Top 15 Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Most entrepreneurs are looking for ways to participate in leading advancements in the digital economy. This new trend combines modern technologies such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, etc. So in 2022, the demand of DAO development companies in USA, UK, India, and Australia is increasing rapidly. As a result, many DAO development companies in the United States cater to this expanding global need.

If you want to leverage the potential of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization development powered by blockchain technology, your search is over here. We have compiled a list of the top 20 DAO development services providers to assist you in finding the one that fulfills your needs while staying affordable.

So, let us begin our list of top companies that offer high-quality DAO development services in the USA.

Suffescom Solutions Inc

Suffescom Solution outshines every other DAO development company on our list. The recent award of “Emerging blockchain development company” by Hindustan times shows how the company is growing leaps and bounds in a small tenure of 5 years in the blockchain sector. Their development team has successfully delivered over 50 blockchain projects, including NFT marketplace, P2E gaming app, cryptocurrency exchange, crypto wallet, NFT minting platform, and more. With this expertise in leading blockchain such as Hyperledger, Ethereum, R3 Corda, EOSIO, Hashgraph, and more. The company offers services like Social media management, Pay-per-click, web designing, digital marketing, mobile/web development, and others.

Their development team follows an agile development approach to build innovative and cost-effective business solutions for startups and big enterprises. With their time-bound development and transparent pricing policy, the DAO developers from the USA are meeting their client’s expectations. Suffescom Solution has a stronghold as the leading blockchain and metaverse development company.


The next best DAO development company that provides excellent services is RisingMax. The company has an overall experience of 13+ years and has strong expertise in developing Metaverse. The company started its journey in 2011, and since then till now they have set a new benchmark for innovation and quality projects. The company is also one of the leading enterprises in Blockchain Metaverse and NFT marketplace development. RisingMax has a stronghold as the leading NFT marketplace development company and the top Metaverse development company.

The company develops the application for the client and helps in marketing and enhancing the strategy. They have a core team of more than 150+ blockchain developers and a team of marketing experts who always guide the clients to get the maximum return on investment from the capital they have invested in the development. They also assist each client 24*7 to resolve any sort of confusion or doubt the client has. They have an excellent service record, and that can be seen by the reviews available on the internet by their client if you want to make the company the Unicorn, hire RisingMax for the DAO development.

Best Web3 Development

With the excellent healthy competition between RisingMax and Suffescom Solutions, the third and another deserving company that deserves to be on the top 3 DAO development companies is doing great and providing an ace class solution to their global customers. The company has a manpower of more than 150+ core blockchain developers and designers.

The company is perfectly suitable for every business size, whether it’s a startup or unicorn company. Excellent teamwork leads to the excellent execution of the project, and they try to execute every possible demand and requirement of the client. They are not only the leading providers of DAO development services but also have an excellent reputation as the leading blockchain development company and NFT tokens development company.

Vardhaman Infotech

Vardhaman Infotech is a leading DAO development services company in the United States. The organization adheres to a transparent pricing approach regarding project development to ensure that clients do not have to pay for any hidden development charges. The IT firm is top-rated among startup businesses for developing cost-effective software solutions with cutting-edge features.

The company employs over 550 highly skilled software engineers that work diligently on every project, regardless of cost or size. Entrepreneurs quickly launch their metaverse products in the market and generate massive money with the company’s Whitelabel business solutions. Vardhaman Infotech is the top services provider in the United States because of the combination of the facts mentioned above.

App Inventive

App Inventive, a leading DAO Development Company, includes all necessary components of DAO in order to provide the best DAO Development Services for their clients. This company has over a decade of experience in metaverse, mobile, and web development services and hand on experience in all the emerging technologies. Their team consists of 500+ active professionals that have executed more than 200 projects for startups and organizations globally.

The firm has offices in Australia, Asia, Europe, North America, and the Middle East. If you choose App Inventive to develop your DAO project, you will receive entire help from idea generation, review, and development to project promotion. These people are producing world-class business solutions for their customers using cutting-edge development processes and a flexible development methodology.

Osiz Technologies

Osiz is a DAO Development company that pushes centralized businesses to be overlooked by decentralizing with cost-effectiveness. Osiz Technologies is a high-end Blockchain development firm across the globe, especially in the UK and the USA, that provides DAO Blockchain services. Everything is recorded, and votes, proposals, and even the code can be audited, making DAOs exceedingly transparent. In contrast to traditional work environments, DAO is based on the concept of self-sustainability.

They offer a centralized, safe, and feature-rich shared system. Their blockchain experts will assist you in refining your product and recommending the best technology approach. The company develops sophisticated dApps, similar to crypto wallets, allowing DAO users to earn and trade on the network. Users can engage in many activities autonomously utilizing dApps and creating DAO smart contracts. You can definitely consider this company if you want to partner with a reliable development company.


The next on the list of the best DAO development company in the UK is AppDupe. The company has years of experience developing high-quality products and specialists in DAO application development. Besides the UK and US, they also have a great appearance in one of the leading economic countries, India.

With more than 200+ employees, they comply with an excellent team of experienced and young talents. The company has a core of DAO developers who have been in the relevant field for years and deliver excellent projects to their clients. For the development of the DAO application, one can rely on AppDupe for on-time delivery and cost-effective work.


In the list of best DAO application development companies, Consensys joins next and is one of the emerging companies. The team of excellent developers and designers are the one who has years of experience in the blockchain and app development industry. They are one of the most cost-effective companies, and in the coming years, there is no doubt that they will be on the top 5 list of the best DAO development companies. The reviews available on the internet platform are quite impressive. Apart from the DAO application development, they also provide DeFi and NFT. They provide software solutions for the industries like real estate, healthcare, e-learning, travel, tourism, etc.

Crypto Exchange Script

Crypto Exchange Script is again one of such companies with a vast scope to be the leading DAO app development company. The company is a perfect option for anyone planning to start their business from the DAO application. The company has years of experience in the field of DAO app development. Apart from this, they have great hands in providing solutions like Metaverse development, Metaverse NFT marketplace development, Metaverse token development, NFt tokens, blockchain development, blockchain game development, blockchain healthcare, and blockchain smart contract development, etc. The company has more than 150+ employees working dedicatedly to enhance the technology’s future.

Token Minds

Multiple companies in the marketplace are providing technology-based solutions globally, and hand-picking 20 or 30 out of them is pretty tricky for us. Still, when it comes to Token Minds, we were sure about the company that deserves to be on the list of the best DAO development company. The company started its journey as a startup, and now being on the list of the top 20 is a big deal. The dedicated employees of the company and their dedication to providing an excellent solution to the global industry is a huge achievement for any company.

Blockchain Firm

This is a leading DAO development company that has helped startups businesses worldwide with their fantastic software solutions. They are the best in developing web3 solutions along with Artificial intelligence, metaverse development, and blockchain technologies. They have in-depth knowledge about their technologies and have successfully turned their client’s dreams into reality. They are a team of 50+ employees that assist people in proceeding with their ventures by instilling transparency and security through blockchain technology. This company has excellent work ethics and delivers projects on time.


This is one of the best dao development services in USA that provides outstanding consulting and metaverse development services to its clients. Their team uses cutting-edge technology experience to deliver the best blockchain solutions to businesses. This top-rated IT firm provides end-to-end services to its clients. KiwiTech is a fantastic team of 500+ professionals that has successfully helped more than 400+ startups to build product development apps. Their software team always ensures that the client’s expectations are fulfilled at any cost.


Solulab has the best DAO developers in USA who deliver unique business solutions for their clients. They are a team of more than 250 employees comprising blockchain developers, software engineers, project managers, etc. This company partners with Fortune 500 enterprises like Walt Disney, Mercedez Benz, Georgia Tech, and so on. They are a team of young developers who are always ready to provide 24/7 technical assistance to their customers. They have 150+ industry experts who have completed 1400+ projects across 12+ countries by serving 20+ industry verticals.


Hashstudioz is one of the topmost dao development services in UK. Their blockchain development team are finest in building innovative and robust business solutions for their clients. This company believes in offering cutting-edge engineering solutions to help firms in solving complex issues. Their expertise is primarily in Web/Mobile applications, IoT Solutions, automation solutions, etc. This company has around 250+ employees and has become a global leader in blockchain development. They offer astounding blockchain consultation and stunning workflow to their customers. They focus on the current market trends to be ahead in the race.


Next on our list, we have Open Ledger, a leading DAO development service provider in the UK and USA. Started in 2014, the IT firm has successfully developed, designed, and deployed business solutions for startups and enterprises worldwide. Their development expertise ranges from web solutions to mobile and blockchain-based business solutions. The company houses some of the industry’s best software developers, testers, QA testers, engineers, project managers, and support teams. Their requirement-centric development approach allows their development team to deliver exceptions to their customers. The team leverages its expertise in blockchain and web3 technologies to easily solve complex development issues. All the above factors advocate why Open Ledger is one of the top DAO development companies worldwide.

Choose the Best DAO Development Company

Everyone understands that DAO solutions will dominate the future. Without question, the concept of DAO is exciting and opens up several commercial potential worldwide. As a result, businesses worldwide are teaming up with the best DAO development service providers. We hope to shorten your search time with our list of the best DAO development companies in the United States and the UK. Find the best development partner that fulfills your exact project requirements, understands your development requirements, and correctly fits your budget.

If you are in a hurry, choose any of the top 5 DAO development companies and analyze them before starting the development process to make your dream into reality under the guidance of the one that fits your needs.

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