Tiger Eye Vs Smokey: How to Choose Between These Two?

Admit it, choosing between green tiger eye jewelry and smokey jewelry can be a difficult chore because they differ substantially in terms of sparkle, colour, and clarity.

So, to make your job easier, we’ve put up a comprehensive guide on distinguishing between green amethyst jewelry and chariot jewelry.

Tiger Eye Vs Smokey: How to Choose Between These Two?

1. Colour of Tiger Eye Vs Smokey

What makes tiger’s eye jewelry one of the most mystic and mysterious gemstone jewelry in the market is not only its peculiar name, but also its flamboyant appearance and hues that are mostly in the shades that range from being brown to goldish yellow. The stunning and elegant colouration in tiger’s eye jewelry, like that shimmering piece of tiger’s eye pendant or tiger’s eye necklace, resembles to the sharp and furious eye of the tiger. 

Besides its common hue, Tiger Eye Jewelry can also be in others sizzling colours, ranging from red, blue and to green too. This slight variation in the vibrance of the stone is mainly due to the presence of mineraloids or during the treatment process.

The major eye-captivating aspect of adorning yourself with tiger’s eye jewelry is its unique and exquisite chatoyancy, known as the cat’s eye effect which is usually showcased when it is cut and polished for jewellery and ornamental purposes.

The beauty of smokey quartz is subjective and varies depending on personal preference. Some people may find the deep, rich brown hues to be the most beautiful, while others may prefer the subtler shades of gray or the golden tones that can sometimes be found in the stone. The choice of the most beautiful color of smokey quartz jewelry ultimately comes down to individual taste and the specific design and style of the piece. However, it is worth noting that smokey quartz is a stunning gemstone that can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any jewelry collection. 

Although the colour choice is usually influenced by personal choice, however, most people go for those alluring, subtler shades of greyish to slightly wine-colour. In a nutshell, smokey quartz is a stunning and stupendous gemstone and its hues just surge its overall beauty to the best advantage of the wearer. Go for that smokey pendant or smokey necklace.

2. Clarity of Tiger Eye Vs Smokey

Authentic tiger’s eye jewelry would be having a slightly transparent to semi-translucent surface. 

Usually, the clarity in tiger’s eye jewelry is usually influenced by the cut and the polish that the stone has received from the cutter as well as the quality of the stone. With its fibrous structure and chatoyant effect known as the mystical “cat’s eye” effect, it lends a shimmering band of light across its crystal, that leads to a heavenly and gleaming appearance to the stone.

Some stones could have a visible degree of inclusions. Usually, these inclusions are typified by the presence of tiny cracks and veins that makes these alluring stones even worth to witness. 

However, high quality stone which are mostly used as crystal in Tiger Eye Ring comes in a completely transparent, crystal clear surface with negligible degree of inclusions.

On the other hand, smokey jewelry can be available in a completely transparent to opaque clarity. Alike tiger’s eye jewelry, its overall crystal-clear appearance is also affected by the quality of the stone as well as the type of cut and polish the stone has been treated with.

The clarity is of course, influenced by the degree of impurities and inclusions.

To be precise, if you are looking for high quality smokey jewelry that will compel you to flaunt over your beauty, like that glittering and sizzling Smokey Ring, then hunt for a highly glamorous and crystal-clear, transparent smokey surface.  

Some smokey quartz may, however, include natural inclusions or internal fractures that add to the stone’s character and distinctiveness. Within the crystal structure, these inclusions can appear as tiny bubbles, veils, or mineral deposits.

3. Hardness and Durability

You would be quite elated to know that the hardness level of tiger’s eye jewelry can be somewhere around 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Being quite durable and strong enough, it can be your everyday gemstone jewelry, as it alluring and cheerful hues makes it one of the most versatile gemstones in the market.

However, still, be a bit careful as it is still far from being anti-damage. A high impact or pressure can lead to long-lasting crack on the stone. Be attentive while handling that charming pair of tiger’s eye earrings or that precious tiger’s eye bracelet.

Just alike tiger’s eye, Smokey Jewelry too hits the score of around 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. And it also fits to be your everyday gemstone jewelry, lending a wide variety of colours that will give you a wide variety of ornaments to choose from depending upon the type of outfit you are going to compliment that glowing pair of smokey earrings or that smokey bracelet with.

4. Lustre

The fibrous crystal structure of tiger’s eye gives it a smooth or waxy sheen. When the stone is cut and polished, it can exhibit a chatoyant effect, commonly known as the “cat’s eye” effect, which generates a shimmering ribbon of light over the stone’s surface. The reflection of light from the fibrous structures within the stone causes this appearance, which adds to the stone’s visual appeal.

Tiger’s eye has a particular appearance that is easily recognised, thanks in part to its silky shine and chatoyant effect. When used in jewelry, the stone can be cut and polished in a variety of ways to highlight its inherent beauty and distinguishing features. 

Smokey quartz has a vitreous or glassy sheen, which is characteristic of most quartz variations. When smokey quartz is sliced and polished, its smooth surface reflects light, creating a glittering effect comparable to that of diamonds or other transparent gemstones.

The sheen of smokey quartz varies based on the item and how it was cut and polished. However, the glassy appearance of smokey quartz is a fundamental attribute that makes it a popular gemstone for use in jewelry. The transparency and dazzling look of the stone may give a touch of elegance and sophistication to any item of jewelry, and its warm, earthy tones can match a variety of styles and colours.

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5. Price

The average price of tiger’s eye jewelry is $3-$10 per caret. However, for a high-quality stone, you need to pay more than $100 per caret.

On the other hand, the average price of smokey jewelry is usually around $3-$6 per caret. This inexpensive price is mainly due to its abundant availability.

Wrapping Up

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