At some point in their career, every employee will need to call out of work. For Walmart employees, this process may seem daunting as the company has certain policies that must be followed when taking time off. The purpose of this article is to provide a step-by-step guide on how to call out of work at Walmart.

Have a Valid Reason

Before calling out of work at Walmart, you should have a valid reason. Common reasons for calling out include illness, family emergency, or car trouble. It is important to be honest and upfront about why you are unable to come into work so that your supervisor understands the situation.

Once you have determined the reason for your absence, it is important to contact your supervisor. It is best to call your supervisor directly, as this allows them to ask any questions they may have regarding your absence. You should also provide as much information as possible, such as the estimated length of your absence and any details related to the reason for your absence.

Follow Up with an Email

After speaking with your supervisor, it is important to follow up with an email. This helps to confirm the conversation and provides a written record of the conversation. Additionally, it is a good opportunity to provide additional information that may have been forgotten in the initial conversation. Be sure to include the date, your name, and the reason for your absence in the email.

Check Your Contract

It is important to check your contract before calling out of work at Walmart. There may be relevant policies regarding calling out, such as limits on the number of absences or consequences for excessive absences. Knowing these policies ahead of time can help you avoid any potential issues in the future.

Provide Notice

When calling out of work at Walmart, it is important to provide your supervisor with as much notice as possible. This gives them time to arrange coverage for your shift and keeps them informed about your absence. Ideally, you should give your supervisor at least 24 hours’ notice if you are unable to come into work.

Offer to Make Up the Hours
Offer to Make Up the Hours

Offer to Make Up the Hours

If possible, you should offer to make up the missed hours. This shows your supervisor that you are committed to your job and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that your work is completed. You may be able to use vacation days to cover the missed hours.

Keep Track of Your Absences
Keep Track of Your Absences

Keep Track of Your Absences

Finally, it is important to keep track of your absences. Walmart has limits on the number of absences allowed, so it is important to stay within those limits. If you exceed the limit, you may face disciplinary action or even termination.


Calling out of work at Walmart can be a stressful situation, but by following the steps outlined in this article, you will be able to do so without any issues. It is important to have a valid reason, contact your supervisor, follow up with an email, check your contract, provide notice, offer to make up the hours, and keep track of your absences. By utilizing these strategies, you can successfully call out of work at Walmart.

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