Fast travel is the practice of moving around a virtual world quickly and efficiently. In video games such as Halo Infinite, this can be done by using various techniques to traverse large distances in a short amount of time. This article will discuss various tips and strategies for fast traveling in Halo Infinite, including utilizing vehicle shortcuts, exploring secret passages, making use of boosts and powerups, employing powerful weapons, and exploiting glitches.

Utilizing Vehicle Shortcuts

One way to fast travel in Halo Infinite is to make use of vehicle shortcuts. Vehicles are often able to move faster than characters on foot, allowing players to cover more ground in a shorter amount of time. Additionally, vehicles can often access areas that are inaccessible to characters on foot, such as narrow passageways or elevated platforms. Therefore, it is important to identify and take advantage of vehicle shortcuts when attempting to fast travel in Halo Infinite.

Players should look for shortcuts that are easy to access and offer the most direct route to their destination. For example, if a player needs to travel from one side of a map to the other, they should look for a vehicle shortcut that takes them directly across the map rather than zig-zagging around it. Additionally, players should be aware of any obstacles that may slow down their progress and plan accordingly. For instance, if there is a large gap in the terrain, they should look for a vehicle that can jump over it rather than taking a circuitous route around it.

Exploring Secret Passages

Another way to fast travel in Halo Infinite is to explore secret passages. These are hidden pathways that are often tucked away in obscure corners of the game’s maps. Exploring these pathways can lead to shortcuts that can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to reach a destination. Additionally, these secret passages often contain valuable items, such as weapons and power-ups, that can help players on their journey.

Players should keep an eye out for clues that indicate the presence of a secret passage. For example, they may come across a suspiciously placed wall or door that appears out of place. Additionally, they should pay attention to the environment as certain objects may hint at the existence of a secret passage. For instance, if a player notices a series of rocks arranged in a particular pattern, they should investigate further as this could indicate the presence of a hidden pathway.

Making Use of Boosts and Powerups

Boosts and powerups are special items that can be found scattered throughout the game. When used, these items can give players an extra boost of speed or an additional burst of energy, allowing them to quickly traverse large distances. Additionally, these items can provide temporary invulnerability, allowing players to safely navigate dangerous terrain.

Players should be on the lookout for boosts and powerups while exploring the game’s maps. These items can often be found near enemy encampments or hidden within secret rooms. Additionally, players should pay attention to their environment as certain objects may indicate the presence of a boost or powerup. For instance, if a player notices a glowing object in the distance, they should investigate further as this could be a valuable item that can help them on their journey.

Employing Powerful Weapons

Another way to fast travel in Halo Infinite is to make use of powerful weapons. Certain weapons, such as rocket launchers and grenade launchers, can be used to quickly traverse large distances or eliminate enemies standing in the player’s way. Additionally, some weapons can be used to create makeshift bridges or pathways, allowing players to bypass obstacles and reach their destination faster.

Players should familiarize themselves with the various weapons available in the game and determine which ones are best suited for fast travel. Additionally, they should experiment with different strategies for utilizing the weapons to quickly traverse dangerous terrain. For instance, they may find that using a rocket launcher to destroy a bridge or wall is faster than running around it.

Exploiting Glitches

In some cases, a player may be able to fast travel in Halo Infinite by exploiting glitches in the game’s code. These glitches can allow players to bypass certain obstacles or travel through walls, allowing them to quickly reach their destination. However, exploiting glitches can be risky as it can cause the game to crash or the player to become stuck in an area they cannot escape from.

Players should be cautious when attempting to exploit glitches and only do so if they are confident they can do so safely. Additionally, they should research the game’s code and look for any potential glitches that could be exploited. Once a glitch has been identified, the player should carefully test it to ensure it works as intended before attempting to use it for fast travel.


Fast traveling in Halo Infinite can be challenging but with the right strategies and tactics, it is possible to traverse large distances quickly and efficiently. Players should look for vehicle shortcuts, explore secret passages, make use of boosts and powerups, employ powerful weapons, and exploit glitches in order to fast travel in Halo Infinite. By utilizing these tips and strategies, players can quickly reach their destination and complete their objectives.

With these tips in mind, fast travelers in Halo Infinite should have no trouble reaching their destination in record time. As always, it is important to be careful and vigilant when attempting to fast travel as there are many dangers lurking in the game’s virtual world. Happy travelling!

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