Personal injuries are common in road accidents, and victims suffer from sprained backs, herniated discs, fractures, or broken vertebrates based on how much they have been affected by the shock. Unfortunately, they might have to deal with the debilitating pain for quite a long time if not treated on time. Chiropractic is one treatment that can treat the pain condition effectively and improve overall health quicker than traditional medicines can. Of course, the procedure has its limitations and cannot be performed to treat conditions like fractures or broken bones. However, it’s a fine treatment that involves no medicines or invasive procedures yet works very well in reducing or curing pain altogether. 

If you are suffering from musculoskeletal pain following a car accident, consider meeting a personal injury chiropractor as early as possible for efficient recovery. Read on to learn how chiropractic helps in recovering from pain and how it is better than traditional medicine. 

Effective recovery from personal injury with chiropractic:

Catches “Not so obvious” injuries:

Broken bones, lacerations, and fractures are easier to diagnose, but most injuries obtained due to car accidents are not always apparent. Some of these include Whiplash, spinal cord injuries, and dislocated discs. Since people are unaware of their injuries, it eventually delays proper diagnosis and treatment. 

Also, people assume that these symptoms go away with time; on the contrary, these symptoms could indicate a severe injury and lead to long-term adverse health repercussions. Thankfully a skilled Chiropractor for Back pain can heal these underlying issues without masking them with painkillers. 

Effective on-point treatment- faster recovery:

Managed care plans or Health Maintenance Organizations(HMOs) have certain limitations in their approaches to controlling medical costs and balancing resource efficiency. However, these approaches are not so beneficial for the patients; at worse, they create challenges for both doctors and patients. 

The HMO guidelines mandate doctors to perform three consecutive tests before approving MRI, although doctors believe MRI would be the most efficient diagnostic tool for a case. 

The Pain Management Best Practices Inter-Agency Task Force is a group of representatives and stakeholders that work to identify gaps and inconsistencies in medical recommendations. When reporting about the outcomes of the pain management plan, the Pain Management Best Practices 

Inter-Agency Task Force stated that the treatment plans should focus on diagnosis with measurable results, quality of life, and improved functionality. Therefore doctors suggest or refer patients to practitioners like chiropractors to address the underlying issue. 

Non-invasive treatment:

If you have talked with the middle-aged and old-age group, you might notice them complaining about back pain that ranges from mild discomfort to unbearable pain. There are several non-invasive treatments in chiropractic; the two predominant ones include spinal adjustment and spinal decompression, which can effectively treat these back pain conditions.

The spinal adjustment is a therapeutic procedure where chiropractors use their hands and special instruments to apply controlled pressure to joints of the spinal cord. Spinal decompression is a traction procedure where the chiropractor either utilizes a mechanical device or gently stretches the spine using a motorized table. The goal of the course includes relieving pressure caused due to spinal compression. 

The spinal decompression techniques have been proven beneficiary for people with severe degenerative L5-S1 disc diseases, who have been recommended to undergo spinal fusion surgery by neurosurgeons. When they share their feedback, most often, they praise the technique and how the therapy has helped patients to sleep without pain, stay comfortable at work, and improve the range of motion in their back. 

Improved mobility and range of motion:

What happens during a car accident? Why do people experience muscle soreness and stiffness after a car accident? The overstretching and tearing of muscles due to sudden forceful motion cause swelling and muscle tears. Later, they are accompanied by a lack of blood flow and nutrients in the affected areas, which leads to inflammation and limited range of motion. 

After performing an investigation and diagnosis, a Personal Injury Chiropractor  mobilizes the spine to increase the blood flow and enhance the flow of essential nutrients to the injured areas. By making these adjustments, the proper blood flow promotes a natural healing process, which eventually increases their range of motion.

What if invisible injuries are not treated?

The internal injuries acquired after an accident should be properly treated. Otherwise, they bring in severe problems over the years. 

● Whiplash:

Chiropractors use a combination of methods like spinal adjustments, rehabilitative exercises, and electric muscle stimulations to treat whiplashes. When they are ignored and not treated properly, you develop scarring that limits your range of motion for years.

● Back injuries:

Not every back injury requires spinal cord surgery or fusion surgeries; they can be treated using proper alignment that improves blood flow in the affected region. If not treated, they could lead to additional injuries and adverse conditions. 

● Pinched nerves:

When nerves in your back get more pressure, they cause pain, numbness, and tingling. Chiropractors treat them by manual adjustments, and the proper positioning of the spine alleviates pain and other symptoms.

On the other hand, contemporary studies stated that nerve injuries caused due to personal injuries, if not treated, had shown a higher percentage of long-term effects with the combination of physical, cognitive, emotional, or behavioral symptoms. Some of the latent effects of neurological injuries include: 

● Problems with concentration, arousal, attention 

● Visual impairments

● Problems with judgment and planning

● Fatigue, sleep disturbances, and other sleep disorders

● Difficulty in speech, language comprehension, and word finding

These are serious and depressing repercussions of personal injuries; sadly, they are not seriously considered while determining the damages in any personal injury claims. These long-term effects must be considered when settling a case. 

Chiropractors in the Injury Assistance Network are well aware of this fact. Thus they make the most comprehensive treatment and documentation to help you settle your case and get the best possible settlement amount if you choose to go for a legal claim. 

Therefore medical professionals urge patients who have been in a car accident or any form of personal injury to seek proper medical attention even if they find everything is under control. 


Personal injuries cause severe muscle stretches, tears, sprains, and the like. They are commonly addressed with either non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication or steroidal medication. But these don’t treat or heal the underlying issue. Several methods and techniques in chiropractic care, such as spinal manipulations, spinal decompression, deep massages, active release techniques, and traditional manipulation, have proven effective in treating people suffering from personal injuries. Therefore, with chiropractic, you don’t have to spend sleepless nights or reduced productivity after your personal injury as it offers quicker and more efficient recovery.

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