly competent technological and administrative specialists, we are delighted to have delivered 80+ projects to 71+ prominent customers from 17+ different countries, including Jumia, Careem, Khatabook, Cassbana, Sharwa, Sadeem, and Flexday.

9 Versatile Synergy

Versatile Synergy, founded in 2020, is one of the list’s newest Blockchain development firms. This firm is a technology company recognized for providing an exceptional customer experience across platforms in order to boost business results. The organization is made up of a team of competent engineers and designers that provide technology solutions to GCC and EU clients of various sizes to help them formulate their tech needs. It also provides excellent user-friendly solutions for multi-disciplinary bespoke web applications, website development, corporate software, database administration, and other areas.

10 CR Studios

CR Studios is a well-known brand in Dubai’s top blockchain development industry. Since 2017, it has provided the finest blockchain development services to customers all around the world. It’s the best solution for blockchain development services that recognize your company and helps it improve its approach to generating goods and growing people’s online experiences. It is a well-known worldwide firm headquartered in Dubai, with offices in Abu Dhabi, Moscow, and Yerevan. It is the most innovative blockchain development company, with technical competence in Web3, Metaverse, DeFi, and other areas. Moreover, CR Studios has produced more than 50 projects, allowing it to build a reputation as one of the premier blockchain development firms in Dubai.

11 Interexy

What distinguishes Interexy from other organizations is its extensive knowledge of working on numerous blockchain platforms and offering end-to-end blockchain solutions. Interxy has a 5/5 rating on the clutch, indicating that its customers consider it to be a top blockchain technology firm. Intellectsoft, a blockchain platform development business, is skilled at offering expertise in technologies like blockchain and others. Moreover, it completes tasks with the greatest degree of quality and strives for success via competence in a result-oriented mindset, productivity, and quality expectations of accomplishment.

12 Ezetech

With over 7 years of experience in the field, Ezetech aids its customers in exploring the realm of safe, scalable, and interoperable decentralized apps by providing superior blockchain development services. Apart from that, the firm helps organizations and even startups harness the potential of blockchain technology and solutions to achieve upcoming transparency and efficiency in their business operations. Ezetech is a reputable organization whose major goal is to assist startups and enterprises in turning their ideas and ambitions into successful realities. Ezetch also makes every effort to meet deadlines and provide its customers with the greatest solutions and applications  available.

13 AE Studio

AE Studio is a prominent blockchain technology firm that provides scalable, high-performance blockchain solutions to help companies overcome the challenges of a decentralized world. This company’s blockchain developers deliver specially made blockchain solutions to clients globally, including Berkshire Hathaway, Ritual, Chance the Rapper, Protocol Labs, Draper Venture Network, The Publisher Desk, Walmart, Gallant, Bloom Health, BioCentury, Streamoid, and others, by leveraging technology knowledge and cross-industry experience. Moreover, the primary purpose of this innovative blockchain development firm is to provide customers with a flawless and easy experience from idea to execution.

14 The NineHertz

NineHertz is one of the best-in-class blockchain technology firms in blockchain, the highly competitive sector, with a worldwide presence and a staff of around 250 personnel working around the clock to offer you customized solutions and on-demand technical assistance. It also believes in putting itself in the customer’s shoes to produce durable, scalable, and engaging solutions. Since 2014, the firm has served a variety of industry verticals, including healthcare, retail, eCommerce, and others. The most intriguing aspect of The NineHertz is that each expert strives to stay in touch with the recent emerging technologies in order to provide creative blockchain development solutions to its customers while meeting their essential criteria.

15 Cheesecake Labs

Cheesecake Labs is San Francisco’s leading blockchain platform development firm, enabling a diverse team to work with you to produce delightful and rock-solid solutions. The company’s initiatives are supported by a tried-and-true approach that evolved over a decade and 300+ projects. Cheesecake labs have professionals that are completely dedicated to you and your achievement. They encompass a wide variety of skills across the product development lifecycle. The review and 4.9/5 ratings for Cheesecake speak words about the quality of its service that it delivers. This firm offers extensive industry knowledge and technology expertise to help you streamline your business practices, increase influence, and accelerate organizational success.

16 InfoGrains

InfoGrains is a worldwide blockchain development firm with first-hand expertise in creating powerful solutions for its customers. It has a blockchain development team of 50+ members that recognizes the importance of time and follows an optimal approach to create solutions swiftly and give them to clients as soon as feasible. InfoGrains investigates the potential applications of blockchain technology and model framework in order to provide the most suitable solutions at each stage of your project. It is a corporation established in the United States that is dedicated to developing new technologies and utilizing them to have an unexpected influence on the world. Whatever your industry, InfoGrains can provide you with top-tier blockchain development services.

17 MetaWise Web3 Marketing

You don’t have to be concerned about blockchain technology since MetaWise Web3 Marketing is here to help you succeed. It’s not like other blockchain development firms that let you get lost in a big ocean of perplexing data, technical jargon, and befuddled strategy & approach. MetaWise Web3 Marketing has been in business for less than a year and focuses on implementing a wide variety of modern technologies to build blockchain-based gadgets that will undoubtedly adhere to your company’s slogan. It has a 4.8/5 rating on the clutch, indicating its expertise and track record of prompt delivery, on-call assistance, and excellent ROI for customers. It has also enhanced the eyesight of 40 million customers globally, including those in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the United States.

18 DBZeus 

DBZeus is a well-known brand in Dubai’s top blockchain development businesses. During the last eight years, it has provided the finest blockchain development services to customers all around the world. It has a 4.0/5 rating on the clutch, demonstrating its effectiveness in rapidly increasing the income of blockchain development firms. It is Dubai’s leading blockchain development firm, offering a wide variety of creative solutions for Custom Blockchain Development, Consultancy, Enterprise Blockchain Development, and Custom Blockchain App Development, as well as specialized and unique solutions to reach its target audience.

19 DV8 Infosystems

No surprise, there is much more to appropriate academic blockchain development services at DV8 Infosystems than simply understanding a certain technology. It has a top-tier team that employs a time-tested process to create unique software items and services from conception, modernize current goods and services, enable Cloud computing, and provide innovative solutions in the area of AI and ML. The company concentrates on B2B and B2C clients for Fortune 500 corporations, SMEs, and startups. The most intriguing aspect is that it integrates tactics, innovation, and design in order to produce game-changing outcomes.

20 Net Objex Inc

With over 7 years of expertise integrating the actual and virtual worlds, NetObjex is a top-tier blockchain development business that can carry any project from the ground floor to the pinnacle of success. Its technologies allow the collection of vital information at the moment. The firm supports customers in making decisions by providing a platform or a conduit for data circulation. Its objective is to give a complete Digital Operating Platform for smart devices to organizations and technology firms.

What are the Advantages of Hiring a Middle Eastern Blockchain Development Company?

Employing a top blockchain software development firm in the Middle East is a great strategy. It assists firms in developing creative concepts throughout the sector. There are various worldwide pioneers in blockchain technology, and working with a blockchain development business may provide additional benefits. To begin with, blockchain developers will have the opportunity to learn about the advanced technologies and breakthroughs in the area. They will also get access to the expertise of a few of the world’s foremost blockchain professionals.

Outsourcing a blockchain development business might also provide you access to a big pool of bright and competent professionals. The Middle East is the hub of some of the world’s best institutions, which create graduates with the skills and expertise required to operate in the blockchain industry. Lastly, the Middle East has a well-developed architecture and legal environment that promotes blockchain technology development and implementation.

Contracting a blockchain development business in the Middle East has several advantages. Among these advantages are the following:

  • The Middle East’s economy is huge and well-developed, offering an ideal atmosphere for enterprises to operate in.
  • Since the Middle East offers a vast pool of highly trained professionals, it is simple to identify suitable personnel for the project. Since the nation boasts a highly competent and educated population, companies may have access to the greatest and brightest brains in the world.
  • The Middle East boasts an excellent infrastructure, making it simple to establish and run a company. It is home to multiple world-class blockchain technology development services, giving companies access to cutting-edge technology and experience.
  • A strong legal system gives companies the assurance and consistency they need to function effectively. The Middle East has a robust legal framework that protects companies from fraud and other hazards.

Overall, the Middle East is a terrific region to conduct business, and hiring a Middle Eastern blockchain development firm might be a great approach to get your project started.

Upon Consideration, the above-mentioned list of Blockchain Development Companies includes the most reputable blockchain development firms from across the globe. The primary goal of creating this list is to assist customers in locating local and trustworthy blockchain development businesses to meet their needs. This list will undoubtedly benefit both buyers and service providers, as buyers will be able to compare hourly costs, company physical power, and professional experience, and service providers will be able to reach people who are looking for the best organizations near them or in their preferred location throughout the Middle East.

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