Keki is an interior design blogger with an inspiring story of success. She started out as a hobbyist, but has since become a professional blogger in her chosen field. As an inspirational figure in the world of interior design, Keki has a lot of wisdom to share about the creative process and how to create the perfect home.

Interview with Keki, Interior Design Blogger

When asked how she became a successful interior design blogger, Keki says that it was a combination of hard work, dedication, and luck. She had always been passionate about interior design and wanted to share her knowledge with others. She started out as a hobbyist, but soon realized that her passion could be turned into a career. Through networking and lots of practice, she eventually made it as a professional blogger.

Keki’s creative process begins with research. She likes to keep up with trends and read about the latest innovations in the industry. She also takes inspiration from nature and her travels. Once she has done her research, she uses her creativity to come up with unique and interesting designs. She likes to experiment with different materials and textures to create something that stands out.

When it comes to creating the perfect home, Keki has some great advice. She suggests starting with a blank canvas and adding elements slowly. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors, textures, and patterns. Try to find pieces that have both form and function. Finally, don’t forget to accessorize with art and plants to add life to your space.

Keki’s Design Journey: From Hobbyist to Professional Interior Design Blogger

Keki’s journey from hobbyist to professional interior design blogger was not easy. She faced many obstacles, including lack of experience, lack of resources, and even criticism from her peers. But Keki persevered and worked hard to make her dream a reality. She invested time and energy into learning new skills, attending events, and building relationships with other professionals.

Eventually, Keki’s hard work paid off. She gained recognition in the industry and was able to monetize her blog. She now works with clients from all over the world and is considered one of the top bloggers in the field. Her success story is truly inspirational.


Keki is an inspirational figure in the world of interior design. She has overcome many obstacles to become a successful interior design blogger. Through hard work, dedication, and creativity, she has achieved her dreams and is now sharing her knowledge and expertise with others.

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