Planet Fitness is an excellent gym facility with all the equipment needed to build strength, work on cardio, and achieve fitness goals. But people’s lifestyles vary, schedules conflict, and certain features may differ by gym location or neighborhoods. Due to a variety of reasons, you may consider changing your Planet Fitness gym. To manage club memberships and view club details on a smartphone, users can access the Planet Fitness app’s features. In this article, we will provide an overview of the process of changing your Planet Fitness club through the app, its benefits, and help answer users’ frequently asked questions.

Step by Step Guide

To change your club on Planet Fitness app, follow these steps:

1. Open the Planet Fitness app on your smartphone and log in to your account

2. Touch the “Places” icon that appears at the bottom of the screen

places icon screenshot

3. Choose the “Clubs” tab at the top of the next screen

club tab screenshot

4. Tap the small, downwards-pointing arrow located to the right of your current club location

arrow icon screenshot

5. You’ll now be redirected to a search screen. Enter the name of the new club you would like to attend, your state, city, or zip code.

search club screenshot

6. After selecting your new club, you can proceed by hitting the nearby “Join this Club” or “Free Trial” buttons, depending on your membership status requirements for the new gym.

Highlight the Benefits

There are many benefits to changing your club location on the Planet Fitness app. For one, different locations have varied equipment, trainers, and workout communities. This variety enables users with different fitness goals and routine to maximize their experience by selecting a location with a setup that best suits their needs. Moreover, local events and promotional offers can begin upon joining a new club. New locations also expand opportunities to network with others, share workout advice, and find people dedicated to working towards their fitness goals, all while creating a sense of community spirit. Ultimately, by changing your club location, you may become engaged in new workout routines that challenge you and keep things interesting.

Address Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about changing clubs on Planet Fitness’s app.

Q: How much does it cost to change my club location on the Planet Fitness app?

A: The club exchange service within the app is free. You may incur additional fees or adjustments to your monthly membership billing based on the new location’s membership pricing or offers.

Q: How do I determine which new club location to join?

A: Consider factors such as gym layout, types of equipment, staff and trainers, operating hours, proximity to work or home, and availability of personal training sessions to determine which club location best suits your needs.

Q: How soon can I join a new club location after requesting an exchange on the Planet Fitness app?

A: It only takes a few minutes to change your club location with the app. Once you complete the transaction, you’ll have instant access to the new club facility.

Compare Locations

While every Planet Fitness location offers a wide range of features that delivers capable results, some locations offer much more than others. The areas can differ in various ways, such as the level of equipment available, group classes, trainers’ caliber, hours of operation, and the general ambiance. If you’re unsure which location to choose, you may want to consider these factors when checking each gym’s details. You can compare each Planet Fitness gym’s location and offerings on the map view in the app.

Interview Users

We reached out to some actual Planet Fitness users who have already changed clubs on the app to gain better insights into their experience. The feedback was positive and showed that users who had switched found many benefits from the change, including:

– Access to more equipment
– Closer proximity to home or work
– Friendlier staff
– Meeting new workout partners

Tie It into a Larger Topic

Fitness apps are becoming very popular, and the benefits of using mobile apps to manage our health are starting to become evident. Planet Fitness apps offer a range of features such as gym memberships, personal training, workout regimes, nutrition tips, fitness challenges, and more. It’s never been easier to stay fit and healthy, as these apps strive to improve our overall fitness experience in every way possible. If Planet Fitness isn’t your thing, you might want to consider other similar fitness apps, such as Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, and Nike+ Training Club.


Changing your Planet Fitness app’s club location is as simple as following the few easy steps outlined above. Changing clubs on the app provides a range of benefits, including access to new workout communities, equipment, local events and promotion, and new locations to meet workout partners. The frequently asked questions and user feedback serves to help users make informed decisions while using the app. So, get started on changing your location, or exploring the new location options available to discover what meets your fitness goals best. You can manage it all from the comfort of your phone home screen.

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