Are you eagerly waiting for news about Sara Bareilles touring in 2022? Well, you are not alone. Fans across the nation are hoping to witness the magic of her live performances once again. If you are one of them, we have got some exciting news for you!

Confirming the Dates

Finally, the wait is over! Sara Bareilles has officially announced her tour dates for 2022. Fans have been waiting eagerly to hear from her, and seeing the confirmation has brought a wave of excitement.

North American Tour Confirmed

Sara Bareilles has confirmed her North American tour, and this news has excited fans all over the country. The tour is set to begin on April 6th, 2022, in Detroit, and end on May 28th, 2022, in Houston.

What to Expect

The wait for Sara Bareilles’ tour is almost over, and fans can hardly keep their excitement contained. According to sources, Sara Bareilles has planned a diverse and lively setlist that includes songs from her previous albums as well as her latest album. Furthermore, she has hinted at having some special guests, surprises and unique sets that have never been seen before.

Teasing Fans

Sara Bareilles has been teasing her fans with hints of her 2022 tour for several months now. In mid-August, she teased her tours and then later followed it up with a confirmation tweet that reads, “Finally… I get to say the thing!! #LITTLEVOICETHECOMEBACKTOUR”. This tease has left fans excitedly guessing what could be planned for the shows.

The Full Picture

The full schedule for Sara Bareilles 2022 tour is now out in the open. The tour will begin in Detroit and end in Houston and will include several stops in the United States. Notable among the venues are the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Denver, Colorado, and The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, California.


If you’re looking to experience the pure magic and energy that only a live Sara Bareilles performance can provide, then its time for you to buy your tour tickets now before they sell out. Fans all over are already on queue, and there is no doubt that this tour is going to be one for the books. Be sure not to miss all the surprises and excitement slated for the 2022 Sara Bareilles tour.

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