If there’s any Caribbean island you have in mind to visit soon, you can’t go wrong picking St. Barts. This island is home to loads of amazing activities. The fans are simply limitless.

Where is St. Barts located, and what are some of the best fun activities and places to explore on this island? That’s what this comprehensive guide will show you. Keep reading more on this article to learn about St. Bart.

Where is St. Barts?

St. Barts, officially called Saint Barthélemy, is a tiny island in the Caribbean Sea. It is part of the Lesser Antilles and is approximately 35 kilometers (22 miles). Also, the southeast of the island of Saint Martin and 250 kilometers (160 miles) east of Puerto Rico.

St. Barts is among the French West Indies and France’s overseas collectivity. The island is among the four territories that make up the French West Indies, along with Martinique, Guadeloupe, and French Guiana. It covers an area of just 25 square kilometers (9.7 square miles) and has a population of around 9,000 people.

Most visitors arrive by air to reach St. Barts, flying into the island’s Gustaf III Airport. This airport is renowned for its short runway and breathtaking approach over the hills and beaches. Flights to St. Barts are usually from nearby Caribbean islands such as St. Martin, Guadeloupe, or Puerto Rico.

Alternatively, some travelers choose to arrive by sea, private yacht, or ferry from neighboring islands. Regular ferry services operate between St. Barts and St. Martin, allowing easy access between the islands.

St. Barts is known for its natural beauty, with picturesque beaches, lush hillsides, and stunning coastal views. The island has a distinct blend of French and Caribbean cultures, reflected in its architecture, cuisine, and way of life. Despite its small size, St. Barts offers a luxurious and upscale experience, with a range of high-end resorts, restaurants, and shops.

Fun Activities to Explore in St. Barts

Saint Barthélemy is a beautiful Caribbean island famous for its luxurious lifestyle, white sandy beaches, and turquoise waters. Despite its small size, St. Barts Island provides many exciting tourist activities and attractions. Below are a few fun things to do when visiting this stunning island.

Tour the beaches

Saint Barthélemy is home to some of the most stunning beaches in the Caribbean. Spending some moments at any of its beaches relaxing will refresh your soul. 

The sand is soft, and you will have a great time dipping in the crystal-clear waters. A few of the most visited beaches in St. Bart’s include Colombier Beach, St. Jean Beach, and Shell Beach.

Try some watersports

Also, take your time to explore the island’s pristine waters. Participate in several watersports activities. Go scuba diving or snorkeling. You will have lots of fun exploring the island’s vibrant marine life and coral reefs. Another interesting watersport to try is paddleboarding, sailing, or kayaking.


Visit the capital of St. Barts, Gustavia, a charming town with a rich history. Explore its picturesque streets with boutiques, art galleries, and high-end shops. Don’t miss the iconic red-roofed Wall House Museum, which offers insights into the island’s past.

Lorient fishing village

Experience authentic local life by visiting the quaint fishing village of Lorient. Admire the colorful boats and traditional Creole houses. You can also enjoy a delicious seafood meal at one of the local restaurants.

Hiking is fun in St. Barts.

Lace up your hiking shoes and have a great time touring the island’s natural beauty on foot. St. Barts offers several scenic hiking trails, such as the Colombier Trail. This leads to a secluded beach and the Morne du Vitet Trail. Here, you will get to the island’s highest point.

Island tour

Take a guided tour of St. Barts to discover its hidden gems and breathtaking vistas. Tour the rugged coastline of the island. You can likewise visit panoramic viewpoints and learn more about its rich history and culture from knowledgeable guides. This is fun!


This can’t be left out! St. Barts is a haven for luxury shopping, with a wide range of designer boutiques and high-end stores. Browse through the latest fashion trends, jewelry, and home decor items. The upscale shopping district of Gustavia is particularly renowned for its exclusive shops.


Indulge in the island’s gourmet cuisine at its numerous world-class restaurants. This stunning island is also famous for its culinary delights. It features a fusion of French and Caribbean flavors. From waterfront dining to nice beachfront eateries, several options meet every palate’s needs.


Here is another activity you don’t want to miss whenever you visit this island. St. Barts comes alive after dark, offering a vibrant nightlife scene. 

Enjoy cocktails at trendy bars and lounges, dance the night away at lively clubs, or attend live music performances. Gustavia and St. Jean are popular areas for nightlife.

Day trip to Colombier

Embark on a boat trip or hike to Colombier, a secluded beach accessible only by foot or water. 

This will be one of the most incredible adventures you ever had; even the journey is amazing! When you arrive at Colombier, you will enjoy a pristine, uncrowded beach perfect. Have a great time with swimming and sunbathing.

Waterside Fine Dining

Experience a romantic dinner by the water’s edge at one of the island’s upscale waterfront restaurants. Enjoy exquisite cuisine while being serenaded by the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.

Yoga and wellness

St. Barts is a paradise for lovers of wellness. Joining a yoga class on the beach will be a great decision. You can likewise pamper yourself with a rejuvenating spa treatment. 

Many resorts and wellness centers on this island provide several wellness activities that assist you in easily unwinding and discovering inner peace.


The location of St. Barts itself is perfect for pleasure. The atmosphere is serene and nice, with good weather to match. Explore any activities discussed in this guide; you will always want more. Finally, to learn more about St. Barts, click here.

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