Best Resorts and Hotels in Saudi Arabia

If you are going for an Umrah this year, you must ensure you have taken care of everything before you begin your journey. Choosing the right hotel or resort will make your stay and pilgrimage much smoother and more manageable. The better quality the hotel is, the lesser you will have to worry about it. And you will get to focus more on your spiritual journey and religious activities. 

If you have booked Umrah packages 2023 from UK, you must know that Umrah should be about pleasing the Almighty and asking for His forgiveness. Therefore, you mustn’t have to worry about anything else. 

A professional Islamic travel agency will provide you with everything you might need on the journey through ideal Umrah packages. Hotels are a prominent part of these packages. The cost and rating of these packages also usually depend on the hotel you want. So, if you are looking for hotels and resorts in Saudi Arabia, here is the perfect list.

Top Resorts and Hotels in Saudi Arabia

Here are some of the top luxurious hotels in Saudi Arabia;

1. Raffles Hotel

Raffles Hotel is a five-star luxury hotel located in the clock tower. Due to its proximity to Makkah, pilgrims who don’t have a money problem prefer staying in this hotel. The hotel has excellent service and stunning rooms, making your stay much more fun. 

Moreover, as the Raffles Hotel is in the clock tower, you must know the high traffic hours and plan your schedule accordingly. But not everyone can afford the costly rooms of this hotel. So, consider your budget before booking a room or more at this hotel.

2. Hyatt

Hyatt Hotel is another hotel near the Holy Kaabah, making it a priority for the pilgrims. Also, it is a five-star luxury hotel in one of the most demanded places in Saudi Arabia which adds to its value and demand. It is a new establishment and consists of an executive lounge that gives complimentary snacks and breakfast. Therefore, staying in this hotel, you will have to worry less about your meals.

Unlike Raffles Hotel, Hyatt is not that over-priced, and you can get a decent offer or discount. Also, the off-season can get beneficial. You can get a cheap room at this luxurious hotel if you have availed of Umrah Packages 2023 during the off-season. 

3. Conrad

Conrad Hotel is also a high-standard hotel in the Jabal Omar development. This hotel is perfect for large families or groups because of its spacious rooms with extra beds. Also, it is only 5 minutes away from Haram, which makes it another viable option for the pilgrims. 

Being a new establishment, Conrad is also a great hotel with ideal rooms and high-quality services. So, this hotel might be a viable option if you want a room near Haram in Saudi Arabia for Umrah. 

4. Fairmont Makkah

 Fairmont Makkah is another hotel in the clock tower, meaning you will get an exceptional view during your stay. Not only that, but it also offers high-standard services but also has a prime location near Haram. 

Moreover, the staff at Fairmont Makkah is also really efficient, and you will get the highest standard of services during your stay. 

5. Waldorf Astoria Jeddah

If you want to spend your free time from the pilgrimage exploring the tourism side of Saudi Arabia, you might be looking for the best resort. Waldorf Astoria is the perfect luxurious resort in Jeddah, providing a photographic view of Jeddah. 

Moreover, the interior of this resort is as royal and fancy as it can get, with sparkling crystals, gold accents, and modern furniture. You will also be given a chance to avail the spa services, the perfect pool, and the stunning beaches in the resort. 

6. Braira Al Azizya Hotel & Resort

Braira Al-Azizya Hotel & Resort is a stunning resort in Khobar. So, if you have the perfect hotel in your Umrah packages 2023 but want a little getaway after your pilgrimage, this is the resort for you. This resort is all about sweet scents and fresh flowers that refresh your soul. 

In addition, this resort has a very comfortable and cosy environment, allowing you to unwind before leaving for home. There are various standards of rooms available in this resort, and you can choose from them according to your budget. 


If you have booked the ideal package in 2023 from the best Umrah travel agency in the UK, you will not have to worry about booking the hotel. Most travel agencies offer various hotel options in your budget that they include in the Umrah packages. But if you have any demands or specific requirements, you can let your travel agents know to customise your package accordingly. 

There are plenty of luxurious hotels in Saudi Arabia, and the abovementioned list is just a tiny tip of the iceberg. You can contact your travel agents or research to learn more about the hotels and resorts in the region.

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