The short-term rental industry has experienced massive growth in the past few years due to the development of online platforms. They have transformed the method of booking accommodations by offering more convenience. This blog examines the crucial impact of online platforms on fostering the development of short-term rental investing.

The Rise of Online Platforms

The internet-based platforms like Airbnb, HomeAway, and become efficient tools for connecting homeowners with those seeking temporary accommodations. These platforms harness the potential of technology to streamline the booking process. Make it much easier for owners of properties to lease their space. Hosts can advertise their homes, establish rates, and connect with an international audience with a few mouse clicks. 

Growing Market Access

One of the major advantages of using online platforms to rent short-term properties is the ability to connect with an array of prospective visitors. This is in contrast to traditional methods of advertising that have restricted coverage. These platforms allow the property owner to present their property to a wide audience. This increased reach on the market is opening up new avenues for investors working in short-term rentals. Through online platforms, investors can bring guests from around the globe. This will increase occupancy rates and rental revenue.

Benefits of Using Online Platforms for Short-Term Rentals 

Have you noticed that many customers are using Instagram to find information about short term rental investments or an Airbnb before reaching out to inquire? They are looking to justify the money they have saved to rent your house and to confirm the experiences of others.

One of the key reasons for leveraging various platforms is to broaden your online marketing efforts and reach a wider audience interested in short term rental investing. The web of digital platforms can appear overwhelming initially when trying to handle only one platform. There are many advantages to covering the most platforms possible as a property manager. 

The primary advantages of using Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tiktok are the following:

  • Brand your company.
  • Consider yourself trustworthy and professional.
  • Join and connect with other hosts and companies.
  • Create buzz and more traffic for your website.

Utilizing online platforms to market the property, such as Airbnb and short-term rentals, builds a community around your home, thus improving the number of booked guests.

Content that is Cross-Linked

One benefit of using many platforms on the internet is that your content can be shared on all platforms similarly. Videos can be shared on each platform, and photos are shared on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. The aim is to make your content one time, then change it to tweak it, and publish it four times! This method means you can maximize your marketing potential with the smallest amount of work.

Each platform offers its features and advantages for marketing on Airbnb:


  • Highlights from the story 

You should be able to save crucial information for future guests and guests currently staying to use. Particularly highlight interesting experiences, including essential destination reviews. Events in your area and behind-the-scenes of your vacation rental highlights help you search for information.

  • Write about your experience.

Visitors would like to know more about the host you are and what inspired you to build your own Airbnb or holiday house. It is possible to share video clips of your property and informative descriptions.

  • Increased marketing opportunities

Hosts can encourage guests to stay longer and share content via one of the top platforms for online interaction.


  • Meet many audiences

Facebook has 2.85 billion daily active users. That’s quite a large number of people! It’s been reported that Tiktok, as well as Instagram, could be geared towards younger people. It is important to ensure you have an active Facebook page to interact with potential customers who do not frequent the platform.

  • Make network

Facebook has a reputation for creating communities and groups that connect people with similar interests. Find other hosts on Airbnb support groups and page resources (like Airbnb Hosts Australia or Airbnb Host Community- Discuss. Recommend and Vent Talk, Recommend and Discuss) for a better experience as a host that is easier and less stressful.

  • Actions

Let guests make reservations through your Facebook page by providing a link to your hosting website.

It is easier for visitors to message your company with any concerns they have. Messages can be lost when buried in messages on Instagram, so take advantage of the direct message feature on Facebook.


  • Behind the scenes: Tiktok is known for its relaxed and casual style that is not as curated and developed into Instagram content. Highlight the unique features of your rental or Airbnb using short videos. Enjoy yourself when you showcase your home with video rather than edited images.
  • Be on the cutting edge.

Ensure you’re on the most “current” platform and aren’t getting left behind by others who do not invest time into what’s currently well-known.

  • Be viral:

There is a chance for your video to go viral, which increases and enhances your Airbnb brand’s awareness and direct reach.

Encourage others to share your videos that are inspiring and bring people together with guests as well as other hosts. Videos can be consumed and can draw the attention of prospective guests.


  • Work with others 

Showcase brand collaborations that have been made with local companies. 

  • Digital permanence

The photos you upload will be searchable if algorithms rotate information instead of dispersing the content like on other platforms. The posts older than a year will show up at the top of the page as images, depending on the number of pins and their popularity.

  • Many resources

A wealth of Airbnb strategies and suggestions are on Pinterest. Additionally, as a resource for inspiration in design, Pinterest is an excellent tool for educating and inspiring people daily. There is the potential to be an inspiration and encourage users to visit or explore your home.

  • Improve searchability

Your images will be displayed on different search engines, such as Google. Still, many prefer using Pinterest for its “Google picture search” because the pictures are higher quality and more specific. A Pinterest site that you use can help you gain traction and will show your page in the first search results of Google.

Don’t let online platforms overwhelm you. Instead, use it to offer valuable insights into your Airbnb or vacation rental. It is now clear how beneficial and essential it is to consider investing time and effort to build your presence on online platforms with a properly-planned strategy for online platforms. You’re creating the brand’s reputation and building trust with those who visit your website. 


Internet-based platforms have been a significant factor in expanding short-term rentals and investing in short-term stays. They’ve widened the market, increased visibility, and made booking and short-term rentals easier. Additionally, the platforms have helped build trust and transparency in the sector and have provided important information and data to assist investors in making better decisions. 

In the years to come, as the business evolves, these platforms will stay at the forefront of the pace of innovation. There are many new possibilities for investors to invest in the ever-changing short-term rental market.

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