Indian society often faces a problem of being unable to afford or buy a car because of its expensive cost. But what if we tell you that building a car at home is an affordable and exciting idea that enables you to create something unique? We have put together a complete guide on how to make a real car at home from scratch, regardless of your budget or experience in car mechanics.

Ghar par Real Car Banane Ka Tarika

To build a real car at home, you will first need to gather the materials required for the project. The basic tools that you need to have include metal cutters, welders, and grinders. To keep things simple, you can use easy-to-find materials such as gas cylinders or bike engines to build your car. Follow these steps to build a car:

  1. Make a blueprint of your car.
  2. Choose the appropriate bike engine for your car that can power it efficiently.
  3. Build a gearbox with gears to transform the power from the engine into motion.
  4. Design the suspension system which supports the vehicle’s body and offers smooth motion by minimizing bumps.
  5. Make the brakes work properly to stop the car when necessary.
  6. Install the headlights, taillights, and other accessories to make it roadworthy.

Be sure to take all the necessary safety precautions when building your car, such as wearing protective gear, like helmets and gloves, and securing all sharp tools out of reach of children.

Jugaad se Apni Car Banao

One can build a car without access to expensive tools or materials through creative and innovative methods. Instead of investing in brand new parts, you can use spare parts scavenged from old cars and mechanical scraps that can be found in junkyards or auto parts stores. Through jugaad, the Indian philosophy of innovative re-purposing, you can harness your creativity to build a car exactly the way you want.

One example of a successful homemade car build is the Raju Bhaiya car, made by a man in Karnataka. He used six bikes and other parts like a car engine and gearbox to create his car. Another inspiring build is the Doraemon car, made by a father in Kerala for his son’s birthday. This car is made from recycled materials and parts bought from junk shops in the area.

Real Car Banane Mein Kitna Kharcha Aata Hai?

Building a car from scratch is undoubtedly a big project that requires a certain budget. The cost will depend on the type of car you’re building, the materials you’re using, the number of people you’re hiring to help you, and where you’re building it. It is difficult to estimate the exact cost as it will vary from project to project but a homemade car could cost as low as INR 50000 and as high as INR 5 lacs or more.

There are strategies that can help you cut costs while building your car. For example, recycle used car parts or find materials from local junk shops and scrap yards. You can also use your bargain skills to negotiate favorable prices from local car parts dealers.

DIY Car Project: Apni Car Khud Banayein

If you have the passion, time, and skill, building your car can be an exciting and rewarding project. You will require tools like spanners, pliers, and hammers apart from special equipment like welding guns and plasma cutters. The skills you’ll need to learn range from sheet metal welding to wheel balancing. Building a car by yourself will also help you learn engineering basics that will undoubtedly come in handy around the house, like when you need to troubleshoot a fault in your daily driver. You will also get to experience the thrill and satisfaction of driving a car that you built with your own hands.

Electric Car Banane Ka Tarika

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular as a sustainable alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles, and building an electric car at home is easier than you might expect. To begin, use DC motor which will power the car instead of bikes or car engine. The following steps can be followed to build an electric car:

  1. Design the body of the car with aerodynamics.
  2. Source the batteries of the electric car (Lithium-Ion Batteries recommended) which will store the electricity.
  3. Install the electric motor that will connect to the gearbox to move the car with electricity.
  4. Fix the necessary wiring for powering and charging the batteries, thereby giving life to the electric motor.

Building an electric car will not only save on fuel but also protect the environment from harmful air pollution.


Building a car at home is a challenging and exciting project filled with rewards, and it can be done regardless of your level of experience in mechanics or finances.

Whether you’re building a real car or an electric car, the process requires attention to detail, creativity, and a willingness to learn. Remember to put safety first and enjoy the experience of building your car.

So, go ahead and get your hands dirty by building your own car and ride your engineering masterpiece on the road with style.

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