Horizon Zero Dawn is an action-packed adventure game that requires players to be ready for anything. One of the most essential items in the game is the travel pack, which allows players to carry more items and resources. Without a travel pack, players can quickly become overwhelmed and unable to complete critical tasks.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about getting a travel pack in Horizon Zero Dawn. We will explore seven essential tips for finding travel packs, the top five quests for earning them, crafting and upgrading travel packs, finding every travel pack in the game, and expert tips and tricks for maximizing their benefits.

7 Essential Tips for Finding a Travel Pack in Horizon Zero Dawn

Finding a travel pack can be a challenge in Horizon Zero Dawn, and players may need to actively search for them. Here are seven tips to help you find a travel pack:

  1. Search Dead Enemies – Dead enemies often drop valuable items, including travel packs. If you haven’t been systematically looting them for resources, now might be the time to start.
  2. Check All Containers – Search every container you come across, including loot boxes, sacks, and crates. You never know what they might contain, and some will hold travel packs.
  3. Visit Merchants – Many merchants sell travel packs, so make sure to check their inventory. While getting a travel pack from a merchant will cost shards, it might be worth the investment.
  4. Look for Hidden Caches – Hidden caches are scattered throughout the game world, and some contain travel packs. If you see a symbol on your map that indicates a hidden cache, investigate it thoroughly.
  5. Get Lucky with Random Drops – Sometimes, you might just get lucky and find a travel pack through random drops. Keep playing the game, and your luck may eventually pay off.
  6. Complete Certain Main Quests – Some main quests will reward players with travel packs. Make sure to keep an eye out for these quests and prioritize them when possible.
  7. Keep Combining Resources – Gathering resources and combining them can create upgraded versions of travel packs. Keep an eye on what you need to craft new items like this, and ensure you’re gathering what you need.

The Top 5 Quests to Complete for a Guaranteed Travel Pack in Horizon Zero Dawn

While random drops and searching through the game world can be effective for finding travel packs, there are some guaranteed ways to get them. Completing certain side quests will reward players with a travel pack and other essential items. Here are the top five quests to complete for a guaranteed travel pack in Horizon Zero Dawn:

  1. The Forgotten – This side quest is located in the Old Camp ruins, and completing it rewards players with a travel pack, as well as a stray arrow, free sample box, and focus components.
  2. A Daughter’s Vengeance – Found in the Daytower, players will need to complete this quest to earn a travel pack. It also rewards players with a green weapon mod box and a modification satchel upgrade.
  3. To Old Acquaintance – This quest is located in the north of the game world. In addition to the travel pack, players will also receive a metal flower and a focus component.
  4. The War-Chief’s Trail – Found in the Carja border fort, this quest rewards players with a travel pack, a meaty bone, and a free sample box.
  5. The City of the Sun – This side quest is located in the Meridian area and is part of the main story. Completing it will provide players with a travel pack and a vast amount of XP.

It is essential to complete these quests to earn the travel pack, so make sure to prioritize them while playing.

A Beginner’s Guide to Crafting in Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Get Your First Travel Pack

The crafting system in Horizon Zero Dawn is straightforward to use, but it might not be immediately apparent how to start crafting. Here is a beginner’s guide on how to get your very first travel pack:

  1. Gather Resources – To craft anything in the game, you will need to have the necessary resources. For a travel pack, you will need to gather one rich meat, one bony meat, and one fatty meat.
  2. Access the Crafting Menu – Once you’ve gathered the necessary resources, access the crafting menu by pressing the touchpad button on your controller.
  3. Select the Travel Pack – In the Crafting menu, highlight the travel pack and press the X button to craft it. The game will check that you have all the required resources and prompt you to confirm before completing the crafting process.
  4. Equip the Travel Pack – Once you’ve crafted the travel pack, you will need to equip it using the inventory menu. Use the touchpad button to access the inventory menu and then select the travel pack to equip it.

Secrets of the Travel Packs: What You Need to Know About Crafting and Upgrading in Horizon Zero Dawn

Travel packs can be crafted and upgraded in Horizon Zero Dawn, which brings several benefits. Crafting and upgrading can allow players to carry more items and resources, carry more modifications, and unlock additional bonuses. Here’s what you need to know about crafting and upgrading travel packs:

  1. Carry More Items and Resources – All travel packs can carry additional items and resources, but upgraded versions can carry much more. If you find yourself frequently running out of space, upgrading your travel pack might be worthwhile.
  2. Upgrade Your Modifications – Upgraded travel packs also allow for more modifications, which can help boost your game’s stats significantly. With an upgraded travel pack, you can carry more modifications, which can provide an edge in battle.
  3. Bonus Stats – Upgrading your travel pack can also provide additional bonuses, such as increased health or faster healing. Consider these bonuses when deciding whether to upgrade or not.
  4. Use Boar Bones for Upgrades – To upgrade your travel pack, you will need to have boar bones, in addition to other resources. Make sure to hunt boars whenever you come across them, and prioritize gathering their bones.
  5. Consider the Costs – Upgrading travel packs can be expensive and require a lot of resources. Consider whether it is worth the investment before spending resources on an upgrade and ensure you are prioritizing any upgrades that will directly benefit your gameplay.

The Ultimate Guide to Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Find Every Travel Pack in the Game

If you’re the type of player who wants to find everything the game has to offer, searching for every travel pack in Horizon Zero Dawn is essential. Here is a comprehensive checklist of all the possible locations for travel packs in the game:

  1. Starting Area – Behind the wooden shack where you first meet Rost
  2. All-Mother – North of the facility, on a supply crate beneath an awning.
  3. Mother’s Crown – South of the settlement, on a wooden shelf on the east side of town.
  4. Devil’s Thirst Camp – East of the camp, tucked away in the mountainside near the trail.
  5. Devil’s Thirst Bunker – Lower level, along the left-hand wall as you enter.
  6. The Sun Furrows – At the top of the watchtower in Daytower.
  7. Two-Teeth – Inside the bunker beneath the bridge.
  8. The Grave-Hoard – In the rear portion of the room where you first fight the Eclipse, behind some barrels.
  9. Dusk Mesa – North of the camp, on the upper level of a ruined outpost located to the east.
  10. Free Heap – Inside the warehouse, on a shelf.
  11. Pitchcliff – On the upper level of the Watcher Graveyard ruins.
  12. Meridian – For those who purchase the “Digital Deluxe” or “Collector’s” editions of the game, a travel pack will be automatically gifted to you, but it can also be purchased at certain merchants found around the city.

Making sure that you have every travel pack available to you is essential for maximizing your gameplay potential. Use these tips to find them all.

Horizon Zero Dawn Travel Pack Hacks: Tips and Tricks from the Pros

Finally, it’s always helpful to get advice from experienced gamers who have already mastered the game. Here are some tips and tricks for using travel packs strategically and effectively:

  1. Carry Only What You Need – While it may be tempting to load up your pack with a ton of items, this can actually slow you down and negatively impact your gameplay. Consider what you actually need to carry and limit your pack to these items.
  2. Upgrade Early – Given that the benefits of upgrading travel packs are so significant, don’t wait to do it. Upgrade them early and often, especially if you’re struggling with having space or need a health/stat boost.
  3. Compare Other Carrying Options Carefully – There are other items in the game that allow you to carry more weight. Still, assessing the benefits of these items compared to a travel pack is always a good idea before using them.
  4. Equip Modifications Smartly – Players should also apply modifications strategically, with a focus on the stats that will help you the most. Filling your pack with random modifications won’t always provide the most benefit.
  5. Efficiently Maintain Resources – Another smart strategy is to maintain a consistent supply of resources, sticking to your preferred hunting or gathering practices to ensure you always have what you need.


Travel packs are essential for success in Horizon Zero Dawn, and mastering their use can substantially aid you in the game. By following the tips and advice provided in this guide, you will be able to find, craft, upgrade, and utilize travel packs to their fullest potential. And with their help, you’ll be able to take on even the most significant challenges in the game with confidence.

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