Car and home insurance can be expensive and cause financial strain for many people. However, there are ways to cut down on these costs and still have adequate coverage. In this article, we’ll explore 6 proven methods to save big on your car and home insurance, the top 3 mistakes to avoid, how to get the best discounts, 2021 industry trends, and some hacks that no one told you about. Our ultimate cost-saving guide provides a comprehensive overview of all of these tips and tricks.

6 Proven Ways to Save Big on Car and Home Insurance

If you’re looking to save on your insurance costs, here are 6 proven methods to get you started:

Method 1: Shopping Around

One of the best ways to save on insurance is to shop around. Get quotes from multiple providers and compare coverage and rates. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with your current provider or ask for discounts.

Method 2: Bundling Policies

Consider bundling your car and home insurance policies to get a discount from your provider. This can also save you time and hassle by having all of your coverage in one place.

Method 3: Installing Security Systems

Installing security systems in your car and home can lower your insurance rates. Examples of security systems include alarms, anti-theft devices, and cameras.

Method 4: Increasing Deductibles

Increasing your deductibles can lower your insurance premium. However, make sure you have enough savings to cover the higher deductible in case of an accident.

Method 5: Lowering Coverage for Older Cars

If you have an older car, consider lowering your collision and comprehensive coverage to save on your insurance costs. However, make sure you’re still adequately covered for any potential damages.

Method 6: Taking Advantage of Offers from Multiple Providers

Don’t limit yourself to one provider. Take advantage of offers from multiple providers to find the best deals and discounts. Some providers offer special deals for new customers, so shop around to find the best rates.

The Top 3 Mistakes That Cost You Money on Car and Home Insurance

Avoid these mistakes that could end up costing you money on your insurance:

Mistake 1: Failing to Compare Policies

Not shopping around is a big mistake. It’s important to compare policies, coverage, and rates from multiple providers to find the best deal for you.

Mistake 2: Choosing the Wrong Coverage

Choosing the wrong coverage can lead to higher rates and inadequate coverage. Make sure you understand your insurance policy and choose the coverage that best suits your needs.

Mistake 3: Providing Inaccurate Information

Providing inaccurate information can lead to higher rates or even a denial of coverage. Make sure you provide accurate and truthful information when applying for or renewing your insurance policy.

How to Get the Best Discounts on Car and Home Insurance

Many providers offer discounts that can help lower your insurance rates. Here are some common discounts to look out for:

  • Good student discounts
  • Safe driver discounts
  • Membership discounts
  • Safe car discounts
  • Multi-policy discounts

To take advantage of these discounts, make sure you ask your provider about the eligibility requirements and how to apply for them.

2021 Insurance Industry Trends You Need To Know To Get The Best Rates

Stay informed about the latest industry trends to help you get the best rates:

The Increasing Use of Technology

More and more providers are using technology to help gather data and streamline the insurance process. Look into providers that offer online applications, digital policy access, and smart devices to help track your driving habits.

The Impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on insurance rates. Some providers may be offering pandemic-related discounts or leniency with missed payments. Make sure you ask your provider about any COVID-19 related policies that may affect your insurance costs.

Hacks for Saving on Car and Home Insurance That No One Told You About

Here are 3 hacks to help you save even more on your insurance costs:

Hack 1: Moving to a Safer Neighborhood

Insurance rates may be higher in neighborhoods with higher crime rates. Moving to a safer neighborhood can help lower your insurance rates.

Hack 2: Driving an Older Car

Newer cars tend to have higher insurance rates due to their higher value and repair costs. Driving an older car can help lower your insurance rates.

Hack 3: Using a Telematics Device to Track Driving Habits

Some providers offer telematics devices that track your driving habits and can lead to lower rates if you demonstrate safe driving habits.

The Ultimate Car and Home Insurance Cost-Saving Guide

Our ultimate cost-saving guide includes all the methods, mistakes, discounts, trends, and hacks covered in this article, plus additional tips and suggestions:

  • Shop around and compare policies from multiple providers
  • Bundling policies can save you money and reduce hassle
  • Install security systems in your car and home
  • Consider increasing your deductibles
  • Lower coverage for older cars
  • Take advantage of offers from multiple providers
  • Compare coverage and rates to avoid choosing the wrong coverage
  • Provide accurate information to avoid higher rates or denial of coverage
  • Look out for good student, safe driver, and other discounts to lower your rates
  • Stay informed about industry trends such as technology and the pandemic
  • Try hacks such as moving to a safer neighborhood, driving an older car, or using a telematics device to track driving habits


Don’t let your car and home insurance costs drain your finances. By implementing some of the methods, avoiding the common mistakes, taking advantage of discounts and industry trends, and trying out some hacks, you can start saving on your insurance costs today. Use our ultimate cost-saving guide as your go-to resource to help make informed decisions about your insurance coverage and reduce your costs.

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