Home decor has become an increasingly popular career choice these days, as people are spending more time at home due to the pandemic and looking to create a more cozy and personalized living space. From interior designing to home staging to DIY decor tutorials, there are countless avenues for those who wish to turn their passion for home decor into a profession. This article serves as a comprehensive guide for anyone who is considering a career in home decor.

Beginner’s Guide: Steps to Launching a Career in Home Decor

Home decor covers a wide range of professions, from designing a home from scratch to decorating a space with existing pieces. It is important to determine what area of home decor one is passionate about and focus on building a career in that niche. Gaining relevant education and experience, building a portfolio, and leveraging social media are some ways to get started in this field.

One can start by taking courses in interior design, home staging, or other areas of home decor. These programs offer practical knowledge that one can apply in their work and help build their portfolio. While in school, one can volunteer to work on design projects and intern with established home decor professionals to gain experience and references.

Building a portfolio is essential for anyone looking to start a career in home decor. It showcases one’s skills and abilities, and allows potential clients and employers to see their work. Social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok are great places to showcase one’s work and reach a wider audience.

How to Find Opportunities in the Home Decor Business

Networking is a great way to find opportunities in the home decor business. Joining industry associations, attending design conferences and trade shows, and volunteering with local design organizations can help build a network of contacts in the industry. Additionally, reaching out to established home decor professionals for advice and mentorship can be helpful in navigating the field.

Job hunting can be challenging, especially for those just starting out in the home decor business. However, it is important to stay motivated and persistent. Creating a strong resume and cover letter can help one stand out to potential employers. It is also important to tailor one’s application materials to the specific job they are applying for and to follow up with potential employers after submitting an application.

Career Profiles: Meet Successful Home Decor Pros

There are many successful people in the home decor business. For example, Joanna Gaines, a former Fixer Upper star, now runs a successful design and lifestyle empire, including a home decor brand, a magazine, and a television network. Similarly, Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors has built a successful interior design firm and has a strong social media following.

These successful individuals have navigated their careers by networking, building a portfolio, and marketing themselves well. They have also developed strong relationships with clients and understanding their needs and preferences for their living spaces.

The Future of Home Decor: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Home decor is constantly evolving, and it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advances in the industry. As people continue to work from home and spend more time in their living spaces, there is likely to be more demand for personalized, ergonomic, and eco-friendly designs.

Continuing education and professional development are important in home decor. Attending workshops, courses, and design conferences can help one stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in the field.

The Pros and Cons of Starting a Career in Home Decor

Starting a career in home decor has its pros and cons. On the positive side, one can find creative fulfillment in designing and decorating spaces. It is also a flexible career choice, as home decor professionals can work from home and set their own schedules.

However, starting a career in home decor can be challenging. It can take time to build a strong portfolio and establish a network of contacts in the industry. Additionally, dealing with demanding clients and managing one’s own schedule can be stressful at times.


Home decor offers many opportunities for those looking to turn their passion for design into a career. By gaining relevant education and experience, building a portfolio, and networking with established professionals, one can launch a successful career in home decor. It is important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in the industry, and to navigate the pros and cons of the field with a balanced perspective.

If you are interested in starting a career in home decor, there are many resources available to help you get started. Check out industry associations and design organizations, attend trade shows and workshops, and look into relevant courses and certifications. With hard work, dedication, and a love for design, you can create a successful and fulfilling career in home decor.

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