The main function of the router is to manage all the available network connections in your house. However, don’t be surprised if your old router slows down your internet service. Hence, to stop all connections from getting disrupted, keep your internet equipment updated. Another reason why you may need to keep your routers and relevant internet-abled devices upgraded is to avoid cyber risks or related threats. Listed below are some expert signs, which indicate that your current router is ready to be replaced with a new one:

Your Router Has Hit the Five-Year Service Mark

If your old router has crossed its 5-year mark, then it’s time to invest in a new router. One reason for this is that technology is rapidly changing. Hence, timely upgrading your router ensures that you are not just the recipient of a speedy connection but also are using a highly secure one. The periodic upgrade of your router means that you are fully utilizing the capacity of the device and are safe from all kinds of cyber threats and malware, which may lurk on the web. On top of that, the 5-year mark is a sign that it’s time to upgrade your current router device. You don’t have to replace all your internet equipment but the occasional investment in this domain simply shows that a good amount has been used by the router. Since there is no hard and fast rule regarding this, which means that internet users are encouraged to upgrade their devices frequently, more than ever! Why is this necessary today? That’s because internet tech is rapidly changing and if you want to use the internet more safely, then we suggest that you upgrade all your internet-related tech as much as possible.

If you are an existing customer of AT&T, click here and the customer service agent will guide you on whether your current router needs to be replaced.  

Your Router Is Provisioned by Your Internet Provider

So you decided to purchase internet equipment from your ISP, huh? Or maybe you decided to rent the router from your provider? Irrespective of what you chose, most internet users prefer to use the router that’s already in use. So the question, which then arises – is it a good idea to invest in a new piece of internet equipment every time you change your ISP? Or should you keep using the equipment that you already have? One advantage that users have when they decide to use existing equipment is that it saves up quite a decent amount of money for them. Thus, bringing their monthly budget under control. However, if you have decided to lease a router, then you should expect to pay an extra $15 every month. For instance, if you purchase a router like the TP-Link Archer AX21, it will cost less than $100 and will work decently for a long time as well. Hence, if we safely assume that you have been using your current router for the past five years without a hitch, then chances are that you might have saved somewhat about $600 to $800. But that’s not all. In addition to this, when you purchase a new router, you have comparatively greater control over its various features along with its security.

Your Wi-Fi Network Is Consistently Having Connection Issues

If your connection issues continue to get bigger and badder, showing no sign of stopping or resolving anytime soon, then that’s a sign that it’s time to change your router. Though most internet issues are not really caused by faulty routers if you notice that your connection consistently gets disrupted, do check where the issue is coming from. One way to check is via the lights on the modem and the router. If all come across as stable and green, this means that the devices are working properly. If you are getting disconnected, then it could be a defect in your network device. Or you can change the internet provider So before things get worse, upgrade your router now!

The Wi-Fi Speed Range Continues to Drop

One sign that often prompts digital users to change their router is when their internet speed starts to drop and continues with poor connectivity. A worsening router is a sure sign that it’s time to replace the router. While any user doesn’t technically need to have all the above-mentioned symptoms to replace their router, if you notice even one of these signs, then it’s an indication that it’s time to replace the device. If the router performance continues to worsen, even after it was fixed, then it needs to be replaced. Slow Wi-Fi is a sign that you need to get your devices checked. You can also check this by taking several speed tests so that you know how the network performs over time.

Wrapping It Up

So, what is the right time to update your current router? Technically, it depends on your internet requirements and whether you are using a connection that doesn’t get disrupted easily. If you are consistently getting disconnected, then it is time to update your current router. Though routers are anything but remotely fancy, these are crucial for your digital presence, hence you should be critical before you decide to purchase a new one for your online activity.

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