Influencer marketing is a way more common marketing strategy in 2023. There are a vast number of influencers available on the online platform. Irrespective of gender, TikTok is giving out more opportunities to everyone who can explore and improvise their future growth. To strengthen your online presence, try using Trollishly and enhance its popularity. 

In this article, you can know more about the top male influencers on TikTok in 2023. So if you are a brand looking for a partnership with influencers, keep your eyes on the article. This article would give you great insights. So let’s start reading the article!

14 Top Male Influencers of TikTok

1. Jacob Sartorius

Jacob is a TikTok influencer with a huge follower base of millions. He is most known for lip-syncing videos to popular songs. But he is a singer too. His trending song choice is widespread, and his single,’ Sweatshirt,’ is the most popular one. He is multi-talented, so people eagerly await his TikTok posts. 

2. Gilmer Croes

Gilmer Croes is one of the most familiar TikTok influencers doing his best at lip-syncing videos. He creates short videos that are entertaining and engaging. He is a model as well an actor too. He and his brother are great at doing videos, and both are popular. They even together run a YouTube channel too. 

3. Cameron Dallas

He is a famous actor as well as a social media influencer. He posts comedy videos like enacting the scenes. He also posts lip-syncing videos to popular songs. He gained popularity by acting in a series called ‘Chasing Cameron.’ He almost has more than 17 million followers on his TikTok account. 

4. Zach King

Zach is the most prominent influencer on the TikTok app. He does magic tricks, and his videos are more popular on the TikTok platform. Getting high engagement is a challenging task, but Zach has done it with ease in a short period. If you want to find a better influencer for creating better videos, you can connect with the mentioning people in this article. 

5. Jayden Croes

He is the brother of Gilmer Croes; following his brother’s footsteps, he runs a successful account on TikTok. Apart from entertaining posts, he creates short dances with brothers and other creators. If you want to re-create the same videos, use stitches and duets. To make your stitches more engaging, you should buy tiktok likes and reap better results.

6. Lucas and Marcus

These brothers are more similar in the face and run a TikTok account. They often do some dance or else do some acrobatic maneuvers. They have millions of followers on their accounts. They even run their youtube channel. When you open up the link of the TikTok profile, you can see the youtube link, where you can watch more videos. It is one kind of promotional strategy. 

7. Manjul Khattar

An Indian TikTok influencer who creates funny TikTok posts. He posts comedic as well as lip-sync videos. Although he has published in regional languages, he has millions of followers on the TikTok platform. As a result, he became one of the most famous creators on the TikTok channel. 

8. Cash Baker

Cash Baker is a famous TikTok influencer who creates funny lip-sync videos on the outdoors. His lip-sync videos are mainly to the movie dialogues, and they will reenact the scenes. In his videos, there would be friends and brothers. Cash Baker is also a singer, and he recently released a song. 

9. Jasoncoffee

Jason is a social media celebrity whose family makes funny and silly videos that more people like. He has posted videos with the family, so people liked them and garnered millions of hearts. Watching people like Jason is motivating on the platform. He became an admiring person for more people. 

10. Cole Labrant

Cole is a family vlogger who posts his daily work or house life. His videos are quite the thing that we do on our house itself. It includes goofy dance videos and then collages of pictures from their vacations. He is famous on other social media platforms too. Check out Cole’s account to get different ideas from their videos. If you are a beginner, those accounts help you to start better. But even you can use Trollishly to improve your growth on TikTok. 

11. Tyler Brown

Tyler is a popular social media personality with a massive follower base. He has been invited to a popular media show, where her popularity has doubled. He creates makeup looks as both male and female. His makeups are much more helpful, and more people try it after seeing her makeup. It has resulted in a great look for everyone. 

12. Dominic Toliver

Dominic creates dance and comedy videos outdoors. They are a family that makes exciting videos. He has a huge follower base on the platform. He has almost 11.4 million followers on the TikTok platform. Even he is famous for his YouTube shorts. Most of his videos were with family members, and most liked them. 

13. Jake Paul

Jake is also a famous TikTok personality who creates videos with more sense of humour. His videos are more natural and lively to watch. So if you are trying to make videos like Jake, then there are high opportunities that TikTok is offering many features. Each filter on TikTok is unique and funny too. 

14. Carson Leuders

Carson is a multi-talented person who sings, acts, and writes a song. His YouTube and TikTok channel have millions of followers. Apart from singing, he posts a lot of fun videos on TikTok. He has more than seven million followers on the platform. Every time Carson brings in the best songs to the audience. 

Wrapping Up

As male influencers are widespread on the platform, the above lists are the top influencers. If you want to hire any male influencer, try to contact the above-mentioned through TikTok itself. Moreover, if you find the article interesting, you shall leave your comments below! Thanks for reading!

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