Good writing skills are essential for communicating effectively in both professional and personal situations. But if your writing style is outdated or too formal, it can be hard to engage an audience. Fortunately, there are some simple ways you can update your writing to make it more engaging and effective. This article will explore the best practices for changing your writing style.

Break up the Writing

One of the most important things you can do to make your writing more engaging is to break it up into smaller chunks. This makes it easier for readers to process the information and understand the points you’re trying to make. To achieve this, use headings, subheadings and bullet points to structure your text and create a hierarchy.

Use Active Voice

Using active voice when writing helps to create an engaging read that’s easy to follow. When you write in passive voice, the sentences can become convoluted, making them difficult to understand. Therefore, it’s important to replace passive sentences with ones that are written in active voice. For example, instead of saying “The book was read by her”, you could say “She read the book”.

Incorporate Visuals

In addition to breaking up the text, it’s also helpful to incorporate visuals into your writing. This could include images, charts, graphs and other forms of visual representation. By adding visuals, you can provide information in an easily digestible format that readers can quickly scan and understand.

Add Variety

Adding variety to your writing can help keep readers engaged. Varying sentence lengths and structures can help you to convey your message in a more interesting way. This will also help to avoid monotony and make your writing more enjoyable to read.

Include Examples

Examples are a great way to illustrate concepts and show readers how to apply them in real-world situations. Including examples in your writing can help to make your points clearer and ensure that your readers understand what you’re trying to say.

Ask Questions

Asking questions throughout your writing can help to get readers thinking about the topic. Posing questions can also encourage readers to form their own opinions and come to their own conclusions.

Write Conversationally

Writing conversationally can help to make your writing more engaging and relatable. Instead of writing as if you’re lecturing someone, try to imagine that you’re having a conversation with your readers. This will make your writing more inviting and give it a friendly tone.


Changing your writing style doesn’t have to be difficult. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can make your writing more engaging and effective. Break up the writing, use active voice, incorporate visuals, add variety, include examples, ask questions and write conversationally. These simple steps can help you to create compelling content that resonates with your readers.

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