For many travelers, the Bahamas is a dream vacation destination. Known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and colorful culture, it’s no surprise that the island nation welcomes millions of visitors each year. However, safety concerns may prevent some travelers from making the journey. In this article, we will explore whether the Bahamas is safe for tourists in 2021, providing practical advice, statistics, and local insights.

10 Reasons Why The Bahamas Is Safe For Tourists In 2021

Despite some concerns, the Bahamas is a safe travel destination. Here are ten reasons why:

  1. Low violent crime rates: The Bahamas has a lower violent crime rate than many other popular Caribbean destinations.
  2. Welcoming and friendly local culture: Bahamians are known for their warmth and hospitality towards visitors.
  3. Well-maintained tourist areas: Popular tourist areas such as Nassau, Grand Bahama, and Paradise Island are patrolled and well-maintained to ensure visitors’ safety.
  4. Effective police presence: The Royal Bahamas Police Force is dedicated to keeping tourists safe and has a visible presence in most tourist areas.
  5. Ample security at hotels and resorts: Many hotels and resorts have their own security measures, such as gated entrances and security cameras.
  6. Strict penalties for drug-related offenses: The Bahamian government takes drug-related offenses very seriously, which helps keep drug-related crimes to a minimum, often translating to less overall crime.
  7. Strict gun control laws: Gun ownership is tightly regulated in the Bahamas, leading to fewer gun-related crimes than can be seen in countries where gun ownership is less regulated.
  8. Effective emergency response system: The Bahamian government has a national emergency response system that is available to visitors in case of an emergency, which helps keep visitors safe.
  9. Familiarity with tourism: Tourism is the primary industry in the Bahamas. The country’s economy relies heavily on visitors, which typically ensures a safe environment for them.
  10. Surveillance cameras in public places: Surveillance cameras are commonly used in public spaces throughout the Bahamas, helping to deter criminal activity and assist law enforcement.

A Complete Guide To Staying Safe In The Bahamas While On Vacation

While the Bahamas is generally a safe place to visit, travelers should take certain precautions to ensure their safety. Here are some tips:

  • Avoid isolated areas at night: Stick to well-lit areas, especially at night. Avoid walking alone in unfamiliar areas.
  • Be aware of pickpocketing: As in any destination, tourists should be mindful of their surroundings. Keep wallets, phones, and other valuables in a secure bag close to your body.
  • Avoid leaving personal belongings unattended: It’s tempting to leave your beach bag unattended while taking a dip in the ocean, but it’s a recipe for theft.
  • Be mindful of high tourist traffic areas: As high traffic areas are often targets for pickpocketing or scam artists, travelers should be more aware.
  • Consider a guide or group tour: Consider traveling with a guide or taking group tours to make sure you are in safe areas.
  • Understand the cultural nuances: As with any destination, it’s important to understand the cultural differences to ensure that visitors stay out of trouble by accident.

What The Statistics Say: Crime Rates In The Bahamas

According to the crime statistics, the Bahamas is similar in safety ratings to most Caribbean nations. While petty crime is more common, violent crime rates are lower. Visitors should be aware of the crime rates in the areas they are visiting and take appropriate precautions.

Local Insights: A Bahamian’s Perspective On Safety For Tourists

Sit down with a Bahamian, and you’ll soon realize that the island nation enjoys a rich history of hospitality towards their visitors. Bahamians generally understand that tourism is the country’s lifeblood and that their livelihoods depend on the success of the industry. From advice on specific areas of Nassau to avoiding scams, local Bahamians can offer an insider’s view of how to stay safe in the country.

What To Do In Case Of An Emergency In The Bahamas

In the event of an emergency while in the Bahamas, visitors should call 911 or the local emergency number which is 919. The Bahamian government provides an emergency response system that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visitors should also keep their embassy’s information handy and have a map of the nearest hospital.

Exploring The Safety Measures Taken By The Bahamian Government For Tourists

The Bahamian government takes the safety of its visitors very seriously and has implemented several safety measures to support this. Increased police presence in tourist areas, safety-focused audits of hotels, and resorts, along with the nationwide emergency response system all serve to highlight the country’s commitment to keeping its visitors safe.


So, is the Bahamas a safe place to visit in 2021? The answer is yes. While visitors should always be vigilant, the Bahamian government and people are dedicated to providing a safe destination for tourists. By following the practical advice outlined in this article, travelers to the Bahamas can enjoy the rich and vibrant culture, magnificent beaches, and world-class hospitality on offer.

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