TikTok, the best application to generate revenue and leads for your businesses and brands, doesn’t come slow. It added several features recently just to compete with Instagram. Since the model of TikTok and Instagram are quite alike, TikTok needed to ensure festivity in terms of features that were out shunned in the past. 

But what matters is your business growth. Did you check out different ways of augmenting business leads? If not, this is your chance to do so because we are here with some ideas to drive more traffic by simply adding a business link in the TikTok bio. 

Are you ready to dive into the blog and learn the following areas regarding the topic? Let’s get started…

What Does it Mean – “TikTok Bio Link”?

Link in the TikTok bio is the perfect means of driving traffic to your website. By the way, the link can be to your official website as well as those site links from where you do link-building. Without going into technicality, links in the bio serve as CTA (call to action). 

You can drive more traffic to your business website by boosting the online presence of your brand with buy Instagram followers on some famous digital platforms just as Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

Importance of Adding Link in TikTok Bio

What makes these links in the TikTok bio important? Well, first things first, it allows new audiences and visitors to your TikTok account to reach your business website. It means these links are the easiest ways to check out a brand or company – whatever you sell – products or services. 

Secondly, these links are the best means of getting leads – converting them into potential buyers. 

It goes without saying that website traffic can be driven by these bio-links. Furthermore, the hassle of giving out the link to your website needs to be updated. People look for easy ways out, and, in this quest, they find bios the excellent solution to help potential buyers reach the business website. 

In addition, if you’re looking to boost engagement on your TikTok content, you may want to consider purchasing social media services such as Buy 3 TikTok Comments UK Furthermore, to make the most of business leads, adding links in the TikTok bio is mandatory. 

What Happens After Adding a Link in the Bio?

Here is where you can see a change after adding a link in the bio. 

  • Official or business websites get more traffic; that too naturally. 
  • Prospects of lead conversions get higher. 
  • You get more likes and views on your blog posts. 
  • SEO of the website gets better. 
  • CTA helps in taking action of making a purchase. 

The Basic Method to Add Link in TikTok Bio

See, the most basic and easy way to add a business website link in the TikTok bio is mentioned below. Follow these steps and share the link of the business or brand in the TikTok bio. 

Step #1: Launch the app. Go to your TikTok profile. 

Step #2: Click “Edit Profile.”

Step #3: Add the link (where the “Website” option is given).

Note: The steps mentioned above were meant for a special scenario – the one in which you can see the option of adding a URL in the “website” option. 

What to do when you are not able to see the option “Website” – the one that allows you to share the link? 

Well, there are some ways to handle the situation. 

Way to Add Link in Bio #1: Please check if your TikTok account is set as a business one. If it is not a business account, ensure to convert the personal account into a business account. It is because only TikTok business accounts are given the feature of adding a link in the bio. 

Way to Add Link in Bio #2: Secondly, if you have a business account with less than one thousand followers. Then also, you will not be able to add a link to the TikTok bio. So, what you can do in such a situation is to buy TikTok third-party real and active followers. If you Buy 6 TikTok Comments Uk, even that will work. How? Likes lead to more views, comments, and even followers. 

Way to Add Link in Bio #3: Remember, you can add a link in the bio only from a smartphone app. You can’t add it through a desktop, laptop, or device. 

Different Types of Links in TikTok Bio to Drive More Traffic  

You can drive massive traffic to your business website. Here are some of the best examples. 

#1: Add URL of Business Website

Many TikTokers use the TikTok account to drive traffic to your business website. This helps in getting leads as well as keeping the competitors at bay. 

#2: Service or Product Landing Page

Another way to drive traffic to your landing page is through the link in the bio. Remember, you have to have 1000 followers to add a link in the bio. In case you don’t have them, it is okay. Don’t fret or sweat. Just do yourself a favor and buy 500 TikTok Likes UK to experience the avalanche effect. Wait and see your profile getting more engagement metrics (views, comments, shares, and followers).

#3: Add a Link to eCommerce Store in TikTok Bio

eCommerce shops and platforms need some leads to sell more products. To do that, you can make use of its URL in the business TikTok profile. That way, you will be able to showcase deals and promotions to your targeted audience. 

#4: Use a Link Tool Simultaneously

If you want to share different URLs of your business sites on TikTok bio, use the tool. These tools are easily accessed through Google Play Store or App Store. 

Last Verdict – Add Link in TikTok Bio and Drive More Traffic 

We mentioned four different places where you can add a link in the bio of TikTok. But again, if you are not able to access the feature of adding a link, buy 1000 TikTok Likes UK. It will help in getting more followers, comments, and shares. 

Writer’s Bio:

Qudsia Ehtram is a Veteran Content Creator at Digital Aimz and a seasoned creative head at QD Writing Services. She is a ghostwriter of 30 novels for US audiences and holds 27 years of experience under her wings. The cherry on top, she is handling working for a number of brands as a Social Media Consultant.

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