Jamaica is a beautiful island located in the Caribbean and renowned for its stunning beaches, reggae music, and authentic cuisine. In recent years, Jamaica has become a popular destination for expats who are looking for a more relaxed lifestyle. If you are considering relocating to the island, you need to know the cost of living in Jamaica. In this article, we will guide you through the average cost of living and break down the expenses to help you determine if you can afford to live in Jamaica.

Is Jamaica Affordable? What You Need to Know Before Choosing to Live There

Before you make the decision to relocate, it’s important to understand whether Jamaica is affordable or not. While Jamaica isn’t the cheapest country in the world, it’s still an affordable option for expats. The cost of living in Jamaica is about average compared to other countries in the Caribbean region.

The cost of living in Jamaica varies depending on several factors, such as your lifestyle preferences, location, and the type of accommodation you prefer. These factors can significantly affect your budget, and it’s crucial to consider them when determining how much it would cost to live in Jamaica.

Compared to other countries, Jamaica ranks as one of the most affordable options in the Caribbean. It’s worth noting that Jamaica is not just a country to live in, it’s also a country full of history, friendly locals, and exotic scenery, all on a budget that is affordable for many expats. 

The Ultimate Guide to Cost of Living in Jamaica: A Breakdown of Expenses

Housing costs

The cost of housing in Jamaica ranges from about $20,000 to $90,000 Jamaican dollars (JMD) per month, which is equivalent to about $140 to $630 USD. Most expats prefer renting a property rather than owning a home. Additionally, the closer you are to the tourist areas, the higher the cost of living.

Utilities like electricity, water, and gas may cost roughly 10,000 JMD (70 USD) per month. Some properties may include these costs in the rental fee. For homeownership, you will need to consider maintenance and repairs fees. This is also something renters need to budget for since some landlords may expect the tenant to pay for certain repairs as part of the agreement.

Food expenses

Average food costs in Jamaica are about 35,000 JMD (245 USD) per month for a family of four. Grocery shopping is a more affordable option compared to eating out at restaurants. There are several types of supermarkets in Jamaica with varying prices. A decent weekly grocery budget is about JMD 8,000 (55 USD) to JMD 25,000 (175 USD). If you prefer eating out at restaurants, be prepared to spend anywhere from JMD 1,000 (7 USD) to JMD 5,000 (35 USD) per meal depending on the type of restaurant.

Transportation expenses

Transportation varies in cost, depending on if you prefer public or private transportation. The most common way to get around Jamaica is by using routes taxis, charter taxis, or car rental. Public transport is very affordable, and prices start from $1 USD, while private car hire can cost up to $50 USD per day.

Healthcare expenses

Healthcare costs should always be considered as they can potentially add more expenses to the budget. In Jamaica, healthcare prices vary in cost depending on services. Public hospitals are less expensive than private hospitals. International health insurance is advisable for expats residing in Jamaica. However, it’s good to know that many private medical facilities now offer good quality services.

Education expenses

Education can also be a significant expense, and highly dependent on the type of school you would like. The cost of private schools varies depending on the desired quality. Most schools have an annual tuition fee that ranges from about $2,500 to $8,000 USD. There are a variety of public schools available in Jamaica, including government-run schools and religious schools, and are available for free.

Living Like a Local in Jamaica: How Much Money You Need

If you want to live like a local, you could save money while still enjoying the authentic Jamaican lifestyle. The average salary in Jamaica is about 75,000 JMD (525 USD) per month. However, the cost of living usually varies depending on the type of lifestyle and the housing arrangement. Many locals depend on local markets to save money while purchasing groceries and other necessities.

The average salary of locals provides a rough idea of how to maintain a living standard. If you are an expat with a foreign currency that is higher than the JMD, you can spend even less and save more.

Real Expat Stories: How Much It Actually Costs to Live in Jamaica

Interviews with expats who are currently living in Jamaica reveal that estimates for their monthly living expenses vary from 1200 USD to 3000 USD per month. Some expats have stated that the island’s layout allows for the proper allocation of money for housing, food, and clothing. The cost of living in Jamaica is higher for those with more extravagant lifestyles and can be quite pricey.

Expats who overstretched their budgets faced issues related to cash flow and financial sustainability. One common tip provided by these expats is to come up with a budget and stick to it. Then explore cheaper alternatives to lead a comfortable life without breaking the bank.

Comparing the Cost of Living in Jamaica to Other Caribbean Islands

The cost of living in other Caribbean countries varies depending on location and lifestyle preferences. Popular destinations like the British Virgin Islands and the Bahamas have a relatively higher cost of living compared to Jamaica. Alternatively, countries like Cuba, which is also located in the Caribbean, are less expensive than Jamaica.

Budgeting Tips for Living in Jamaica: How to Stretch Your Dollar

To ensure you don’t overspend, here are a few tips to help you stretch your dollar in Jamaica:

  • Shop at local markets instead of supermarkets
  • Transportation via public transit
  • Cook at home instead of regularly eating out
  • Use open-air community pools as opposed to luxurious pool access only resorts
  • Take advantage of the island’s free outdoor attractions.


Jamaica is an affordable country to live in, and the cost of living is comparable to other Caribbean region destinations. However, the cost of living varies depending on your lifestyle preferences, housing type, and location. Expats who have shared their experiences stipulate proper budgeting, sticking to a strict budget plan, and seeking the right pricing solutions to manage their finances. The cost of living is reasonable in Jamaica and allows expats to enjoy all the island has to offer without breaking the bank.

If you’re interested in experiencing all Jamaica has to offer, we encourage you to visit and experience the island for yourself.

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