Biolife Plasma Services is coming to Northwest Tucson thanks to a ground lease that CBRE negotiated for a new 15,000-square-foot retail building. The facility, BioLife’s second in Tucson and eighth in Arizona is set to open in 2023 and is now under development.

The collection centre is going constructed on an undeveloped standalone pad in a retail complex that is just across the street from Tucson. This agreement brings the retail centre’s occupancy to 100%. David’s Bridal, Chick-fil-A and Dutch Bros Coffee are just a few of the other tenants.

Based on projected revenue for 2022, Dallas, Texas-based CBRE Group, Inc. a Fortune 500 and S&P 500 Corporation, is the biggest commercial real estate services and investment organization in the world.

Approximately 115,000 people not including those at Turner and Townsend work for the corporation, which has customers in more than a hundred different nations. Facilities, transaction and project management.

Well-Known Biolife Plasma

You may help save lives and be paid for it by donating plasma to BioLife Plasma Services. If you are a healthy individual who wants to help save lives, you may be eligible for a $900 incentive as part of the current Biolife Promotions for Repeat Donors.

Since the onset of the Covid Pandemic, there has been an ever-increasing demand for Plasma. It is well knowledge that Plasma keeps the blood at normal pressure, volume, and pH. This is why many plasma donation clinics, like the well-known BioLife Plasma, provide donors with excellent incentives to participate.

High-Quality Plasma 

BioLife, founded in 2002, is the industry standard for collecting high-quality plasma for use in developing plasma-based therapeutics. The firm has over 170 plasma facilities in 35 states and employs close to 8,000 individuals. According to BioLife, 80% of the initial $3–$6 million investment and yearly $2–$3 million remuneration from donors goes back into the local economy via these centres. Biolife Plasma Services is a division of the multinational pharmaceutical firm Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, of which it is a subsidiary.

Many Services Offered

Property management investment management appraisal and valuation property leasing strategic consulting property sales mortgage services and development services are just some of the many services offered by CBRE to its wide variety of clients.

Biolife plasma donation centres on YouTube

To search for information about Biolife plasma donation centres on YouTube, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to and log in to your account.
  2. In the search bar, type “Biolife Plasma” and press enter.
  3. You will see a list of videos related to Biolife Plasma, including informational videos, patient experiences, and promotional videos.
  4. You can click on the video titles to watch the videos or use the filters to narrow down your search results.
  5. You can also subscribe to channels related to Biolife Plasma to stay updated on the latest news and information about plasma donation.

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Opened an All-Electric Plasma Donation Facility

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited’s Biolife Plasma Services has opened an all-electric plasma donation facility in Tukwila, Washington.

With the opening of this new centre, the first of its kind in the United States U.S., the company is demonstrating its commitment to delivering better health for people and a brighter future for the world by meeting the critical demand for plasma and key environmental challenges.

Supply of Medicine Developed from Plasma

The head of U.S. BioLife Operations it is vital we grow and transform our operations responsibly and sustainably with respect for the people and communities that we serve. For thousands of people who are immune-compromised or who live with a variety of other complex conditions, the steady supply of medicine developed from plasma is a lifeline. 

Rising Popularity Plasma-Derived Medicines

This first all-electric centre represents our commitment and leadership in sustainability performance and outcomes, both environmentally and medically. By setting an example, we are encouraging our staff to take extra steps to preserve the planet’s natural resources. Biolife Plasma Services is growing to accommodate the critical need for plasma donations brought on by the rising popularity of plasma-derived medicines

Cutting-Edge Plasma Donation Clinics 

The all-electric Tukwila facility is one of more than 150 cutting-edge plasma donation clinics in the United States that are part of Biolife Plasma Services’ expanding network. Takeda uses plasma collected at BioLife facilities to manufacture proven medications for a wide variety of difficult-to-treat illnesses, such as immunodeficiency disorders.

Construct Electric-Only Plasma Donation Clinics

As part of its commitment to environmental stewardship and resource saving, Takeda has pledged to construct electric-only plasma donation clinics. The organization has other initiatives like this one to further lessen its impact on the environment. Takeda has committed to reducing its own carbon emissions by 2040, eliminating landfill trash from its main sites by 2030, and cutting its water use by 5 percent by 2025.

Significant Contribution to These Goals

Biolife Plasma Services is a significant contribution to these goals. To be more precise, BioLife will be contributing to Takeda’s sustainability objectives by tackling important environmental challenges via on-site renewable technologies, energy efficiency, and waste reduction, including the elimination of single-use plastics.

Dedicated to Environmental Sustainability

Donors are vetted at each appointment and subjected to a full medical examination on their initial visit to verify they are healthy enough to donate. All contributors get paid for their efforts. Visit the BioLife website to make an appointment, find out more about the donation procedure and learn more about Biolife Plasma Services. Takeda is dedicated to environmental sustainability, which you may read more about on the company’s website.

Biolife Plasma Services is the Gold Standard 

When it comes to collecting high-quality plasma for processing into plasma-based medicines, Biolife Plasma Services is the gold standard. BioLife has been serving the community since 2002. Across the United States and Europe, we run more than 180 cutting-edge plasma collection centres. Takeda Pharmaceutical Corporation Limited.

Division of Takeda

Biolife Plasma Services is a worldwide, values-based, research-and-development-driven pharmaceutical corporation that, among other things, manufactures and distributes plasma-based therapeutics. Clear, straw-coloured plasma is the readily replaceable liquid component of blood. More than half of the blood is plasma, which is mostly water and proteins.

Donating plasma involves having one’s blood drawn into a machine that then separates the plasma from the rest of the whole blood components, such as the red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. 

Donation Procedure

While the plasma is collected, the other blood components are returned to the donor. Each donation method employs sterile and disposable collecting items. The body rapidly refills the plasma taken during the donation procedure, which permits healthy persons to give as frequently as twice in a seven-day period, with at least one day between donations Biolife Plasma Services.

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