Kellen Moore is a former NFL quarterback who currently serves as the offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys. Moore’s rise from backup quarterback to offensive coordinator has been relatively swift, and it’s made plenty of people take notice. One aspect that many football fans and experts alike are curious about is his salary. In this article, we’ll explore how much Kellen Moore makes as the offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys.

Analyzing Kellen Moore’s NFL Career Earnings

Kellen Moore’s NFL career began when the Detroit Lions signed him as an undrafted free agent in 2012. He spent the majority of his time with the Lions on the practice squad and only appeared in a handful of regular-season games. In 2015, the Dallas Cowboys signed him to a two-year contract to serve as their backup quarterback.

After his stint with the Cowboys as a player, Moore moved on to serve as their quarterbacks coach in the 2018 season. A year later, he was promoted to offensive coordinator. According to Spotrac, an online sports contract website, Moore has an annual salary of $1,857,000. This salary puts him among the top 10 highest-paid offensive coordinators in the NFL.

Comparison to Other NFL Offensive Coordinators’ Salaries

When compared to other NFL offensive coordinators in the league, Moore’s annual salary is certainly impressive. However, it’s worth noting that the league’s highest-paid offensive coordinator, Josh McDaniels of the New England Patriots, makes nearly three times as much per year. Other notable high earners include Byron Leftwich of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Brian Schottenheimer of the Seattle Seahawks.

It’s also important to keep in mind that coaches’ salaries can vary widely based on experience, reputation, and team success. Moore is still relatively new to the position, and his salary likely reflects his potential and upside over his experience level.

Exploring the Value Kellen Moore Brings to the Cowboys

Kellen Moore’s ascent in the Cowboys organization has been meteoric. From backup quarterback to quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator, Moore has quickly become a critical member of the coaching staff. His prowess as an offensive strategist and his ability to connect with players have made him a valuable asset to the Cowboys.

Under Moore’s leadership in 2019, the Cowboys’ offense ranked among the top 10 in the NFL in total yards per game. His play-calling and offensive game plans were credited with much of the team’s success. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said that he believes Moore has a “bright future” in coaching, and many analysts agree.

Whether or not Moore’s current salary is commensurate with his contributions to the team is a matter of some debate. Nonetheless, it’s clear that he brings a unique perspective and skill set to the Cowboys, and he is a critical component of their long-term vision for success.

Speculation About How Kellen Moore’s Salary May Change in the Future

It’s difficult to predict where Kellen Moore’s salary will go in the coming years. As with many industries, compensation in the NFL is subject to market forces, and salaries can fluctuate depending on supply and demand. However, one thing is certain: if the Cowboys’ offense continues to excel under Moore’s guidance, he will undoubtedly emerge as a top offensive coordinator in the league.

Changes in the NFL landscape may also impact Moore’s compensation. The league’s television rights deal is up for renewal in the coming years, which could bring in additional revenue that teams could use to boost coaches’ salaries. The NFL’s collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is also set to expire soon, which could lead to changes in how coaches are paid.

Discussion of the Role of an Offensive Coordinator in the NFL

The role of an offensive coordinator in the NFL is multi-faceted. On game days, offensive coordinators are responsible for calling the plays and directing the offense’s strategy. Additionally, they work behind the scenes to develop game plans, analyze opposing teams, scout talent, and build relationships with their players.

Offensive coordinators are a crucial part of any team’s recipe for success. Their ability to craft intelligent, creative game plans and adjust on the fly can mean the difference between winning and losing. In general, these positions are well-compensated, with salaries varying widely depending on experience, team success, and individual performance.


Kellen Moore’s journey from backup quarterback to offensive coordinator is a testament to the importance that the Cowboys place on finding and nurturing coaching talent. His salary, while not the highest in the league, is certainly commensurate with his contributions to the team. Moore’s unique perspective and skill set have helped to elevate the Cowboys’ offense to new heights, and he is undoubtedly one of the most promising offensive coordinators in the league. As the NFL landscape continues to shift, it will be interesting to watch how coaches’ salaries evolve and how Moore’s compensation winds up fitting into that picture.

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