Panama is a beautiful country filled with rich culture, stunning landscapes, and diverse wildlife. However, like any country, safety concerns arise when traveling to Panama. Many people question whether visiting Panama is safe, and it’s essential to understand how to stay safe while exploring the country’s top tourist destinations.

Exploring Panama: A Tourist’s Guide to Safety

Panama offers a variety of tourist destinations, including the activities and sights in Panama City, the history of Casco Viejo, the beaches of Bocas del Toro, and the natural beauty of Boquete. While these attractions are filled with fun and adventure, tourists should take necessary precautions to enjoy their travels safely.

For instance, when exploring Panama City, staying aware of your surroundings is crucial, especially when walking around at night. Like most major cities, Panama City also has its share of pickpocketing and theft, so tourists should store their belongings safely and avoid flashing valuable items. Casco Viejo, the historic part of Panama City, may feel safer than the rest of the city. However, tourists should still watch out for pickpocketing and theft, especially at night.

Bocas del Toro, one of Panama’s famous beach destinations, is generally a safe place for tourists. However, like most beach destinations, tourists should take precautions, especially when swimming in the ocean or buying drinks from street vendors.

Finally, Boquete, a unique destination for the adventurous traveler, is also relatively safe. But tourists should be aware of the natural hazards, like flash floods, in this area.

Top Safe Travel Tips to Remember in Panama

Here are some essential tips that tourists should keep in mind when visiting Panama for a safe and enjoyable trip:

  • Avoid places that seem unsafe or deserted, especially at night
  • Store your passport, money, and other valuable items in a safe place
  • Don’t leave your belongings unattended
  • Buy drinks only from established vendors and avoid overdrinking
  • Learn some Spanish phrases or consider hiring a local guide to assist you
  • When driving, avoid rural roads at night and drive with caution in urban areas
  • Be careful when using ATMs and avoid using them alone at night

Panama: Debunking Safety Myths for Travelers

There are many myths surrounding Panama’s safety, which can cause tourists to feel uneasy about traveling to this beautiful country. One common misconception is that Panama is a dangerous country with high levels of crime, but this is not necessarily true.

Like any country, there are areas of Panama that are more dangerous and have higher levels of crime. However, most tourist destinations in Panama are very safe. With common sense, basic precautions, and awareness of your surroundings, tourists can have a safe and enjoyable trip in Panama.

Experience the Beauty of Panama with Peace of Mind

Panama offers endless experiences for tourists, and there are many ways to enjoy the country safely. Take a boat tour through the Panama Canal, explore the wildlife in Soberania National Park, or relax on the beaches of San Blas Islands. Whatever your interests, there are many ways to experience Panama without compromising your safety.

One way to ensure your safety while traveling to Panama is to book your trip with a reputable travel agency or tour operator. They can help with pre-trip planning, transportation, and lodging. There are many tour companies in Panama that offer safe and reliable tours, including Ancon Expeditions, EcoCircuitos, and Explora Ya.

Staying Safe while Traveling in Panama: What You Need to Know

When traveling to Panama, it’s essential to understand the laws and customs of the country. Respectful behavior and following the laws can prevent unnecessary trouble and make your trip more enjoyable. The following information can help you stay safe while traveling in Panama:

  • Panama’s official language is Spanish, so it’s helpful to learn some basic Spanish phrases.
  • Panamanians are friendly and hospitable people, but tourists should be respectful of their customs and traditions.
  • Panama’s currency is the Balboa, which is equivalent to the US dollar. US dollars are widely accepted.
  • When using taxis, it’s helpful to agree to a price before beginning your trip.
  • Emergency services in Panama are available by dialing 911.

Why Panama is Safer than You Think for Tourists

Despite the safety concerns travelers may have when visiting Panama, the Panamanian government has taken steps to ensure the safety of its citizens and tourists. The country has made significant progress in reducing its crime rate and increasing its security measures. In fact, Panama’s crime rate is lower than those of many neighboring countries, including Costa Rica and Colombia.

From Personal Experience: Tips for Safe and Enjoyable Travel in Panama
From Personal Experience: Tips for Safe and Enjoyable Travel in Panama

From Personal Experience: Tips for Safe and Enjoyable Travel in Panama

As someone who has traveled to Panama, I can attest to the beauty of this country and the safety I experienced while traveling there. While traveling to Boquete, I found that it was essential to have proper gear as I trekked through the jungle and crossed rivers. In Panama City, I found that it was helpful to have a bilingual driver to navigate the streets.

Overall, Panama is a safe and enjoyable travel destination. While it’s necessary to take basic precautions, tourists can experience the country’s top tourist destinations without worry. Remember, awareness, common sense, and respect for culture and laws can make all the difference in making your trip memorable and safe.


Panama is a destination filled with beautiful landscapes, rich culture, and adventure. With necessary precautions, tourists can have a safe and enjoyable trip to Panama. Remembering tips like watching your belongings, avoiding deserted areas at night, and respecting local customs can help ensure your safety.

By understanding the myths, laws, and customs of Panama, tourists can explore the country’s top destinations with peace of mind. Remember to book with reputable travel agencies, and consider hiring a local tour guide for support. With these tips and a little common sense, tourists can create memorable experiences in Panama and travel safely.

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