Are you looking for an out-of-the-box business idea that can make you a multi-millionaire? How about creating an app like OnlyFans! Sounds eccentric, but people have quit their 9-5 jobs to make more money by building OnlyFans clones. 

Many business owners and solo entrepreneurs have started their own content marketplaces after witnessing the jaw-dropping growth of OnlyFans in recent years. So, if you’re serious about making millions of dollars using the same formula, then this article will help you know how to build a website like OnlyFans.  

Also, we’ll discuss the features that a clone of OnlyFans should have, how much it costs to build, and how to make money from it. So keep reading till the end if you are interested in starting a website like OnlyFans.

OnlyFans: what is it, and how does it work?

OnlyFans is a subscription-based platform. A creator can upload content (images & videos) and sell them to users or fans.  While more than half of OnlyFans are adult creators, the platform also hosts chefs, musicians, fitness trainers, teachers, influencers, and others. 

The working model of OnlyFans is unique on its own. Unlike cam sites, OnlyFans doesn’t use any in-site currencies, like tokens and credits, to conduct transactions. Users can simply add their credit/debit card details, get verified, and subscribe to their favorite models. 

The creators, however, must create an account on OnlyFans and go through age and identity verification before sharing their content. Once their identity is verified, they can upload their content, set a subscription rate and start selling. 

Source: OnlyFans

Speaking of subscriptions, the price range is fixed by the platform, which is between $4.99 and $49.99. Creators can set different tiers for subscriptions like 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. Regarding payout commissions, OnlyFans takes 20% of what creators earn and pays the rest 80%.

Besides payout commission cuts, OnlyFans also generates revenue by selling physical products. The in-house e-commerce website of OnlyFans sells merchandise and accessories like sweatshirts, bikini sets, scrunchies, socks, belt bags, hats, and more. Recently, the content-sharing platform also started selling its own brand of hot sauce – OnlyFans NSFW hot sauce. 

Although OnlyFans was only founded in 2016, they have become one of the 100 most influential companies in the world in less than 5 years and amassed billions of dollars.

Source: Time Magazine

To back up OnlyFans’ massive growth, here are some amazing facts and statistics:

  • OnlyFans has more than 3 million creators onboard
  • There are over 250 million users at present
  • The content sharing platform has paid over $10 Billion to creators
  •  The OnlyFans website sees more than 325 million monthly visitors 
  • OnlyFans’ revenue grew at a CAGR of 174.3% over the past three years (2018-21)
  • The global gross revenue of OnlyFans in 2022 was projected at $2.5 Billion
  • The net profit of OnlyFans in 2022 was projected at $1.2 Billion

Now that we are clear about what OnlyFans is and how it works, let’s start learning how to create a website like OnlyFans. 

What do you need to do before creating a website like OnlyFans? 

Before we get started telling you how to start a website like OnlyFans, we want to share some of the crucial things you need to know so that you can create your own OnlyFans business without any hitch.

1. Know the Legal Requirements

A website like OnlyFans must comply with specific legal requirements before starting. The first step is registering your business. There are several ways you can register your own OnlyFans business, and they are as follows:

  • Sole proprietorship – a business owned and run by a single person
  • General Partnership – management, profits and liabilities of the business are managed by you and your friends
  •  Limited Partnership – when someone you know wants to invest in your business but doesn’t want to manage it.
  •  Corporation – an organizational structure that runs like any other private corporation, for example, Meta or Google.
  •  Limited Liability Company (LLC) – a new hybrid structure that gives more tax advantages and fewer restrictions on profit sharing

Among the five methods above, LLC is the best option for registering your own OnlyFans business. How?  Because registering as an LLC, you’ll not be seen as a separate tax entity, and you can pay your taxes through personal federal income tax. 

Regarding legal requirements, here are some terms and conditions you should adhere to when creating a website like OnlyFans:

  • Make it clear about auto-renewal and subscription policy
  • Intellectual property rights of creators – ownership and license
  • Cookie Policy
  • Data privacy & other information collection
  • eCommerce transaction & compliance 

2. Find your niche

As soon as you’re done with all the legalities, fire up your computer and start to research content marketplaces to find a perfect niche for your business. Why? Because if you don’t find a specific niche market, you’ll face massive competition from OnlyFans and its alternatives, and you will take years to grow your OnlyFans clone site or app. 

For example, you can target the lesbian niche for your OnlyFans clone. It narrows your target audience and gives you enough room to scale your business. Additionally, by having a specific niche, you can engage with smaller audiences and help your business build a loyal customer base.

3. Research your audience

The next step after deciding your niche is doing comprehensive research on your target audience. Who is your actual target audience? What are their pain points? What type of content are they likely to consume? What is the behavioral trend of your audience?

You can find out the answers to these questions using real-time surveys, polls on social media apps, and relevant forums. And visiting local nightclubs and bars also helps you in this regard, as they are jam-packed with your target audience.

4. Determine your budget

Budgeting is necessary for every business plan, and building an OnlyFans clone app is no different. First, determine how much you’re going to invest in this business. Then, estimate your annual revenue, on-off spending, fixed costs, and the positive cash flow of your business over a certain period of time. 

5. Choose the pricing structure

Identifying your profit margin is the best way to determine the right subscription price for your OnlyFans clone. If you set your profit margin at 15%, you can sell monthly subscriptions of $10.00 to $11.76 (the $1.76 profit is 15% of the subscription sale).

It will take some time for you to find the right subscription price structure that resonates with your audience, so keep adjusting it. 

Essential features you should have on your OnlyFans clone 

Now before we get into the nitty-gritty of how to make an app like OnlyFans and how you can make money from it, let’s talk about the essential features an OnlyFans clone app should have.

Features for Admin

Comprehensive admin dashboard

As an admin, having a comprehensive admin dashboard is the key to enhancing your work experience. The analytic elements on the dashboard should be categorized precisely, with the most useful listed first. 

Video & gallery manager

You must have the ability to access all the videos and images shared on the website. With this feature, you can add and remove posts, schedule your posts, set your prices, and know your posts’ status. 

Payment gateway

Want to offer the best user experience on your OnlyFans clone? Then you must provide a hassle-free payment gateway. Remember, you should use a payment gateway that caters specifically to adult websites like CCBill, and Verotel, Instabill, PurePayment.

Detailed earning report

If you want to scale your business, what better way than getting instant earnings reports? As a business owner, you must be available with a detailed earning report that includes your profits, creator earnings, payout status, transaction type and many more. 

An earning report keeps you updated on your financial status and lets you know whether investing more is profitable or not. 

Features for user

Easy navigation

Unless or until you offer easy navigation throughout your OnlyFans clone app, you cannot improve user experience. Keep your navigation bar simple, easy to understand and structured in the right hierarchy and enhance the user interface.  

Advanced site search

Suppose someone visits your OnlyFans clone to look for a 34D blue-eyed blonde with a toned body, but your site search only allows them to search by creator’s name; what do you think will happen? They simply walk away. So it’s imperative that your OnlyFans clone app have an advanced search feature to avoid such scenarios. 

Wallet top-up

In order to ease the in-site transaction process for users, offer a wallet top-up feature. It provides users with instant transactions, in-wallet refunds and quick access to credit/debit card payments securely. 

Subscription tracker

Your users need to know who they subscribed to and what’s their current status. Using the subscription tracker page, users can either renew or cancel their subscription to a creator without going through the creator’s profile. 

Features for Creator

Creator profile

A profile is the heart of a content creator on an app like OnlyFans. It gives a detailed description of themselves, the services they offer, turn-ons, turn-offs, and many more. 

Also, adding a specific tab to a creator’s profile to list their height, weight, gender, sexual orientation, and body type will help fans understand who and how they are.

Linking social media

In addition to profile management, the most obvious feature a creator expects from your OnlyFans clone is that they can link their social media. Using this feature, they can direct their fans to their social media accounts or websites so that they can actively engage with them. 

Choices in payout method

One of the ways to enhance the creator experience on your platform is to provide multiple payout methods. You can offer cheques, wire transfers, direct deposits, or electronic money transfers via PayPal to pay your creators. 


To create a secure environment for your creators, they must be given the option to block not only their content from certain users but also from certain countries. 

With this feature, creators’ copyrights and all other rights of ownership to their content are protected from being accessed outside of their designated regions.  

With the features you need on your OnlyFans clone in hand, it’s time to decide how to make an app like OnlyFans. 

Developing from scratch vs OnlyFans clone software 

If you want to build an OnlyFans clone app or website, you can either use clone software or hire a technical team and develop from scratch. To help you decide which fits best for your business, let’s examine the differences between these two. 

Pricing: When it comes to the cost of building your OnlyFans clone site or app, clone software becomes the winner between the two. Why? If you choose to develop from scratch, you must hire a technical team consisting of a developer, designer, and tester for several months and pay tens of thousands. 

On the other hand, clone software is a one-time cost that doesn’t exceed a couple of thousand dollars. So opting for clone software to build your own OnlyFans is cost-effective. 

Reliability: The clone software is considerably reliable since it was pre-built with a design that fits the requirements for a website like OnlyFans. As icing on the cake, an OnlyFans clone software will increase your profits as it has every money-making feature you need to start earning right after installation. 

Meanwhile, if you have the budget to provide constant future updates for every feature and want to stand out from other OnlyFans clone sites, you may want to consider developing from scratch. 

Ease: As the OnlyFans clone script is a plug-and-play solution, you can upgrade and customize your website at any time, and it also ensures quick and trouble-free installation. On the other side, you will need some coding knowledge if you want to develop your OnlyFans clone from scratch. 

Also, testing your website end-to-end can consume more time, and there are risks in maintaining and monitoring your website. 

Considering the above three criteria, it can be clearly seen that clone software is the best for creating a website like OnlyFans. Now, it begs the question, what is the best OnlyFans clone software? 

If you ask us, we will say xFans by is the best OnlyFans clone software. Built on the latest MERN stack and a dynamic REST API, xFans is optimized end-to-end with the best coding practices and provides the industry-best user experience.

In xFans, you’ll get an in-built payment gateway, analytical tools, a user wallet, an e-commerce page, a live streaming function, multiple revenue channels and many more at an affordable price. That said, let’s look into how to build a website like OnlyFans using xFans. 

How to create a website like OnlyFans using xFans 

1. Get a domain and hosting

Find a niche-relevant domain name that is easy to spell and memorable, and also make sure your domain has a ‘.com’  extension. After getting a domain, search for a reliable adult hosting provider for your OnlyFans clone.

But, using xFans, you can directly skip this step as M3Server, Adent’s hosting partner, offers you a free domain name for 1 year and also provides hosting for your OnlyFans site or app. You’ll also get 50% off on your first three months of hosting using M3Server. 

2. Install xFans

The installation process of xFans is very simple. Head to the xFans product page and purchase the script. As you already have a domain and hosting, you can start installing xFans. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have coding knowledge; Adent’s support team will assist you with the installation process.  

3. Personalize your website

If you want to scale your OnlyFans clone, it is essential to build yourself as a brand. So after you finish installing xFans, customize the website from brand logo to background and fonts to text style. 

You can also use Adent’s add-ons to personalize your website with lucrative features like paid live-streaming, Wheel of Pleasure, Snapchat subscription and many more.  

4. Add a payment gateway

Like web hosting, your OnlyFans clone also needs a payment processor that is adult-friendly. xFans provides you with the two best adult payment processors, CCbill and Verotal. Create a merchant account on these two payment processors and submit the account details on the payment gateway panel. 

Once it is done, you can set the commission rate for every revenue stream, like subscriptions, video and product sales, tips and more.

5. Run a pre-launch campaign & launch the website

Without talented creators and a loyal user base, your OnlyFans clone cannot make money. So before you decide to go live, run an effective pre-launch marketing campaign. You can either do an organic or paid campaign but ensure you’re targeting the right audience. 

Twitter, Reddit, and TikTok are all social media platforms populated with talented content creators, especially adult creators waiting for the opportunity to showcase their skills. Make contact, pitch your services, and convince those creators to join your OnlyFans clone app.

When you create enough buzz among your target audience and have a good amount of creators and content on your OnlyFans clone site or app, you can go live and start making money.

How much does it cost to create an app like OnlyFans? 

Now that we know how to create a website like OnlyFans, let’s know how much it costs to build it. 

Developing from scratch

Money spent$20,000$16,000$2,400
Time spent25 days20 days15 days

The average cost and time you have to spend to create a website like OnlyFans by building from scratch are $38,400 and 60 days (if done separately) or 25-30 days (if done all together). 

(Note: The price mentioned above may vary depending on the technical team’s skill and location.)

OnlyFans clone software (xFans)

The total cost and time you have to spend to create a website like OnlyFans using xFans by is $1,499 and takes 4-5 days. Also, you will get 6 months of free support and product upgrades, a 100% source code, lifetime license and many more. 

That’s all about how much money you have to spend to make an OnlyFans clone site or app. Now let’s look at the ways you can make money from it.

How to make money from your OnlyFans clone? 

We have listed six easy and effective ways to make money from your OnlyFans so that you can start earning right after you build an OnlyFans clone site!

Creator subscription

In OnlyFans, most revenue comes from creator subscriptions, so you will have the same revenue stream as a clone. It is the best way to make money, but you have to structure subscription fees correctly for users to subscribe. 

Moreover, various subscription plans are available, including monthly and annual plans, each offering different services. Look for the plans that fit your OnlyFans clone site or app and integrate it. 

Tips from fans

Apart from subscriptions, you can enable users to tip their favorite content creators. When a user is delighted with the creator’s performance, they will tip them to show their appreciation. 

If you want to make more money from the tipping revenue model, you should not limit the tipping option to one place in your OnlyFans clone app. Allow users to tip from creator profiles, stories, posts, chats and more.

Private chat

Chatting privately with creators or models is what your OnlyFans clone users expect from your website or app. You can monetize this by making the user pay to private chat with creators. 

In addition, make sure your OnlyFans clone private chat has options to send pay-per-view content. Because users are likely to ask about the model’s most recent clicks and snaps in the chat, adding a paywall will be a smart move to increase earnings.

Live streaming

One of the effective methods a creator can use to interact with their fans is live streaming. Consider integrating live streaming into your OnlyFans clone because it enhances user experience and brings more money to your business. 

You can monetize your live streaming in two ways: charge users a certain amount to enter the live stream and enable them to tip the creators in the live chat.

Selling physical products

Besides adult content, you can sell physical products on your OnlyFans clone website or app. Some of the popular products you can sell are sweatshirts, tank tops, bandanas, hats, pillows, keychains, sex toys, lingeries, lubes, male enhancements, and many more.

As your products will remind you on a daily basis of your brand, make sure the products you sell can also be given as gifts and used regularly.

Final Thoughts 

Making your own OnlyFans clone site or app using readymade software like xFans will make you earn millions of dollars – if you have done things right. 

You will succeed with your OnlyFans app not just because of the out-of-the-box features you provide but also because of the quality of content you have to offer and how you value creators and users alike. So make sure to keep that in mind. 

Also, you have to maintain consistency in your business and offer the best you can, even in tough times, because it won’t take long for people to notice your OnlyFans clone site or app and make you the next Timothy Stokely.

Thanks for reading our article on how to create a website like OnlyFans. If you have any queries about building an OnlyFans clone, please let us know in the comments. 

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