Since its debut in 1996, Judge Judy has been one of the most popular courtroom reality TV shows, featuring Judge Judith Sheindlin and a cast of courtroom staff, including the bailiff, Petri Hawkins-Byrd, a.k.a Byrd. In this article, we will explore the mystery of Byrd’s salary on Judge Judy, and give you a comprehensive guide to his finances, including his net worth and investment activities off the show.

Exploring the Top 5 Highest Paid Judges of TV: How Much Does Judge Judy’s Byrd Make?

Before we dive into the details of Byrd’s salary, let’s take a look at the top five highest-paid judges on TV. According to the Forbes report, Judge Judy tops the list, earning $47 million a year. Byrd’s salary, however, is not disclosed in that report, but we have found out some information that we will share with you in the following sections.

The Secret Salaries of Judge Judy’s Courtroom Staff, Including Byrd: Here’s What We Found Out

One of the distinctive features of Judge Judy’s courtroom show is its confidentiality with regard to its staff’s salaries. In fact, the show’s staff members are required to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that forbids them from discussing any details of their compensation packages while working on the show. However, some former employees leaked information about the amount of money that Byrd, as well as other staff members, made on the show.

Based on these leaks, Byrd earns around $1,000 per episode, which translates to $150,000-$200,000 per year. These figures might seem modest compared to Judge Judy’s or even the average American’s salary, but given his roles’ nature, it’s pretty impressive, especially considering the fact that he doesn’t have any legal training or experience.

Uncovering the Truth: How Much Does Byrd Make on Judge Judy, and Who Pays His Salary?

Now that we’ve discussed the general figures surrounding Byrd’s salary let’s dig deeper into what he makes and who’s responsible for it. As mentioned before, Byrd’s basic rate per episode is around $1,000, which can vary based on the number of episodes shot in a day. However, he also gets bonuses for his continued dedication and success on the show. For instance, Byrd reportedly received an extra $20,000 bonus for his 1,000th episode on the show.

As for who pays Byrd’s salary, there seems to be some ambiguity surrounding this question. According to some sources, CBS pays the crew members on Judge Judy. In contrast, others suggest that the show’s executive producer, Judge Judith Sheindlin herself, finances the salaries directly. Despite this contradiction, it’s widely acknowledged that Sheindlin has control over every aspect of the show, including its budget and staffing. Therefore, whoever pays Byrd’s salary remains a moot point for the public.

Comparing the Salaries of Courtroom Shows: How Does Byrd’s Pay on Judge Judy Stack Up?

Let’s get a sense of how Byrd’s salary compares to other courtroom shows. For example, Kevin Ross of America’s Court is reported to have a salary of around $31.5 million, while The People’s Court’s Judge Marylin Milian only makes $5 million per year. Byrd’s $150,000-$200,000 per year might seem paltry in comparison, but we must consider that Judge Judy spends less in production costs than most other shows.

The Ultimate Guide to Byrd’s Finances on Judge Judy: An Analysis of His Salary and Net Worth

Aside from his salary on Judge Judy, let’s examine Byrd’s financial standing apart from his work on the show. According to some sources, Byrd’s net worth is estimated to be around $3.5 million. However, besides his salary on Judge Judy, Byrd generates his wealth from other activities, such as radio hosting, voice acting in movies like “Toy Story 3,” and writing books such as “The Law According to Judge Judy.” Plus, he has invested some of his money in his hometown library, donating around $100,000 to it.

The Insider’s Scoop on Byrd: Behind-the-Scenes Details on How Much He Really Makes on Judge Judy

To provide you with a more nuanced portrait of Byrd, let’s uncover a few behind-the-scenes facts about how much he really makes on Judge Judy. Despite his financial success on the show, Byrd never expected to work as a bailiff. Before landing the role, Byrd was an aircraft mechanic who, on Judge Judy’s recommendation, became a court officer after completing his high school diploma via a GED program. Later, Judge Judy invited him to come onto the show, and the rest is TV history.

Judge Judy’s Byrd: A Closer Look at His Role on the Show and What He Earns for His Contributions

Lastly, Byrd’s contribution to the Judge Judy show is enormous, and his role is crucial to the show’s success. As the bailiff, he acts as an intermediary between Judge Judy and the participants, often giving them guidance and advice to make things run smoothly. Byrd’s salary may be meager compared to Judge Judy’s show’s other figures, but the role he plays in the show is irreplaceable.


To sum up, Byrd’s salary, while not the highest on the show or the TV industry, is substantial. Between his salary, bonuses, and other activities, such as lending his voice to movies and writing books, Byrd’s net worth is impressive. Despite signing NDAs not to share the show’s secrets publicly, reviewing the leaked material disclosing his salary and bonuses has been insightful. Finally, Byrd’s contribution to Judge Judy’s show is phenomenal, making him an indispensable member of the production team.

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