Narendra Modi is the current Prime Minister of India and leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He has been in office since 2014 and has had a profound impact on Indian politics, economics, and society. This article seeks to explore whether Narendra Modi is a good leader by looking at his leadership style, policies, and achievements.

Examining Narendra Modi’s Leadership Style

Narendra Modi has a clear vision for India and has prioritized development, economic growth, and national security. He has also focused on modernizing India’s infrastructure, improving education and healthcare, and promoting foreign investment. Modi has a reputation for being decisive and uncompromising in his approach, which has helped him to push through his policies quickly and effectively.

Assessing Narendra Modi’s Economic Policies

Narendra Modi has made a number of attempts to boost India’s economy. He has implemented pro-business policies such as tax cuts and incentives for foreign investors. He has also pushed for the privatization of certain state-run companies and the deregulation of certain sectors. However, his record on job creation has been mixed, with some economists arguing that his policies have failed to deliver the promised jobs.

Exploring Narendra Modi’s Impact on India

Narendra Modi has taken a number of steps to improve India’s infrastructure, including the construction of new highways and airports. He has also launched initiatives to promote renewable energy and electric vehicles. In addition, he has supported a number of social reform measures, such as the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax and the introduction of a nationwide biometric identification system.

Analyzing Narendra Modi’s Foreign Policy Achievements

Narendra Modi has sought to strengthen India’s relations with other countries. He has signed several trade agreements and defense deals with nations such as the United States and Israel. He has also conducted several diplomatic missions to China and the Middle East. In addition, he has worked to increase India’s global influence by hosting international conferences such as the 2017 BRICS Summit.

Investigating Narendra Modi’s Social Programs

Narendra Modi has invested heavily in education, launching initiatives such as the ‘Skill India’ program to train young people in various skills. He has also increased spending on healthcare, introducing free health insurance schemes and opening new hospitals. In addition, he has rolled out a number of welfare programs to help the poor and vulnerable.

Evaluating Narendra Modi’s Track Record as Prime Minister

Narendra Modi has had a mixed record as Prime Minister. While he has achieved some successes, such as improving India’s infrastructure and strengthening its relations with other countries, there have been some failures, such as his inability to create jobs or reduce poverty. Overall, however, his impact on India has been positive.


Narendra Modi has established himself as an effective leader who is committed to improving India’s economy and society. He has implemented a number of successful policies and initiatives and has helped to strengthen India’s international standing. While his track record is not perfect, he is undeniably a good leader who has had a positive impact on India.

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