I. Introduction

Pokemon Go has been a fan-favorite game ever since its release back in 2016, and it continues to be popular among gamers of all ages today. One of the ways you can further progress in the game is by earning Pokecoins in the game. Pokecoins are a valuable currency in Pokemon Go, which can be used to buy a wide variety of in-game items.

One of the ways to earn Pokecoins in the game is through gym battles. In this article, we will explore how many Pokecoins per hour gym battles can generate and provide strategies and tips used to maximize pokecoin earnings.

II. Calculating Your Per-Hour Gym Coin Earnings in Pokemon Go

Calculating the per-hour earnings is an essential step in knowing how much we can earn through gym battles. To calculate, first note the frequency at which you can win a gym battle, the time it takes to win and hold it. In general, it takes around 5 to 15 minutes to win a gym battle and around an hour to hold it.

So, If you continuously win gym battles, holding each for one hour, you can earn 6 Pokecoins per hour. However, suppose you can hold multiple gyms simultaneously. In that case, your Pokecoin earnings can increase exponentially, making the per-hour earnings much more productive than six Pokecoins. The rate of earning will depend upon how many gyms you’re holding on to simultaneously.

To optimize the per-hour earning rate, start by conquering less competitive gyms and work your way up to more competitive ones. The more competitive gym will hold longer against the other teams, and in that period, you can increase the rate of holding multiple gyms, hence the higher the Pokecoin earnings would be per hour.

III. Gym Strategies: How to Earn the Most Coins per Hour

One of the best gym strategies is to team up with other players. Doing this increases the chance of holding onto the gym for a more extended period. The longer you hold a gym, the higher the Pokecoin earnings per hour. A few tips when teaming up with other players is to communicate and plan the schedule to take turns dominating gyms, especially in the less competitive ones. This helps generate better rewards for each player and ensures good relationships within the team.

Defending a gym effectively is crucial in maximizing Pokecoin earnings. This means finding and collecting the most potent, high-CP pokemon and making them your gym defenders. This makes it harder for opposing teams to knock you out of the gym, which increases the chances of holding it for longer. However, always remember that being able to defend a tenacious gym is just as important as defeating a gym in Pokemon Go. In this case, spend more time creating opportunities to work with other Trainers as the key to holding more gyms.

IV. The Best Gym Pokemon for Maximized Pokecoin Earnings

Winning gym battles not only depends upon your battle tactics but also on the strength and versatility of your pokemon team. The best gym defenders are flexible, with a varied moveset, and excellent defensive stats. For example, Blissey, one of the defenders with the highest HP and defense stats, can hold gyms for a long time. It’s also versatile in terms of moves. Snorlax is another great defender with high HP and defense stats. Slaking and Chansey are also great defenders, but their movesets make them vulnerable to certain types of Pokemon.

One of the best ways to improve your gym team is to raise your pokemon levels using stardust and candies that can be acquired by performing various tasks and actively participating in events that grant extra candies.

V. The Mathematics of Gym Coin Earnings: Understanding the Formula

Calculating Pokecoin earnings per hour requires using a specific formula. The formula is as follows:

Total Pokes held for you x 24 (hours) x 0.0416666666666667 Pokecoins = Total Pokecoin earnings

The number 0.0416666666666667 is used instead of one since it’s the fraction of an entire day an hour occupies. Remember, holding multiple gyms simultaneously will increase the total earnings.

VI. From Beginner to Pro: The Evolution of Your Pokecoin Earnings

Ice breaking into Pokemon Go as a beginner means we have different approaches to increase pokecoin earnings. Beginners should focus on by finding and conquering less competitive gyms in their respective areas. Subsequently, it is essential to train the best pokemon and use them strategically. Higher level players should concentrate more on having strong defenders and teaming up with other Trainers to conquer more competitive gyms. Training one’s pokemon and participating in events to earn more stardust and candies is also crucial at this stage.

Advanced level Pokemon Go players earn more Pokecoins per hour by holding multiple gyms simultaneously, investing in items that hold gyms for more extended periods, and teaming up with other players to increase their gym dominance.

VII. Conclusion

In conclusion, gym battles are instrumental in earning Pokecoins per hour in Pokemon Go. Utilizing the strategies and tips discussed in this article can significantly increase Pokecoin earnings per hour. Teamwork, focusing on the right gym defenders, and understanding the formula of Pokecoin earnings are essential in maximizing earnings from gym battles. As you progress from a beginner to a pro level player, prioritizing different strategies will help you optimize on Pokecoin earnings and ensure long-lasting success in your pokemon journey.

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