Starting a fire in a pit is a great way to cook food, keep warm, or just enjoy the outdoors. It involves gathering materials, preparing the pit, creating a pyramid-shaped pile of kindling, and lighting the tinder. With the right steps, starting a fire in a pit is an achievable task.

Gather Materials Needed

Before you can start a fire in a pit, you’ll need to gather the necessary materials. You’ll need kindling, which are small pieces of wood like twigs, sticks, and bark. You’ll also need tinder, which are materials that catch fire easily such as dry leaves, grass, paper, or cotton. Finally, you’ll need larger logs to feed the fire once it’s going strong.

You’ll also need a lighter or matches to light the tinder. Make sure to keep these items away from the fire and out of reach of children.

Prepare the Pit

Once you have your materials gathered, you’ll want to prepare the pit. Clear away any debris that may be present, such as leaves, twigs, and rocks. Make sure there are no flammable materials near the pit, such as dry grass or other combustible materials.

Create a Pyramid-Shaped Pile of Kindling

Next, you’ll want to create a pyramid-shaped pile of kindling. Arrange the kindling in a pyramid formation, with the largest pieces at the bottom and the smallest pieces at the top. This will allow air to get to the center of the pile and make it easier for the fire to start.

Place Tinder Around the Pyramid

Once the kindling is in place, you’ll want to arrange the tinder around the pyramid. Place the tinder around the base of the pyramid, making sure it’s touching the kindling. This will help to catch fire more easily when lit.

Light the Tinder

Now it’s time to light the tinder. Use a match or lighter to ignite the tinder. Once the tinder is burning, slowly add more kindling and larger logs. Continue adding fuel until the fire is going strong.


Starting a fire in a pit requires some preparation and materials, but with the right steps, it’s an achievable task. The steps above provide a guide on how to start a fire in a pit. Gather the necessary materials, prepare the pit, create a pyramid-shaped pile of kindling, place tinder around the pyramid, and light the tinder.

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