Super Travel is an online travel booking agency that offers a wide range of services from hotel bookings to flight tickets and car rentals. Founded in 2010, Super Travel has quickly become one of the most popular sites for booking trips due to its competitive prices and comprehensive selection of services. But is Super Travel a legitimate site? This article seeks to answer this question by exploring the user experience, cost comparison, customer service, and security measures of the site.

Interview with a User of Super Travel

To get an accurate picture of Super Travel’s legitimacy, I interviewed a user who had booked several trips through the site. She shared her overall experience with the site, as well as the pros and cons she had encountered.

According to the user, her experience with Super Travel was mostly positive. She found the website easy to navigate and liked how there were multiple payment options available. She also appreciated the fact that the site provided detailed information about each destination and allowed her to compare prices between different airlines and hotels. The biggest drawback she encountered was the lack of customer service. She stated that it was difficult to get in touch with a representative when she had questions.

Comparison to Other Sites

To further gauge the legitimacy of Super Travel, I compared the features and benefits offered by the site to those offered by other leading travel booking sites. I found that while Super Travel did offer a wide variety of services, it did not have some of the more advanced features that competitors had, such as trip planners and price predictors. Additionally, Super Travel’s prices were slightly higher than those offered by other sites.

Review of Customer Service

Customer service is an important factor to consider when determining the legitimacy of a business. To evaluate Super Travel’s customer service, I looked at both the quality of service and responsiveness. According to my research, the quality of service was generally good, but the response time was slow. This could be problematic for customers who need help quickly.

Security of Super Travel’s Website

The security of a website is essential for any legitimate business. To assess Super Travel’s security measures, I looked at their data protection policies as well as the encryption technology they use. I found that Super Travel uses industry-standard encryption technology to protect customer data and follows best practices for data security. This provides customers with peace of mind that their personal information is safe.


Based on the evidence presented in this article, it is clear that Super Travel is a legitimate site. While the customer service may not be as responsive as some would like, the site does offer a wide range of services at competitive prices, and its security measures are robust. For those looking for an affordable and secure way to book their next trip, Super Travel is an excellent choice.

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